AMC Update Monday 1/19/04

All My Children Update Monday 1/19/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

It is a night for nightmares in Pine Valley, and Michael Cambias is the guest star. First, we see Kendall and Ryan sleeping, then Jack and Erica then Bianca. Michael appears from his grave in the landfill. "You thought you were done with me," he says. "I can't let you forget what you did." He tells his enemies that they sent him to hell and now he's going to get back at them. He is shown in his trashed condo and says he is in their lives forever and they will pay for what the did. Let's start with the accused, he says.

He is with Kendall and tells her welcome back to the night he was murdered. He is holding Kendall in his condo and demands to know where the baby is. She swears to him she is pregnant, but he sees her tummy pillow and scoffs. Next Kendall sees Michael with Ryan and the two are drinking together and being chummy. Ryan tells Michael he wished he had met him before he died. He's a master and he could have picked up some things, he says. Aidan arrives in Kendall's nightmare and she thinks he is there to rescue her. She tells him he was right about Ryan, she can't trust him. But he's not there to help her. He tells Kendall that she used him. He leaves, saying Mia is waiting, and laughs. Ryan asks Michael if he can believe he would give all his money to Kendall. He says she's going to prison and will be out of his life. Michael asks Kendall how it feels to be betrayed by the man she loves. Next Kendall sees Bianca holding a baby girl. Bianca tells her she named her Kendall. Kendall is touched and asks to hold the baby. She says she'll always be there for little Kendall. Next Kendall sees Michael taking the baby from her. Michael says the baby looks just like him.

The next nightmare features Simone, who finds herself sitting on Michael's lap. Michael tells her she saved her friends from the most hated man in Pine Valley. He gives her a handgun. Simone says she wasn't in her right mind and it was an accident. She says she doesn't want the gun... what if it goes off. He says that didn't bother her that night. He says no one is going to believe her. She will crash and burn.

Adam dreams that he walks into Michael's condo and sees Palmer holding a gun. Palmer tells him this was his idea and if he doesn't have the stomach for it get out. Adam says they can hide in the back room and surprise Michael. Palmer says he wants to see Michael come through the front door so he can shoot him between the eyes. Michael appears in the nighmare and tells Palmer if he pulls the trigger he'll regret it. The gun goes off and Michael says they just earned themselves a life sentence. Adam opens the front door and finds cell bars. Michael tells them they'll be cellmates for life. Both men yell "no" in agony.

Next Lena is shown as the star of a cooking show. She demonstrates how to empty a capsule and refill it with poison. Then she tells the audience that they'll move to the scene of the crime. As she enters Michael's condo he grabs her and asks her if she thought killing him would work. She finds herself holding a gun but Michael throws her down. Bianca arrives and Michael grabs Lena by the throat. Next he's holding Bianca by the throat as he throws Lena out. He tells Lena that Bianca will always be his.

Bianca is shown waking up while hearing Michael's voice. He tells her she has to find it. She starts looking around. Maggie walks in and asks what Bianca is looking for. Bianca says she doesn't know but she'll know it when she sees it. Next Bianca is at Erica's penthouse and asks her mother to help her. She says she has to find it. It's the only way to end this. Erica tells her she doesn't have to find anything. Bianca hasto forget it and focus on the future. Bianca is seen walking through several doors only to run into Erica again. Erica tells her to stop it or she'll hurt her. Next Bianca sees Kendall, who tells her they have to keep their secret. Bianca says this has gone on too long. Suddenly they're in Michael's home and see him in the doorway. Bianca tells him she will find it. Michael says it's right here, inside him.

Next Jack is shown in court in front of a judge, who is Michael. Jack tells him he killed Michael Cambias in cold blood. Erica, who is with Jack, says that he's lying. Michael tells Jack he doesn't believe him. He finds the defendant not guilty. Jack insists he is guilty. Michael tells Erica that he does find her guilty of first-degree murder. As police haul Erica away for the rest of her life, she cries "no, no."

Erica's nightmare is next. It is thundering outside, and she walks into Michaels condo. She sees a birthday cake with 14 candles. She is touched. She can't believe Daddy did this just for her. David arrives at her party, followed by Adam and Jack. Suddenly everyone is gone and Erica is alone with Michael. Michael asks her to dance. She tells him he's dead. He asks who killed him. Erica says it doesn't matter because everyone wanted him dead. Michael tells Erica that she has the gun. She holds it to him and tells him he won't hurt her daughters again. She shoots. Michael tells her he will have her daughters for eternity.

Reggie dreams that Jack, Erica and Bianca are telling him goodbye. Reggie begs them not to leave, saying he can't be alone. Michael tells them they're gone. Reggie says he did the right thing. He was just trying to protect his family.

Boyd is seen standing over Michael's body. Kendall finds him and kisses him, telling him he's her hero. No one has ever done anything like this. Michael wakes up and tells Boyd that Kendall is using him. Boyd says that's not true. Kendall knows what this has cost him. She loves him. Michael asks where Kendall is and Boyd notices she is gone. Michael tells Boyd he threw his whole life away for Kendall. Boyd sees Kendall standing with Ryan and Aidan on her arms. He tells her he thought they had a chance. Kendall asks him why he thought that.

David is shows waking up, telling himself he can't sleep again because he wants no more dreams. Michael is seen telling David to go back to sleep. He wants him to have his nightmare. Michael says at least Kendall can have another go at it.

Kendall is shown dressed in white with Erica standing behind her. Erica asks where Ryan is. Is he waiting at the alter? Erica tells her there is no alter. Erica tells her she is sorry. She knows she worked hard to win her love. Now she has to pay for it. Erica fades away and Michael appears. He tells her she has been convicted of his murder. Kendall says everyone knows she is innocent. Michael tells her this is an execution. Kendall is shown strapped on a gurney as her friends and family sit watching. Kendall cries that she doesn't want to die. She sits up in fear.

Michael closes the segment, saying that the truth will come out and they will pay.

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