AMC Update Wednesday 1/14/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/14/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Mia comes to see Aidan but discovers Kendall at the door. Mia demands that she sees Aidan and angrily tells Kendall she needs to leave him alone. Kendall reminds her that she is on trial for murder and it’s important. While they get going arguing, Kendall turns on the television and sees the news, shocked and unaware that the results of her DNA test will be on trial. Hearing this unexpected news, she immediately rushes out the door.

Dr. Lawson, who Ryan hired to help Kendall and Bianca switch DNA for pregnancy, comes to Bianca’s apartment to perform the procedure. She asks if Bianca is really certain that she wants to go through with it. Bianca assures her, absolutely yes. Dr. Lawson again warns Bianca of the risks. But Bianca says she will do anything to prevent Kendall from getting charged with murder. She tells her that although she knows Kendall has her problems, she knows that she is not a murderer. Dr. Lawson informs Bianca that she knows many women in similar situations as what Bianca’s now in. They’ve all made different choices. Bianca inquires which decision she believes was right. Dr. Lawson replies that any decision is right if the person involved feels it is. Suddenly, she gets a call. She informs Bianca that it is Kendall and they are ready to go to her trial. After Dr. Lawson has finished drawing blood, both she and Bianca agree that this was the easy part, but Bianca asks when the pain from what is not so easy, will end. Dr. Lawson informs her that it never really ends, no matter what happens to the men who rape. She also tells her that there will always be two different women inside of one, after the rape. The one who was there before the rape and the other one she turned into after the rape. She tells Bianca of her own experience of being raped at age 18, and how that motivated her to become a doctor and specialize her practice to helping women who are rape survivors. When Dr. Lawson leaves, Bianca gets a visit from Erica. Erica discovers a small chair Bianca is attempting to assemble by herself. She offers to help. She tells her daughter of the memory she now has of when Bianca was 5 years old, and caught her mother putting a dollhouse together and thought that it would disprove to young Bianca that there was a Santa. But in the middle of their interaction, Erica can sense that her daughter is pulling away from her. She can sense Bianca has some sort of secret and urges her not to put any more distance between them. But Bianca is at a loss of what to say or do.

David Hayward runs into JR Chandler in the local bar. They both appear hostile and sarcastic to each other. David informs JR that he has heard that congratulations would be in order for his recent marriage and wife’s pregnancy. JR informs David that the best part of it was that he did not have to drug his wife in order to get her to marry him, implying that David did. David reminds JR that he saved JR’s mother’s life many years ago. JR tells him he remembers all the hurt and injustice David has caused Tad and Dixie. And he reminds David that although he may have just been a kid when all this happened, he is no longer a kid. Suddenly, they are visited by Krystal. She introduces herself to David, discovers who he is, and demands to know why he’s harassing JR. Krystal and JR sit alone at a table and she asks him about his “history” with David. JR informs her that David is trouble, just like Jamie is. She tells him he must not let Jamie get him this riled up. She also warns him that he needs to chill out, as not to cause more stress to Babe. She leaves the table telling JR she expected better from him than that. After Krystal leaves, Jamie appears. He tries to be cordial to JR. But JR tells him he regrets ever meeting Jamie. JR orders another drink but the bartender shuts him off and tells him he’s had too much. David steps up and informs JR that he can clearly tell his marriage is not rosy. If it was, JR would not be there, getting himself intoxicated and behaving this way.

Tad comes into Babe’s home. She violently attacks him with pillows. He hides under the bed. She asks what he has discussed with his son, assuming that he has enabled Jamie to find out he could be the father of Babe’s child and that he intends to double-cross her. He assures her that he gave her his word that he would do no such thing. She asks why he’d even care. He tells her it’s not fair for her to say such a thing. He tells her that JR is just like his real son and he loves JR as much as she does. He tells her he loves both of his sons and feels responsible for what they are both going through. He tells her that he realizes what she is going through, and that it must be like her worst nightmare. But he assures her that she will get through this. She cries while he puts his arms around her. But instantly she pulls away and asks him if he’s hitting on her. Tad tries to be kind to Babe but he tells her that he loves his son and cares about what happens to him. He inquires if she could be in love with both of his sons at once. She tells him that she only loves JR. He also assures her that he will always be on her side. She tells him that all she really has, and all she really needs is her mama. He confides in her that he has had many problems and made many mistakes in his younger days, but he has learned that there is nothing wrong with trusting many people, having faith in them and knowing they will be there for you. She suddenly smiles at Tad, tells him she believes he’s o.k., and addresses him as Mr. Martin. He tells her being called Mr. Martin makes him feel really old. She says she will call him Tad if he prefers. And she asks him again if she really can trust him, sounding like she really wants to. Babe admits to Tad that she is not even certain, exactly how her pregnancy happened. But right when she’s ready to incriminate herself by confiding in him, her mother rides to the rescue and instantly hits Tad over the head and knocks him out before Babe can get it out. Babe frantically yells at her mother, believing she’s killed him. Krystal tells her daughter she only knocked him out and Babe made a serious mistake trusting Jamie’s father. Together they move the unconscious Tad into the closet and push the dresser in front of it to hide him.

