AMC Update Wednesday 1/21/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/21/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Greenlee tells Ryan that she wishes she could see Edmund. But he tells her that hospital rules only allow one visitor at a time, in his room. While, inside Edmund’s room, Tad talks to the still unconscious Edmund. And Maria stands by listening to Tad. Tad tells Edmund that everybody in Pine Valley loves him and wants him to come back. Tad tells Maria that he knows that Edmund must make it. He says he knows that she did not make it back to Pine Valley, regain her memory and reunite with her family, only to have it taken away from her. She agrees. He tells her that if there’s anything she needs, he will be there for her and gives her a hug. Outside Edmunds’s room, Greenlee runs into Juan Pablo, while Ryan stands by the corridor, forcing himself to be patient while they talk. Ryan tells Greenlee maybe she should go and check on Edmund so that he can talk privately to Juan Pablo. He tells JP that he wants to “settle things” once and for all. Juan Pablo tells Ryan that he knows it’s his fault that Edmund is in a coma. Ryan tells him that it’s good that he knows that, and he must now “stew” in that. He tells Juan Pablo that he must stay away from Greenlee, and that he is the worst thing that has ever happened to her. And he tells Juan Pablo he must file all the “association” he has with other people under the “D” file for dead. Ryan sounds very sarcastic, cocky, and angry when he asks Juan Pablo if what he has told him has “translated” into his brain. Tad comes out and tells Juan Pablo that he can tell that Ryan may just be trying to take away the love of Juan Pablo’s life. Tad tells him that he knows was he’s doing, but Ryan is playing all his cards to take the girl from him, use her and make him the bad guy. Tad urges Juan Pablo that American cultures might be a little different than what he is used to. He says that although JP might be a man of honor, ready to wait for Greenlee and find out if they are meant to be, Ryan has a different plan, and it is not honorable.

Greenlee enters Edmund’s room and tells Maria that she knows that the two of them have always been there for her, and if there’s anything they need, they can count on her. She asks if maybe she can help by taking their children somewhere. Maria sounds very gracious. Ryan talks to Maria, informing her that he has overheard Edmund telling others that he will never let Maria out of his life. And he tells her he knows that that is true, Edmund will never give up or let her out of his life. When Greenlee walks out of Edmund’s room, Ryan tells her it’s time for her to get to Kendall’s trial.

Erica goes with Jack to his office and tells him that she does not know how much more of this she can take. Jack assures her that Livia will help Kendall and there’s no need to worry. But Erica tells him that they could put her on the witness stand in a heart-beat and she could inadvertently incriminate her daughter and send her to get sentenced for murder one. Jack tells Erica that although he knows this will not be easy, he knows she will get over this. He tells her that dreams are only in people’s minds, playing with their subconscious. And he tells her that anybody’s bad dreams have nothing to do with reality. She tells him she hopes that he’s right. He tells her that shes’ come through a test already, and she might be able to look forward to a bright future. But Erica is worried. He gives her something that is a piece of the future and something to look forward to. She opens it and sees that it’s a ticket to the Riviera. He tells her that he wants to schedule the flight for a time, when the entire family can join them, including Bianca, Reggie, Lily, Greenlee, if possible, and Kendall. Then, he suddenly turns on white lights and asks her if that reminds her of some place. He asks her if she wants to play a “pretending” game. She says that might not be appropriate in the DA’s office. But he tells her he’s no longer the DA, so who cares. She tells him that she wishes that this moment could last forever. He tells her he’d like to re-schedule more than just the trip. He tells her he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and asks her to marry him. Jack tells Erica that although things might get worse before they get batter, if they join forces together, things will all work out in the end. He asks her if she loves him and believes he loves her. She replies yes. He tells her that if she can answer yes, then he orders her to believe that they can be together for the rest of their lives. But Erica cries and sounds like she’s very uncertain of something. She evades the issue and changes the subject until Jack tells her he will not let her stray from the answer any more. He says he just wants to know if she will marry him. He says he wants her to let go of everything that could drag them down. But she tells him that she’s afraid he cannot do that very thing for her, because she’s afraid he will never forgive her for not telling him that Greenlee is his daughter. He tells her that no longer matters. He says people many times make mistakes for the right reason. But he says that their love is not a mistake. And all he wants is their happiness. At that moment, she jumps up, puts her arms around him and tells him she wants to be happy with him and she will marry him.

