AMC Update Tuesday 1/20/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 1/20/04

By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall awakens from her nightmare, with Ryan next to her. When they are both awake, Ryan asks her what Michael did in her dream. She says he made her a fool. He loved all the fear and shame and disgust she was living with. And Ryan tells her he knows that in Kendall’s dream, Michael did not do his behavior alone. He says he knows he was also there, helping Michael degrade Kendall. He tells her she must shake it off as just a bad dream. She says she wishes it was that easy. He tells her that when she goes to the courthouse, she needs to just sit down and “go somewhere” that is happy. She says it can’t be a south sea island cruise with mia tias. He suggests rock climbing. She says the only place she wants to be is with him. He tells her that he is right there, for her. And he kisses her, while the thunder goes on outside.

Erica awakens from her nightmare with Jack next to her. She tells him she’s had a horrible dream. He tells her he knows it must have been about Michael Cambias. She tells him she wonders why Michael is not the one who’s panicking, paying, and rotting in prison for what he’s done, instead of all the people he’s hurt. Jack tells her he does not want her going anywhere near that courtroom until she is ready. She says she needs to be there. He tells her she needs to save her energy for the trial. She tells him it’s too late for this and admits that she regrets going to his home, the night after the rape trial, when he was acquitted. She reflects about what could have happened if only their wedding had not been derailed by Greenlee, if Greenlee had only come in ten minutes later, if only many other things had happened, which would not have resulted in Bianca being raped, and many other “if only’s”. But Jack tells her that she must not get obsessed with “if only’s”

Outside the courtroom, Greenlee is talking to a reporter, incriminating Kendall. When David overhears her, he pulls her aside, and is shocked at what she’s doing. He asks her if she’s trying to get Kendall executed before the trial begins. Greenlee kind of “jokingly” tells David that she will not say anything bad about Kendall. David tells Greenlee he doesn’t understand her big obsession is about Kendall and Ryan. He tells her that she is being very foolish falling in love with Ryan all over again. He tells her it’s simple, shallow, infatuation between Ryan and Kendall, which Greenlee needs not stress over. She tells him it’s not infatuation or love, it’s greed. Kendall is using Ryan. Greenlee also reminds David that she knows that Kendall is lying about her pregnancy, and she says it loud enough to be overheard. David tells her she needs to not talk so loud or it could ruin Kendall. Greenlee tells David that she knows he’s brilliant and must know there’s no way Kendall could be pregnant. But David assures Greenlee that he knows she is, he examined her and it’s irrefutable. He’s also really concerned about her obsession of Kendall and Ryan. She tells him he needs to chill out. He tells her that he is certain that whatever Kendall has done, she will get what she deserves, and Greenlee must not worry about it. Greenlee says that whoever is talking is not really David. David tells her that although he’d like to rule the world, he knows he cannot.

In the courtroom, the judge listens to the arguments of DA Singer and Justin, for the prosecution, and Jack and Livia Frey for the defense. Singer tells the judge that there is no proof of Kendall’s marriage to Michael Cambias. Livia says there is. From outside, Aidan overhears that there is a witness who could save Kendall’s life. Aidan goes and finds him. Much to the disappointment of the prosecution, the judge gives Singer only one day to find a witness who he hopes can prove his case. And she tells him that the trial must get started. Both sides evaluate each potential jury member, deciding whether to accept or reject each one. There is one jury member who admits she’s heard of Kendall Hart Cambias, and Fusion, and thinks Kendall is really cool. The judge excuses this person from jury duty. The judge asks if any prospective members of the jury would be incapable of recommending the death penalty. One woman replies yes. The judge excuses her. Kendall has a “fantasy” of her worst nightmare happening. First Greenlee is accepted by the prosecution the minute she says she recommends lethal injection for Kendall. Then Boyd tells them that he knows Kendall is guilty and she’s used him, and is accepted. Then Aidan tells the jury that she does not care about anybody except herself, and he’s accepted. Then she sees that Ryan is trying and failing to speak in her defense and become a jury member. Whatever positive he says about her, is rejected by the judge. But when he says he believes she has no substance of character and lied about her pregnancy, they accept him. Then Erica is in the witness stand, tells them Kendall is immature and worthless. Then Bianca appears and turns on her. Then Mia turns on her. Then Simone At that point, Jack tells the judge he accepts all of the people who have turned on her as jury members to determine Kendall’s fate.

Aidan asks Fred Lomax, a motel manager if he remembers renting a room to Mr. And Mrs. Cambias. Lomax makes some indirect reference to them “resting in peace”. Aidan gets frustrated assuming he’s gotten the mistaken impression that they both died. But he tells Aidan that since this “couple” was joined, they are in peace. He sounds like he may or may not remember anything about Kendall or Michael, then goes on and on about other couples who went to his motel. He proceeds to babble about many things. Aidan inquires if Lomax is on medication, and appears very baffled about whether this guy has any information about Kendall and Michael’s marriage or not. Lomax gets distracted. Aidan gets into his “babbling fest” with him. And he says he’s ready to go to sleep. But Aidan urges him not to rest now. But right when they are ready to go out the door, the police demand that Lomax opens up.

In the courtroom, in reality, all the people Kendall “dreamed” about appear. Jack and Livia are examining the outcome of each jury member being there. The judge asks if anybody has any objections. Singer says, that since he knows that Fred Lomax is now in custody, everything is all set. And the prosecution is ready.

Bianca informs Lena and Maggie that she believes her dream, the previous night, must have some sort of symbolic meaning. She tells them that she was given the clue to find something that would give information about who really killed Michael, and get Kendall off the hook. She asks Lena of she believes in dreams. Lena says she does not know. Bianca says she wonders if dreams occur simply from somebody eating too many nachos, or if dreams really have a message. Bianca says she knows there is something that she needs to find, which will prove that Kendall is not guilty. Maggie says that dreams have something to do with what somebody’s conscious mind is not aware of. Bianca tells both Maggie and Lena that her dream told her that there was something that’s missing that she must find. Maggie admits that there could be something that Bianca forgot in her conscious mind that her dream is letting her know. Lena keeps telling Bianca that she is not responsible for saving Kendall, especially if it might hurt somebody else she loves. She names the list of people she knows who might be suspects in killing Michael. Maggie and Lena have differing opinions about what Bianca should do. Maggie accuses Lena of having selfish motives. But in the middle of their argument, Bianca goes out the door, headed for the courtroom.

Outside the door of Michael’s home, Erica appears. She walks into his vacated place. Strangely enough, right behind her, unknowing that she’s there, Bianca appears at Michael’s. Seeing her mother, Bianca asks her what she’s doing there. Erica tells her daughter that it’s pointless for either of them to be there. Bianca inquires whether Erica knows whether there’s something else, outside of Michael’s home that could help Kendall. Erica urges her not to stress herself over that and tells her that Jack and Livia are unbeatable and will help Kendall. Bianca suddenly discovers something and tells her mother that she has to do something. Erica tells her that this entire house grosses her out and horrifies her and she will burn it all down, herself, if she had to, so that it never needs to hurt or haunt anybody again. But Bianca urges Erica not to burn or forget the past. She tells her that nobody can erase what has happened to them, by burning, destroying or forgetting. And it sounds like Bianca has discovered something incredible.


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