Livia Frey is in the courtroom, preparing to represent Kendall. Her brother, Derek enters and tells her he feels betrayed that his own sister is on the different side. Suddenly Alan Singer appears and makes threats to have Kendall get the death penalty and fry. Derek tells him to shut up. Then Justin enters. Then Jackson Montgomery. Livia tells Singer that she knows he will fail to convict Kendall of murder and she’s ready to give her client the best defense and protect her from being harassed by the prosecution. Kendall rushes into court and tells Jack and Livia that they should have used a phone and called her earlier. The judge calls everybody to start the trial.

Singer tells the judge about Kendall making up a story of marrying Michael Cambias and being pregnant by him. He asserts that Kendall herself admitted she only had sex with Michael once, in Las Vegas. And even if she really is pregnant, if Michael is not the father, then that shoots a hole in Kendall’s credibility. Livia tells the judge that there is a big hole in the credibility of prosecution also, and although Singer is demanding an amniocenteses to prove whether Kendall is lying about the pregnancy, it is very dangerous to both her and the baby. The judge instantly rules that the amnio will not happen, because of the risk to Kendall and her unborn baby. Jack and Livia are very happy and surprised to hear that. But Singer protests, unsuccessfully, to the judge, that it is necessary, to at least prove paternity after the baby is born. Livia argues against it, stating that the paternity is irrelevant to this case. But the judge says although having an amnio performed now could be a health risk and an invasion of Kendall’s privacy, she does believe that paternity is relevant to Kendall’s guilt or innocence in the murder of Michael Cambias. Right when it is decided that they will wait until after the baby’s birth to do the amnio, Kendall interjects and tells everybody that it is not necessary to wait. She has the results of the amnio to present to them right now. Livia tells the judge that she would like to apologize on behalf of her client, after this sudden unexpected outburst from Kendall. But Kendall tells the judge that she has proof right now from a test performed by Dr. Lawson. Dr. Lawson appears and the judge asks her what she has to say. When Kendall sits back down, Jack is very angry at her for opening her mouth and potentially ruining her case. Dr. Lawson informs the judge that there are conclusive results, with little or no margin of error, of Kendall’s pregnancy. Singer protests that the results could have easily been compromised and inquires if there were any witnesses. Livia tells the judge there were three witnesses to the procedure, Dr. David Hayward, Ryan Lavery, and Bianca Montgomery. But Singer will not stop. He requests that the judge authorizes that he and the prosecution do another blood test on Kendall, where they can witness it themselves. Livia protests that Dr. Lawson is a highly respected physician and her credibility must not be in question. Singer says it is not Dr. Lawson’s credibility that he questions, it’s that of Kendall and people who may be trying to help her. But Livia tells the judge that it is not necessary to have any more testing done, and that since Michael Cambias has been dead for a long time, the only DNA, from him, that anybody could possibly produce would be from his wife. The judge rules in their favor, does not listen to Singer’s persistent objection, and the court is adjourned. Kendall remarks to Livia that she’s happy the decision went her way. But Livia warns Kendall that if she pulls another stunt like that, behind her back, she’s dropping Kendall and she must find another lawyer. Outside the courtroom, a reporter asks Kendall to express her feelings. Kendall faces the television screen and tells everybody watching that there is undisputed proof that she is carrying Michael Cambias’ child. From the television screen, Krystal and Babe watch Kendall’s testimony and Krystal tells her daughter that that might be the answer to their prayer.

Jack goes to Bianca’s, but hearing Erica’s voice, and knowing she’s there, he hides and waits until she leaves before entering and talking to Bianca. When he sees Bianca alone, he spits it out to her that he knows she is still pregnant.


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