AMC Update Tuesday 1/13/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 1/13/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee is at Ryan’s home. She demands he ties her up with a rope because of her lack of control over her own urges. But he refuses. She tells him that she is done with Juan Pablo. He lays down the law to her that he does not want her to come crying to him with her problems. Instead, he suggests she goes and checks out Edmund Gray. He tells her that her boyfriend is responsible for what happened to Edmund and for almost having everybody else killed at the cabin. She keeps confiding in Ryan about her trust issues and her dilemma with Juan Pablo. He tells her that what he’s found out is that people do whatever they want and nobody else has any control over it. He asks why she has come to him with this issue. She reveals to him that the last time she needed to get over somebody, it was him. And so he needs to help her get over Juan Pablo the same way she learned to get over him. He tells her that he is not “up for” falling in love with anybody at this point. She tells him that she is not either. She tells him she just wants somebody to casually “hang” with. And right when she’s ready to go out the door, he stops her and reveals to her that he still cares about her. He tells her that he’s hungry and will go out and get them something to eat and come back. While waiting for Ryan to return, Greenlee is visited by Mia. Mia expresses her similar trust issue with Aidan. Greenlee walks away after telling Mia that it is not her problem and she cannot help Mia. Suddenly Ryan returns with a pizza. He and Greenlee sit on the floor. She informs Ryan of her creative ideas for publicity at Fusion. She says that right after the Sexiest Man contest, the next game plan should be how to find a man.

At the hospital, Juan Pablo approaches Dr. David Hayward and asks how Edmund is. David angrily tells JP that Greenlee was once married to his brother, JP almost got Greenlee killed, and David does not owe JP a thing, as he walks away. Bianca rushes in the door and informs David she just heard about Edmund and wants to make sure he’s o.k. David urges that Bianca sits down and de-stresses. He reminds her that she’s in her third trimester, and it might not be the right thing for her to leave town. Bianca confides in David about her recent unsuccessful attempt to let Erica know that she’s still pregnant and choosing to have the baby. She tells him that it’s almost as if Erica knows, with the way she reacted to the very thought of Kendall being pregnant by Michael Cambias. And she does not want to even imagine what would happen if Erica knew of the choice she is now making. David tells Bianca that sooner or later, she will have no choice except to let Erica know. He reminds her she is already showing and will not be able to hide it much longer. Right in the middle of their conversation, Jack appears. He and David argue. When David leaves, Jack apologizes to Bianca if he offended her with his rudeness to David, but he tells her he does not want Hayward “manipulating” her. She informs Jack that David has helped her with many things. Jack drops the subject of David, but remembers and can still very strongly sense that Bianca had a secret that she attempted to reveal to him and Erica the other night. And he urges her to tell him whatever it is. Bianca tells Jack that when she heard the news about Edmund, it made her think of her father, who was Jack’s brother. She tells him that she knows what it means to Edmund’s children, that he pulls through. Jack tells her he knows her father would be so proud of her if he could see her now. She tells Jack that she really wants to believe that that is true.

After observing Edmund being wheeled onto a stretcher, David tells Bianca that if he had it to do over again, he would have told Edmund that Maria was alive all those years ago, so they would not have lost any time together, hinting to Bianca that she needs to have the courage to confide in Erica. Bianca tells him she will tell her mother when the time is right. David replies that there never may be a “ right time”. But Bianca protests that, with what might now be happening to Kendall, if Erica finds out that Bianca is pregnant by Michael Cambias, it might kill her.

