AMC Update Tuesday 1/6/04

All My Children Update Tuesday 1/6/04

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Jack is at the boathouse looking for Greenlee. He asks God to tell him whether he has reason to be afraid for his daughter. At that moment, Erica appears. Jack informs her that he is trying and failing to find Greenlee, that she has not been found at Fusion or at her home, and he was even desperate enough to contact Mary. Erica suggests that Juan Pablo is probably the person to contact to inquire of Greenlee’s whereabouts and Greenlee might very well have run off with him. Together they happily talk about different significant events they’ve known in their lives. Jack speaks of the first time he discovered Greenlee was his daughter. Erica reflects upon the time when Jack was named man of the year. They talk of romantic times they’ve had together, where they’ve later got into arguments which ruined it. Jack brings up again, that he worries about Greenlee. Erica reminds him that Greenlee is a grown woman and does not need a permission slip from her father to go where she chooses. He tells Erica that he was hoping that Greenlee would realize she must stay away from Juan Pablo. Erica tells Jack she knows that when he reads the law, he is without error. But when he reads women, there’s much he fails to understand. She tells him that if Greenlee is in love with Juan Pablo, she is thinking with her heart. She tells him that’s the way women are. Men, on the other hand, compartmentalize and keep accounts. She tells him that when women are in love, they don’t always use logic and common sense, and are ready to take any risk. She says that although she does not know what may be in Greenlee’s heart, she can speak for herself. He encourages her to go ahead. She tells him that love is the only reason there is for anybody to do anything. She tells him that she wants him to take her home, and she will tell him a secret that will keep him safe. He holds out his hand to her and they leave together.

Bianca and Lena are laughing and entering Bianca’s apartment, after the New Years Eve party. They happily joke about Lena dumping a man who was interested in her, and informing him that Bianca was her date. Bianca reflects that it is a new year with new possibilities and so much to look forward to. At that moment, Maggie enters and states that her New Years resolution is to have better timing, and sounds as though she’s afraid she’s interrupted something private. But Bianca urges Maggie to stay and offer her moral support about a new decision she has made. She reveals to both of them that it involves confessing something to her mother. Maggie says any decision, that involves talking to Erica, requires a clear head and a warning label. Bianca tells Lena and Maggie that she is considering telling Erica that she is still pregnant, and asks them for their feedback. Maggie tells her that when Erica finds out, she will freak, and all the stress it will cause Bianca is not good for the baby. But Lena says she believes differently. Maggie protests that Erica is not going to be throwing any baby-showers and so she should not be told. But Bianca demands that Maggie listens to Lena. Lena informs them both that she does know Erica from having had a relationship of working with her. Maggie tells them that having news going out that Bianca is pregnant with Michael Cambias’ baby is “publicity” that nobody needs. Bianca says she realizes that, but she must stop making Kendall bear the burden of her secret by telling people that it is she, instead of Bianca, who is pregnant. Maggie tells her that could hurt Kendall’s defense as well as harm Bianca. But Bianca tells them that she is no longer planning on going overseas and concocting a story that she’s adopted a baby. And she reveals her Christmas miracle. She tells them the beginning was when she got pregnant from the rape. She says until Christmas, she was terrified that if anybody knew how the baby was conceived, then the baby would be afraid it would be hated. But she, now confesses that she was also afraid, throughout this time, that she would also hate the baby, deep down inside. But she says that on Christmas Eve, she was forced to face her fear. She said she was very lost and hopeless. But she sent up an S.O.S. to her grandma Mona. Then she found herself in a Chapel, discovering a tiny abandoned baby. She reveals that although this baby was not wanted, she fell in love with him, not knowing who his parents were or where he came from. And from discovering it made no difference to him where the baby came from, she realized that every child is a child of God. That made her realize that she can love her baby, and nothing else matters. Maggie then tells Bianca that if she plans to tell the world that she is still pregnant, both she and Lena will be behind Bianca. But Bianca tells her that she must confess to Erica alone. She tells them she cannot wait. It must be done now. Lena offers to give her a ride. But Bianca tells her she will drive herself. Lena asks if she can stay there and wait for her. After Bianca departs, Maggie asks Lena what she thinks will be the results. Lena admits the shocking news might really do a number on Erica. But Maggie reveals that it is not Erica she is worried about. She’s worried about Bianca.

When Jack and Erica arrive at her home, she reveals to him that she must tell him a secret she’s been hiding from him. She tells him about the night when Michael Cambias disappeared, where she and David Hayward told the cops they were together, having sex. Jack assures Erica he never believed that she’d slept with David, and he knows that it was simply an alibi they sold to Derek and Justin. She confesses that she does not regret what her intent was, on the night when Michael Cambias was set free and spit in all of their faces, which devastated Bianca. He amonishes her to realize that she should have revealed her secret to him right then and there. She tells him she could not because she was aware of his sworn duty to uphold the law. And they both discover that she did what she did, all in the name of love. They kiss and look as though they have been reunited. Right when Jack is carrying Erica into the bedroom, they are interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Bianca. She reveals to them she has a secret she must now tell them.

At that cabin, suddenly, a gunman is shooting bullet holes through the windows. Ryan, Greenlee, Kendall, Juan Pablo, Mia, Aidan, Edmund and the “assistant” to Juan Pablo, who are all stranded there, immediately panic and fall to the ground. They start arguing again, with both Greenlee and Kendall angry at Ryan. Greenlee tells Kendall she could care less if Kendall dies in the shoot-out, but inquires about Kendall’s “bun in the oven”? Greenlee urges Kendall to confess the truth when she may be close to death, about whether she is really pregnant. Ryan protests that it is Juan Pablo who is responsible for putting everybody else in danger. Greenlee and Kendall both tell him he cannot blame others for his problems. But Ryan urges the others to realize that maybe Juan Pablo can go out and dodge the bullets which he has visited upon all of them, while the rest of them escape. Nobody listens to his suggestion. Aidan asks how many are in favor of them all staying there, barricaded until help arrives. Everybody but Ryan agrees to that plan. Ryan, then, admits that majority rules. But unknown to all of them, there is a hidden ticking time-bomb. Suddenly, they hear a voice revealing to them that they have taken one of their loved-ones as hostages. The voice of Maria reveals to Edmund that she is their hostage. She speaks, through a megaphone that there is a traitor with them. Instantly, Edmund and Aidan push assistant of Juan Pablo down on the ground, disarm him and hold him at gunpoint. Aidan reveals to the others that he discovered the man downstairs doing something suspicious. They run to the basement and Ryan uncovers the ticking time-bomb which has only a few minutes left. Ryan and Aidan push the stranger down. He protests that he was just following orders. Meanwhile, all the women are upstairs. Greenlee grabs a snowshoe. Kendall tells her she’s foolish to try to fight with that. But suddenly, they hear an explosion that sounds like it’s coming from the basement. A dangerous man enters and attempts to attack Mia. But she kick-boxes him to the ground. Kendall and Greenlee also take a shot at him. The three of them are really proud of themselves to have “kicked butt” without men to help them. But outside, a shot is fired which causes Edmund to fall to the ground


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