Bianca urges Kendall to come into her apartment and hear about her new revelation. Kendall has no clue what Bianca is talking about. But Bianca tells Kendall that she knows a secret of how to help her get acquitted, but somebody else she knows will be in trouble. Kendall urges Bianca to sit and tell her about this. Bianca reveals that she had a nightmare about Michael Cambias. Kendall seems to know that Michael Cambias was in Bianca’s dream, as he was in her’s also. Bianca tells Kendall that she knows that there’s something very important that her dream told her she had to find, in order to help Kendall get acquitted at her trial. Kendall tells Bianca that she needs not stress herself nor feel responsible for helping her. That’s Jack’s and Livia’s job. But Bianca tells Kendall that she believes she did, in fact, go to Michael’s condo the day he disappeared. She blocked it out and has had no recollection of it until the night she had the dream. But she was there and saw who killed Michael. Bianca tells Kendall that she has consciously remembered confiscating Reggie’s gun and throwing it in a dumpster, the night Michael disappeared. But she says she knows there is something else that has happened that her conscious mind has blocked out. But Kendall tells her it’s just a dream. Bianca protests that it was not just a dream, it told her something, and there is something that she must find. But Kendall tells her that she must get back to court and wants Bianca to stop stressing, just sit down and chill and drink her milk. Then the two sisters have a “lighter” conversation, talking about what to name the baby. Kendall leaves and Bianca gives her a hug and wishes her luck.

Outside the courtroom, a reporter tells everybody what’s going on with Kendall’s trial. She asks Mr. Singer and Justin if they are confident that they will get their conviction. Justin makes a comment about Erica Kane putting her own daughter in the spotlight. But at that moment, Kendall enters with Livia and tells them she has her own spotlight, she’s innocent and believes justice will prevail. And Livia tells them she will win for her client.

From the television, Bianca watches the reporter speak of everything that’s happening. And Bianca is able to hear the voice of Michael Cambias telling her she must find something or else everything will be taken from her.

In the courtroom, Alan Singer tells the jury that Michael Cambias’ body was found on a meat hook at a meatpacking plant, which was owned by Kendall Hart. He tells them that he will present the motives for her to murder Michael, which are greed, jealousy and revenge. He presents a scenario that Ms. Hart walked only a few feet from her home, into Michael’s, carrying a gun. She confronted him, holding a gun, ready to blow him away because she believed he raped her sister, and she pulled the trigger. And he says Ms. Hart found an unidentified person to help her carry his body outside of his home after she shot him dead. And he says that he will present Kendall as turning from a scorned lover, into a misguided sister, into a cold-blooded murderer. Livia tells the jury that her client is being set up. She tells them that in order for Kendall to be convicted, there needs to be proof that Michael’s was dead and in the meat-locker on the very day that he married Kendall. She reminds them that Mr. Singer wants them to believe that her client never married Michael and is not pregnant. She tells them that there is evidence that she married him and is pregnant, and no evidence that she killed him. She also informs them that Michael Cambias had tons of enemies. On the night when Michael was acquitted for the rape of Bianca Montgomery, countless people wanted to kill him, and had specific plans to do so. She tells the jury that there could have been many visitors at his door ready to end him. That includes just about the entire cast of the show. And she tells the jury that they may never know who killed Michael Cambias. But at the end of the trial everyone will be certain that Kendall Hart Cambias did not kill her husband, because she would never do that.

While the court is in recess, Singer sounds very uptight, demanding that his “posse-guy” finds the key witness to prove their case. Kendall gets a call on her cell-phone from Aidan. Bianca enters, although Kendall tells her she should stay home. Bianca tells her sister she will not abandon her, and they both notice Ryan walking in, assuming he’s there to rescue Kendall. But, much to their shock and dismay, they find out he’s been subpoenaed by the prosecution to testify against her.

In Edmund’s room, Maria talks to him, showing him all of the art-work the kids have done, sounding like it’s only “wishful thinking” that he will get better. Then suddenly, his eyes open and he tries to talk to her. She is elated, and puts her head down on her husband’s bed and holds him.


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