After Kendall enters Erica’s home, Erica inquires just what Kendall wants her to help her with. Kendall frantically tells her mother that she knows she needs to stop a vicious cycle she has of doing something, that Erica is the only person who can help her, and if she does not, Kendall can lose everything. Kendall informs Erica about her pattern, which she sees as so much like Erica’s, of always pushing people away. Erica’s first assumption is that Kendall is there to blame her for her trust issues. But Kendall assures Erica that it’s not about that. She informs her that she is not blaming her, nor her foster family who raised her, nor anybody else for her issues. But she asks Erica if she can remember a specific time when she first started this behavior or felt what it was doing to her. Erica tells Kendall that there is no simple answer, nor a specific thing she can pinpoint for what has succeeded or failed in her life. She does tell her daughter, however, that she considers herself fortunate, and attributes much of the good things in her life, to having people there for her whom she can trust, like Jack, Bianca and others. Kendall reveals that she has a trust issue with Ryan. Erica instantly tells Kendall that she believes Ryan can be trusted and loves Kendall. She reminds Kendall that perhaps she has hurt Ryan as much as he has hurt her, and maybe instead of testing whether Ryan can be trusted, Kendall should work to prove to Ryan that he can trust her. Erica urges her daughter to believe that many people have been there for her and she must realize that and trust them. She also urges Kendall to come clean in telling her what really happened in the event where she “alleges” she married Michael Cambias. Kendall informs her mother that just like she has said all along, she chose to marry Michael and they eloped. Hearing that, Erica instantly demands that she gets out. Kendall tries to appeal to her mother by telling her that she came there for her help. Erica then tells her daughter that she has angered her by not being honest with her. She changes her tone speaking in a loving manner to her daughter. She takes Kendall’s hand and urges her daughter to trust her. She tells Kendall that she needs her to tell her what really happened with Michael Cambias. Erica tells Kendall that they can start new and bond like a loving mother and daughter. She promises Kendall that she will keep whatever Kendall tells her between the two of them. But at that moment, Kendall discovers, on Erica’s coffee table, the subpoena the prosecution sent her. Kendall freaks and panics and asks Erica where this came from. Erica reveals to her daughter for the first time, that she has been subpoenaed but still wants to assure her that there’s no need to worry. Kendall asks what Erica told them about her. She tells her that she informed them that she gave Kendall the combination to Jack’s safe, and Kendall got a hold of his gun. Right away, Kendall believes her mother has sold her out and is ready to stab her in the back, by revealing this to the prosecution. Although Erica tries to urge Kendall not to believe that, and instead to trust her, Kendall angrily walks out the door and onto the elevator.

Boyd appears at Aidan’s door. Mia answers the door. She tells him Aidan is sleeping and cannot be woken up. But Boyd demands that he talks to Aidan, and tells Mia it’s something about Kendall. Aidan wakes up and tells Mia it’s all right, he can talk to Boyd. Boyd informs Aidan of the evidence he’s found. He says he tracked down two witnesses that might be able to help them. Aidan is still discouraged with the doubt of how this can help Kendall. He also inquires whether, if Boyd is called to the witness stand, that he would tell the truth.

Maria attempts to communicate with her children about what’s happened to their father. She starts by reminding them of the previous year when Edmund injured himself playing baseball. Her daughter inquires whether her daddy had a baseball accident. Her son assures her that if their dad needs any help, like he did with his baseball injury, they can assist him around the house. Both children tell her they want to go see daddy at the hospital. But she must tell them that that is not possible. She remains up-beat as not to worry them and suggests that they do some art-work with little Popsicle sticks for their daddy. When Maria is with her mother, her mother sounds worried. But Maria keeps the faith, saying that she knows Edmund is not going to die. But right at that moment, her daughter Maddie, rushes in panicking and crying, telling them that she heard on the news that her daddy had been shot. She cries and tells her mom and Myrtle that she remembered Chris Stamp getting shot in the park, and that he died. But Myrtle firmly tells Maddie that her father is made of too strong stuff to die. Maria’s mother also encourages Maddie not to worry and helps her write a letter to her daddy.

Kendall goes to Aidan’s. Aidan has to leave, but Boyd is there. She tries to sound like she is o.k. with the fact that Boyd did his best to help her. But Boyd reveals he has an attitude and asks Kendall just who is now going to choose to be her knight in shining armor. He tells her that he has risked too much for her, and it’s not o.k. that his pay-back is her never having enough time for him. She reminds him that he helped her voluntarily and she never asked nor demanded he do anything. He agrees but reminds her that she never told him it’s not necessary to help her, and he is tired of being used by her. He rushes out, slamming the door. Kendall begins to cry, but is suddenly greeted by Mia at the door who is there to see Aidan.

Jack returns to Erica’s and sounds like he might know the truth about Bianca when he saw her at the hospital. Erica panics and demands to know what has happened and why Bianca was at the hospital.

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