AMC Update Thursday 1/15/04

All My Children Update Thursday 1/15/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

While Tad is passed out, hidden in the closet, Babe and her mother are discussing what their next plan is. After watching Kendall’s testimony on the news that she is pregnant, Krystal tells her daughter that she is confident that they can somehow “cut a deal” with Kendall, although Babe has her doubts.

Downstairs, while all this is going on, Adam and Mary are having what looks to be a cozy, romantic encounter, drinking wine. JR barges in and interrupts their comfortable interaction. JR tells sounds like he’s gloating with the suspicion that his father may next be implicated for the murder of Michael Cambias, now that the suspicion has been cast away from Kendall. There is a knock on the door and JR tells Adam that that could be the cops, right now. It’s Liza, Marion and Opal, there for a surprise dinner, which they say they’ve been invited by Babe. When Opal sees Mary, she immediately rips into her, telling her she needs to do something to earn her own way. Opal invites everybody to the couch to have a secret reading. There’s another knock on the door. It’s Palmer Cortlandt. He appears in a wheelchair. Opal demands to know why he’s there and how he had an accident. She also informs him that it sounds unlikely that Babe would have invited him. He informs her it was Krystal who extended the invitation. She immediately asks if Palmer is ready to “have a thing” with Babe’s mother.

Upstairs, Krystal tells her daughter that, although she knows of the “foul play” involved in her pregnancy, she will support her daughter, her grandchild, and whatever young man her daughter selects to be the baby’s father. And according to the birth certificate, which she points to in an envelope, that man happens to be JR. She also tells Babe that Kendall will be doing them a big favor, for which they will offer their gratitude by taking her out to dinner to celebrate. While Krystal continues to assure Babe that she knows they will succeed in their plan, they hear a knock on the door. Krystal rushes to the door and holds a vase, ready to knock somebody out. She discovers it’s Mary. Mary shrieks. Krystal apologizes and tells Mary she thought someone else would be at the door, for whom she intended to hit with the vase. Mary is obviously there to spy on them for Adam.

Downstairs, while Adam grills Palmer for why he’d consider hooking up with Krystal, suddenly Tad tumbles into the room, holding his head like he’s in bad pain, crouched in a ball. People ask what he’s doing there. Krystal and Babe appear and inform the crowd that Tad has been snooping around uninvited. Liza makes a comment that she believes Tad is a creep.

Reggie appears at Erica’s condo and tells her he’s looking for Jackson. She tells him she knows he’s there to see her, otherwise he’d call to find out if Jack is there. So she invites him in and asks what’s on his mind. He tells her he’s worried about what will happen in the murder investigation of Michael Cambias. She tells him that will be decided by the judge ad jury. He tells her that he’s worried about Kendall and Bianca, and informs her that Jack, Erica and her daughters are the only family he has. She assures him everything will be o.k. for Kendall. But he reminds Erica that his own family never gave him the love and support he’s gotten from Jack’s family, and also reflects upon the many bad choices he’s made and gotten himself in trouble for, in his life. Erica confides in Reggie that she, too, has had problems in her younger days, that he’s part of the family, and nobody should judge him. Reggie tells Erica that he knows it’s very odd that Kendall alleges she’s pregnant and wonders if she’d actually have a baby with Michael Cambias. He also tells Erica that he can tell Bianca has some secret she’s not telling anybody, and he wonders if Erica can shed any light on that. She tells him she can’t but also expresses that she’s very glad that Kendall is no longer a prime suspect in the murder investigation.

Bianca demands to know where Jack would get the idea that she’d choose to carry Michael Cambias’ baby. He cites proof to her. He tells her he notices she’s sleeping a lot. He overheard her having what sounded like a secretive conversation with David Hayward. It looks as though Kendall has some sort of secret going on with David. It’s odd that Bianca and Kendall have all of a sudden become so close, while they are both avoiding Erica, when Kendall is alleging that she’s pregnant, and pissing everybody off. At the trial, it was odd that the witnesses to Kendall’s “non-credible” pregnancy were Bianca, David and Ryan, and all those people would want to help Bianca keep a secret. And he notices she’s gaining weight. So he asks her to please tell him if she is still pregnant. Immediately Kendall comes out of hiding and protests to Jack that it’s absurd and way out of line for him to even remotely consider the thought that Bianca would choose to carry the pregnancy that happened after she was raped by Michael Cambias. But Jack tells Kendall that she has already incriminated herself enough and if she wants his legal help she should keep her mouth shut and stay out of this. Bianca protests that Kendall has lied about her pregnancy in order to help her. Jack tells them both that Erica needs to be informed that Bianca is choosing the carry the pregnancy. Bianca tells him she will, but not right away. He urges her not to put it off, and says the longer she waits, the bigger shock and more betrayal it will mean to Erica. When Jack leaves, Bianca is very encouraged, knowing that Jack is there for her. But Kendall is suspicious. Bianca assures Kendall that Jack can be trusted with any secret she has. But Kendall has her doubts. She also tells Bianca that all they have to count on is the testimony of Dr. Lawson, who she doesn’t want to depend upon to help her. But Bianca informs Kendall that she had a conversation with Dr. Lawson yesterday and everything is ok.

Greenlee approaches Ryan telling him she knows Kendall is lying about her pregnancy. Ryan sounds like he wants to help Greenlee, although she really doesn’t know what he’s up to. She goes to the bar, meets Simone and Mia and tells them that she and Ryan are ready to take over Fusion. They are very upset, telling her they cannot do that. But Greenlee informs them that they may have no choice but to trust her. She says she knows Kendall is lying about being pregnant, and once Ryan finds out she’s doing that, simply to take the Cambias fortune, he will drop her like a hot martini. But Kendall returns to Ryans. When he gets home, she is waiting for him, ready to romance him.

Suddenly, at the Chandler house, in the middle of the party, there’s a knock on the door. It’s the police. Everybody assumes they are there to arrest Adam. But they inform them, they are there for JR. Babe wonders who it would be that would double-cross her husband, and instantly assumes it must be Jamie. But suddenly, David Hayward appears and announces to everybody, that it is he, not Jamie who is the innocent victim.


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