AMC Update Friday 1/9/04

All My Children Update Friday 1/9/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jamie calls a meeting with his mother and father and tells them that he has proof. Babe got pregnant the week they slept together, so there is a 50-50 chance the baby is his. Tad can't believe Jamie hacked into his grandfather's computer. When did he become such a menace. Jamie says he had no choice. He wants to know if he's going to be a father. Brooke says having Babe take a paternity suit will not make her love him. Jamie says he's doing the right thing. By trashing his brother's marriage and ruining his future, Brooke asks? Jamie says he doesn't need their approval, so they have to accept this or leave him alone. Later, Krystal arrives and chastises Jamie for interfering in Babe's life. She orders him to leave her alone and says Babe will not take a paternity test. Jamie says this is between him and Babe and she will take the test. Babe says the test is too risky. Brooke admits to Jamie that there is some risk to the paternity test. Jamie wonders how great the risk is, and leaves.

Krystal and JR speak softly in Babe's bedroom while she is sleeping. JR tells Krystal that they've been going through some hard times, but they'll get through it. Krystal tells JR that Babe is afraid of losing him. He needs to tell her that he's not going anywhere. JR wakes Babe up and the two get cozy. After she temporarily leaves the room, he finds Jamie's student ID laying on the floor. When she returns, JR slips the card in Babe's pocket and asks if she's been in the tunnels. She says she showed her mom around a little. Did she do something wrong? He says no, she can do whatever she wants. She tells him what she wants is for them to get cozy so she can hand feed him some fruit. He tells her he needs to leave for work. As soon as he leaves, Jamie steps out from the tunnels. Babe is angry and tells him to leave her alone. He tells her he won’t make her take the paternity test now because it could be risky for her and the baby. She is happy and throws her arms around him. But she turns angry again when he tells her he wants her to take the test after the baby is born. She runs out of the room and Jamie runs into JR.

Kendall goes to Ryan's home and they talk about the ordeal they both just went through. Kendall tells him she was terrified for herself and for him. Ryan says he was afraid he would not be able to save her, but he can now. Kendall wonders save her from what? Bianca arrives, saying that Ryan had great news for her. Ryan tells them that he has found a doctor who has agreed to switch the test results to make it appear Kendall is pregnant. Bianca is thrilled and hugs Ryan. Kendall is less than enthusiastic. After Ryan leaves, Kendall tells Bianca she thinks Ryan is trying to set her up. She thinks Ryan will betray her at any point. She explains that she and Ryan had a major blowout and he got in bed with Greenlee, who wants to prove that she's not pregnant. She didn't listen to their whole conversation, but she's sure Ryan agrees with her. She thinks he'll reveal her and hand over Fusion to Greenlee. Bianca says Ryan is on her side. She needs to learn to trust people, and trust Ryan. Ryan returns with an ultrasound machine. Soon afterward, the doctor, Helen Lossin, arrives. Kendall is skeptical and asks the doctor why she would perjure herself. Dr. Lossin says she is a rape survivor. She performs an ultrasound on Bianca and she, Kendall and Ryan look in awe at the picture of the baby. Bianca wonders about the sex of the baby, and the doctor says there is no indication the child is a boy. Bianca is concerned, however, when Dr. Lossin tells her there is a problem. She cannot recommend the amniocentesis because the baby is too close to a anterior wall and could be harmed with the needle. Kendall says this means their plan has fallen through. Bianca says they have to proceed with their plan or Kendall will be crucified in court. Kendall says she doesn’t care. Ryan says he sure as hell cares. He will find another way to get the proof they need to show Kendall is pregnant. Dr. Lossin says she has an idea.

Maria enters Edmund's hospital room. The doctor in charge tells her his pulse is weakening and they have to get him to surgery. Maria tells him they're not taking him anywhere. The doctor says they have to operate, but Maria says she's concerned about Edmund's heart. The doctor says the cardiac surgeon has been briefed, but she says that's not good enough. She asks to talk to Joe in the hallway. She sees David and tells Joe that now they can move Edmund to the operating room. She asks Joe to allow David to scrub for surgery. Joe reminds her that David is banned from practicing at the hospital. She begs Joe to pull some strings to allow David to operate. Later, Joe tells Maria that David has clearance to perform the surgery. David asks Maria if Edmund would want him performing the surgery, and does she want him to. Maria says he kept her away from everyone she loved so he owes them big time. If he saves Edmund, his debt will be paid in full. Before Edmund is taken into surgery, Maria tries to talk to him and shows him the picture of their family that Maddie drew. Edmund is taken to surgery as Maria watches tearfully. Joe goes to tell Brooke the news, and Brooke arrives at the hospital and tells Maria how sorry she is. Later, David approaches Maria, who is scared to death what he has to tell her. "Edmund's dead," she says.


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