AMC Update Friday 1/16/04

All My Children Update Friday 1/16/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

David points to JR and tells police that he assaulted him. Tad says that if JR assaulted him, he deserved it. Adam asks the officers for time to sort this out. He takes David out of the room and tells him to tell police that JR didn't assault him. David says he will not until they have a serious discussion about who killed Michael Cambias. Adam asks what accusing JR of assault has to do with Michael Cambias' murder. David says if he wants to keep his son out of the slammer, he'll cooperate. They return to the living room and as police prepare to arrest JR, Babe tells police that JR didn't do anything wrong. Krystal intervenes and says David is the one who threw the first punch. David tells Krystal that she left before JR hit him. JR tells Krystal to drop it and admits he hit David. And he would do it again. Police are ready to take JR to the police station but Adam convinces them to wait until he has a chance to discuss this with David more. They go into the library. Krystal tells JR she was hoping he would go along with her story. JR says that was a lie, and notes that Babe learned how to lie from her mother. He walks outside and Babe follows him. Babe tells him she'll never leave him and she will prove the baby she is carrying is his. She puts his hand on her stomach and says "this is our baby." She asks her to hold her. Instead he tells her to come inside.

In the living room, Opal defends Babe to Krystal in front of Mary and Liza. However, Opal tells Krystal to stay away from Palmer. Liza tells Krystal that she seems to be quite affectionate with Tad. Krystal says that's true, but he's also quite affectionate with Simone and any other woman he chooses. Opal says Tad deserves better than to be a notch on Krystal's bed post. Mary picks up a grape and eats it, but starts choking on it. Marian saves her and Mary is grateful.

Inside the library, David tells Adam he's been hinting to Erica that he saw something the night Cambias was murdered. He wants a guarantee that Adam won't incriminate Erica to save himself. Tad comes in with Palmer, who is in a wheel chair. Palmer says if Adam hurts Erica next time he'll shoot to kill. David asks what is he missing. Tad tells the story of how Palmer shot Adam over an argument about whether Palmer died his eyebrows. Tad calls it a ridiculous story and thinks Adam and Palmer were involved in the Cambias death. Palmer announces that maybe he didn't shoot Adam. Adam says Palmer can't change his story now. He's the victim here. David tells Adam that if he's smart, he'll keep his mouth shut about Erica. Adam says he's already told Erica he will protect her. David leaves and says next time JR hits him, he won't be as forgiving. David tells police that he's dropping the charges.

Everyone leaves and Babe tells her mother her first dinner party was a bust. Krystal asks about JR, and Babe says she'll figure out a way to convince JR that he is her one and only. Krystal asks what she'll do if the baby isn't JR's. Babe says with Paul Kramer's help, the baby will be a Chandler. Tad returns for his car keys, and tells Krystal and Babe that whatever they're hanging onto, they should give it up.

Bianca is looking at a front page newspaper story about Kendall's upcoming trial when Maggie walks in. Bianca tells Maggie that Jack knows about her baby. He saw signs and guessed, and she was tired of lying to him. Bianca says she feels like everyone she loves is at the edge of a cliff and if anything goes wrong, they'll fall off. Maggie tries to reassure Bianca that Kendall will be fine. She has a lot of people on her side. There is a knock on the door and Maggie assumes it's the pizza delivery man. She opens the door and finds Lena holding the pizza. Lena says she ran into the delivery man on the way in and decided to bring the food herself along with some entertainment. Bianca asks what entertainment she's talking about. Lena displays a CD with dance music and starts dancing the Hustle. Bianca thinks it's a riot and she too starts in with the dancing. Maggie suggests that this may not be good for Bianca but they, in fun, call her a square. Maggie agrees to join in the fun but suggests they dance something else, like the Macarena. Bianca quickly sits down after feeling her baby kick. She takes Lena's and Maggie's hands and puts them on her tummy so they can feel too.

Erica urges Jack to tell her what's wrong. Jack says there is nothing wrong. He assures her that he will protect their family. Erica says she's concerned about Reggie and wonders if he knows something about the murder that is incriminating but he tells her not to worry. He'll do whatever it takes to protect Kendall, Bianca and Reggie. Jack romances her and ends up carrying her to the bedroom, where they make love.

Kendall tells Ryan she was wrong to push him away. She trusts him completely. She kisses him. A confused Ryan asks if she took some medication. Kendall says talks with Erica and Bianca convinced her that she needs to trust him. She knows he is helping her and if she goes free, she'll owe him. Ryan says he's not helping her so she'll owe him. She says she knows he's doing it because he's a good man. She asks if he loves her. "Yes Kendall, I love you," he says. She has another question. Does he care for Greenlee? Ryan admits that he does. Does he love her? Not in the way Kendall thinks, he answers. Kendall is the woman he loves. Kendall tells him she believes him and loves him. They make love. Afterward, Ryan tells Kendall not to think about Cambias. Kendall tells him that Tad, Boyd and Aidan transferred Michael's body to the landfill. The next scene shows that landfill. Suddenly a hand reaches out from under a heap of trash. A body arises. It is Michael... alive.

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