AMC Update Thursday 1/8/04

All My Children Update Thursday 1/8/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Erica expresses to Jack that she is very worried to see he has been served a subpoena. She tells him she knows she cannot tell the truth, in court, about what happened the night Michael Cambias disappeared. She also tells him she realizes that she gave Kendall the combination to the safe where he keeps his gun, and had she not done that, Kendall would not be in trouble. She also expresses how she cannot understand how Jack could have gotten fired from his position of DA, and wonders what everybody will do without Jack in power. She says she dose not understand how or why this murder investigation could still be going on, nor how anybody would want to punish whoever it was who killed Michael Cambias. And don’t they realize the world would be a better place without him? At that moment, there is a knock on the door. Erica answers it and sees David Hayward holding a subpoena in his hand. She tells him she can see that they must have gotten to him too. He inquires to Erica and Jack just how they’d like him to go about this. Erica informs David that she has just told Jack everything the two of them did on the night when Michael disappeared. David does not sound happy. Jack makes some indirect comment about the “romance” being over, implying that is no longer necessary, nor would it be effective for Erica and David to convince the judge that they slept together on the night in question. Erica tells David that they must trust Jack’s plan. She explains to him that if the three of them cast reasonable suspicion upon themselves, they could help Kendall by casting it away from her. David sounds like he has an attitude but at the end tells them they can count on him to help. When he leaves, Erica and Jack are ready to go into the bedroom and make love, until they are interrupted by another knock on the door. Erica tells Jack they mustn’t answer it, unless it’s Bianca, almost as if she knows it’s somebody Jack wants to see, but whom she would not. Sure enough, it’s Greenlee. Greenlee informs her father that the hit-men have gone after Juan Pablo and that Edmund Gray may die because of it. Jack holds his daughter in his arms, forgetting about his plans with Erica, while Erica looks at them annoyed. Greenlee tells Jack that whenever she has needed somebody to be there for her, they never have been. Jack assures her that it is no longer the case, and he is there for her now and always will be. Erica looks coldly at them, feeling ignored.

Jamie confronts JR at the hospital. He tells his brother that he knows he is very controlling with his wife and he treats her like he owns her. He almost spills the beans to JR that he overheard the conversation JR and Babe had, from inside the closet, in the hotel room, on New Years, when, unknown to JR, Babe invited Jamie there to sleep with him. But instead of revealing to JR that Babe tried to get him in bed, Jamie simply tells him that he overheard their conversation at the party. JR tells Jamie it’s none of his business and inquires why he always sees Jamie at the hospital snooping around. JR suggests to Jamie, that since he’s there, he might be doing everybody a lot of good if he checks himself into the psyche ward. When Jamie departs, JR runs into Kendall. She tells JR that she has just come back from an ordeal, which may have killed Edmund Gray and all she could do was think about herself. JR wants to console his friend and they go to have lunch at the Valley Inn. JR tells Kendall he really can relate to what she’s saying about her trust issues, with the situation he’s dealing with involving how he loves Babe but cannot realistically trust her. Right then, the nasty new prosecutor, Alan Singer interrupts their conversation and tells Kendall that he needs for her to do a DNA test the following day. JR follows Singer out the door, informing him that he is in charge of Chandler Enterprises, knows that Singer is the newly appointed special prosecutor, and that he has information about how Singer could be “un-appointed”. Singer, however, does not seem to be afraid of JR. JR returns to his table with Kendall, and apologizes for that inconsiderate jerk ruining their meal and harassing her. She sounds appreciative to JR’s efforts to help her but reveals that she’s still worried. She tells him that both herself and the “Cambias heir” she is carrying, are very proud of him. She gets up, gives him a hug and leaves.

Back at the hospital, Jamie breaks into Dr. Joe Martin’s office and gets into the computer. Right away, his grandfather catches him red-handed, asks what he’s up to and how he got the keys to the office. At first, Jamie attempts to make a desperate alibi that his sole purpose was to wait for grandpa. But he later confides to Joe that he is there because he wants to get to the bottom of the mystery of who is really the father of Babe Chandler’s child. He also tells his grandfather that he believes he’s always been able to talk to him, and that Joe might be more understanding and supportive to his situation than either his mom or dad have been.

Babe and Krystal are talking. Krystal warns her daughter that if Jamie Martin gets his way and has the paternity suit, it might be found out that he is the father of Babe’s child, and it could ruin her marriage. Babe admits that it’s entirely possible that JR is not her baby’s father. When she reaches into the closet, Krystal is able to notice the mysterious cow that nobody else, including JR, knows about, and reveals that she knows of this cow’s “symbolism” of Babe’s and Jamie’s relationship. Babe reveals to her mother that she still remembers how special it was when she was with Jamie. She confesses that she really cared for Jamie and believed he cared about her, while she was very intimidated to be around the Chandlers and first assumed that JR would think he was better than her. She reveals that she still misses what she had with Jamie. But she concludes that she does love JR, she promises to be faithful to him, from now on, and be the best wife he could ever have. Krystal informs her that she risked a speeding ticket and grand theft auto charge in order to prevent Adam Chandler from getting his hands on Babe’s medical records. She also informs her daughter that Tad Martin was very helpful in destroying the records for them.

Maria frantically follows the doctors who are attempting to revive Edmund. She demands that they let her operate on her husband. But they tell her she must stay out of it, let them do their jobs and realize she is too emotionally involved, whether a doctor or not, because she’s his wife. Ryan is standing next to her and tells her he’s as angry at whoever is responsible for what happened as she is. She seems to trust him and tells him that she does not know what’s worse: having false hopes or having to prepare for the worst. Right at that moment, another woman frantically follows a medical team who is trying unsuccessfully to save her husband’s life. Maria immediately forgets her own tragedy and plays the role of doctor to the woman, counseling her, encouraging her to have faith in medical miracles, and to be strong for her family. Ryan, who is observing, tells Maria how amazed he was to hear her say all the right things. Another doctor approaches Maria and tells her they were unable to stabilize Edmund, and that they do not having any promising news to tell her about her husband’s fate. She tells everybody she needs to go outside and get some air, all the while, showing all witnesses the medical composure, which a doctor must exhibit. When she gets outside, however, it is clear that she is distraught and has lost all hope. She notices Juan Pablo standing next to her. She angrily tells him that she does not want to hear him even try to tell her how sorry he is for what happened to Edmund. She screams at him, telling him he’s killed her husband and she will never forgive him. Ryan appears and holds Maria in his arms while she cries. He tells her that she needs to have the same faith that she counseled that woman to have. She tells him that she has lost so much time, being away from Edmund. She knows that God gave her back her life, as well as her family, and her medical practice, for a reason. And now she cannot lose Edmund. She cries again, while Ryan holds her. And Ryan stares coldly at Juan Pablo.

Inside the hospital, Mia notices how stressed Aidan is. She tells him that although Dr. Joe Martin cannot give him orders to go home and rest, she can. When they return home, she tells him she will get him some Ginger Ale or whatever he wants to drink, and that he must get some rest and de-stress. But he yells at her telling her he could care less about Ginger Ale, does not want to sleep and she is not listening to him. She falls on the bed and cries. Instantly he goes over to apologize, holds her and comforts her.


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