AMC Update Monday 1/12/04

All My Children Update Monday 1/12/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jack is at Erica's with Greenlee and tells her she needs to take it easy and take care of herself. Jack has to leave but asks Greenlee to stay there with Erica. Greenlee asks Erica what is it with men anyway. Erica asks if she's talking about Pablo. Greenlee says she doesn't understand why Pablo does what he does. Erica suggests time apart, which she says worked for her and Jack. Now that they're together again they understand each other. Erica tells Greenlee there are so many wonderful men, why is she allowing herself to hit a brick wall with Pablo? Greenlee says Ryan understands her and she should go after him to save him from Kendall. Erica says Kendall will play Ryan until he's weak. Greenlee says she can talk to Ryan. Erica thinks that Greenlee wants Ryan in her bed instead of Kendall's. She tells Greenlee to leave Ryan alone. Greenlee abruptly leaves.

Kendall tells Ryan that she heard what he and Greenlee were talking about at the lodge. Can he blame her for being suspicious. Ryan tries to reassure her that he is with her on this and they are in this together. What more can he say, that he loves her? Yes, Kendall says, that would help. "Do you love me," she asks? Ryan asks if it would make a difference. Kendall says he's asking her to trust him just based on his word. He says his word should be good enough. She says she can't close her eyes and leap and hope he catches her. Ryan suggests that if she wants something to believe in, they should get married. Better yet, they should make a baby right here and now. Does a commitment like that make her believe in him? Kendall says he has given her every reason to doubt. Ryan tells her she won't let herself trust him. She says what if she does then finds herself in prison. He says she's already in prison. He tells her he wants to help her but she needs to let him in. She asks why he's doing this. He says it's because he's not a flatleaver – not this time. Kendall agrees to trust Ryan and do things his way. Kendall leaves, assuring Ryan that she's with him. But after she leaves both she and Ryan have a look of doubt on their faces. Kendall goes to see Erica and asks for her help. Meanwhile, Greenlee arrives at Ryan's and asks him to kidnap her again.

Maria nearly passes out when she listens to David tell her how he pulled Edmund back from the brink of death. David helps Maria sit down and she loses it, going off on everyone around her. She asks Brooke why she is even there and wonders if Brooke wants to see her lose her husband since Brooke lost Edmund to her. Brooke assures her that she was wrong in keeping knowledge of Maria from Edmund but wants them to be together. David tells her to calm down. With tears flowing down her face, Maria says all she can think of is all the things she hasn't done with Edmund yet. Later, Maria calms down and apologizes to Brooke. She asks Brooke to wait there while she leaves, but be sure and call if there is any change. Jack arrives and confronts Pablo, telling him to stay away from his daughter or he'll make the Calatravas look like choir boys.

Babe is in the middle of a confrontation between JR and Jamie. Jamie tells Babe that he came here to get the truth. Babe tells him to get out. Jamie tells JR that he won't make Babe take a paternity test now because it could hurt the baby, but as soon as the baby is born he'll get a court order demanding one. He says he got Babe's medical records by hacking into the computer and learned that she got pregnant the same week he made love to her. He tells JR she's been lying to him about when she got pregnant. JR tells Jamie to get out and Jamie leaves. Babe tells JR his brother is bonkers. JR tells her to change into something more formal. He has a surprise. He takes her to the hospital and finds Dr. Parker to do an updated check on her. Babe is dismayed when JR says he wants to go in the room with her. Dr. Parker is doing an ultrasound and JR asks when Babe got pregnant. Parker admits that he missed the conception date by about four weeks. Babe is not as far along as he previously indicated. The doctor leaves the room and Babe tries to play it down, saying it's amazing how the doctor made such a mistake. JR tells her that he chose her, but he never believed her.

Tad won't give Krystal her purse back until she tells him more about Babe. Krystal says if he's going to hold her hostage she still won't spill. Tad encourages her to cooperate but Krystal reiterates that Babe is having her husband's baby and she loves her husband. Jamie walks in and admits he was talking to Babe and JR. Krystal is angry he is still bothering her daughter and stresses Babe will not undergo a paternity test now. Jamie tells her he won't make her do it now, but he will when the baby is born. Tad tells him he did the right thing. Jamie leaves the room, and Krystal and Tad warm up to each other. She admits that Babe's real name is Anabella. She named her after her grandmother in hopes of getting a share of her inheritance. It turns out the grandmother didn't like babies and left all her money to her cats. Krystal started calling Anabella her baby and that was later changed to Babe. After Krystal leaves, Tad does some investigative work on Anabella.

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