AMC Update Wednesday 1/7/04

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/7/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Babe gets out of the shower, drying her hair with a towel. Jamie is sitting there. He inquires about the conversation he overheard Babe having with JR, while he was in the closet. He asks if JR is always so possessive and untrusting of her. She tells him that he needs to stay out of her business with her husband. She also informs Jamie that he needs to thank her for saving his butt. She says if JR had known he was in the closet, he might have hurt him. He suggests that maybe JR would have hurt her for discovering she was ready to sleep with his brother. She protests that JR loves her, trusts her, and throughout the night, after they left the hotel room where she met Jamie, they made love over and over again. Krystal enters the room and tells Jamie he needs to leave Babe alone. He protests to her that he’s not going to let JR raise his child. Krytal tells him JR and Babe love each other and she tells him a story about a “farm accident” happening to a man she once knew who couldn’t leave a woman alone, which she says involved what sounds like castration. At that point, Jamie leaves. When Babe and Krystal are alone, Babe reveals to her mother that she has not been a great “example” to her in learning how to make the wrong guys go away. Krystal admits that it may be true, but her daughter must trust her with what to do with her own situation right now.

Bianca enters Erica’s to find her mother and Uncle Jack together and informs them that she has a big secret to reveal to them. They urge her to tell them what it is. She hesitates and tells them she does not know where to begin. They tell her they are there to listen and hear whatever it is. She informs them that she has decided not to go to Europe, after all. Erica asks if that is the “big news”. She replies that the “big news” is the reason why. She assures them that she loves them, she is happy in her life, and has made a revelation. It sounds as though they both still have no clue just what it is, that she is talking about. She informs them that there is “somebody else” in her life, who she is considering, whom they may not be aware of. Erica reveals to her daughter that she believes she knows that the mysterious “person” whom Bianca is referring to is Lena, and assures her daughter that she has no problem with the two of them seeing each other, if that’s the reason for why Bianca has chosen not to go to Europe. Erica admits she might have been selfish to not want Bianca to go to Europe, but now tells her that it might be the best thing for her to get away for a while. Bianca inquires whether Erica and Jack don’t want her to be there to offer support at Kendall’s trial. They still both reveal to her that they have absolutely no clue what her secret is. So she tells them that there is a consideration in her life. And she says: “the baby”. When hearing that, Erica instantly makes it clear that she still assumes that Bianca has aborted and tells her she made the right choice to abort that disgusting man’s child, and she only wishes she could have done the same, so many years ago when the same thing happened to her. Bianca protests to her mother that this has nothing to do with Richard Fields or Michael Cambias. Erica tells her daughter that although she does not blame Kendall for the fact that she was conceived by a rape, she does not approve of Kendall’s lie that she got pregnant by Michael Cambias. And just the thought that Kendall would have anybody believe such a thing, is repugnant. Bianca inquires just what Erica would think or do if Kendall actually was pregnant. Erica replies that if such a thing could actually be true, she would hope and prey that the father of Kendall’s baby would be somebody else. Bianca asks what she’d do if, in fact, Michael Cambias was the father of Kendall’s child. Erica replies that in that case, she would never speak to Kendall again. Bianca inquires what her mother would intend for that to mean to the baby. Erica emotionally protests to her daughter that she cannot understand how Bianca could ever justify Kendall doing something so despicably to her, as to have a baby with the man who raped her. She informs Bianca of the horror she went through, so many years ago, the way she blocked it out of her mind, and how she is so happy that Bianca was fortunate enough to not have to have a baby from a rape, the way she did not have they choice. But Bianca protests that maybe Erica’s situation was a little different. For one thing, she was only 14 years old. Maybe another person’s “situation” is a little different, and they might see it differently. Bianca finally gives up trying to communicate with Erica and walks out the door. Jack goes after her, urges her not to leave, and asks her if there is something else she is trying to tell them, that maybe her mother is refusing to listen to.

The gunman finally is able to get Greenlee, Kendall and Mia to hold their hands up and orders them move. This still does not stop them from arguing, about how each has stolen the others’ man, Greenlee and Kendall about Ryan. Then Greenlee discovers Mia was with Pablo and admit she’s as bad as they are, and the fact that both Kendall and Mia have had Aidan. But the three of them work together to catch the gunman off-guard and knock him to the ground. Outside, Edmund is shot and falls to the ground. Maria holds him, urges him to hang on, to believe he will be o.k., and that they will get help. The gunman remarks that it is pointless to hang on to a life that is already gone. While Maria still keeps trying unsuccessfully to revive her husband, she has flashbacks of their wedding, their marriage together, and all the things they have been through together. Then all the others gather around and together they lift Edmund into an ambulance. Juan Pablo confronts one of the gunman. He mentions his brother, Carlos and hears the gunman mumble soething. He demands to know what he has said. The gunman tells Juan Pablo that he hopes Carlos died just like the pig he was.

While Maggie and Lena are waiting for Bianca, Maggie expresses her worries about what will happen when Bianca “spills the beans” to Erica about her pregnancy. Lena tells her she should not worry. Maggie is very concerned about what will happen to Bianca with the stress of having Erica know she’s chosen to carry a pregnancy and have a baby, which is the product of a rape. Lena assures Maggie that she will make certain that Bianca takes care of herself and does not allow stress to get to her or hurt the baby. Maggie, right there, questions whether Lena is simply saying that because of “ulterior motives” to break up her relationship with Maggie, while she stays in town and has the baby. She inquires just what Lena’s “plan” is? Does she want to hook up with Bianca and expect Maggie just to disappear? Lena assures Maggie that she has no plans to make Maggie disappear, she realizes that Bianca and Maggie are very close and she has no problem with that, but Bianca chose to go to the New Years party with her, not with Maggie. Maggie tells Lena that it was not Bianca’s idea. Maggie also tells Lena that she was “there” long before Lena was and that she loves Bianca. She clarifies that she’s not “in love” with her. She is heterosexual, only sleeps with guys, but Bianca is her best friend. Lena says she has no problem with that, nor assumes differently. But Maggie still sounds like she’s very defensive, protective of Bianca, and suspicious of Lena being in her life.

At the hospital, JR confronts Paul Kramer. Paul assures JR that he has no wishes to get in anybody’s way, he wants nothing to do with Babe, and he plans to leave Pine Valley as soon as he takes care of some business which needs not give JR any cause for alarm. But JR asks Paul about his annulled marriage to Babe, with the specific question of whose idea that marriage was, in the first place? Paul’s or Babe’s? Paul keeps telling JR that the marriage meant nothing to him, and he realizes it meant nothing to Babe and he could care less who she’s married to, nor what any of them are doing, and wishes them all the happiness together. JR tells him he has no problem with that. When Paul leaves the hospital, Jamie enters, runs into JR and has a confrontation with him.

Bianca returns home after unsuccessfully trying to tell Erica and Jack that she’s still pregnant. She tearfully informs Maggie and Lena that she could not go through with telling her mother that she would make such a choice. She tells them that Erica could never understand nor support her or her baby and there’s nothing she can do about it. Lena puts her arms around Bianca, tells her everything will be all right, and that they will be there for her.

Back at Erica’s, Erica reveals to Jack that she knows there is something going on with Bianca that they still don’t know about. And she tells Jack she also does not believe for a moment that Kendall could be pregnant by Michael Cambias. At that moment, they are interrupted by a knock on the door. There is a man there to serve a subpoena to Jack, involving Kendall’s murder trial.


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