AMC Update Monday 1/5/04

All My Children Update Monday 1/5/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Laying in bed, Krystal shows Tad a piece of paper and told him he worked hard for this. Tad says he can't believe this. What just happened between them wasn't work. Krystal says she doesn't understand why he went to all this trouble. She gives him the paper and he asks "what the hell is this?" Krystal tells him he was spying on her and Babe. Tad says he prefers to call it surveillance. He says he admires her relationship with her daughter. Like Krystal, he would do anything for Jamie. Krystal asks if that includes sleeping with her. Tad says he doesn't think the bank statement that Krystal just gave him is the document Babe wanted hidden. Krystal says the statement shows she is overdrawn, and Babe didn't want Adam to find it. Tad doesn't buy it but Krystal tries to convince him that that is the paper she was hiding for Babe. Krystal gets into the shower after Tad tells her this was one of his more memorable New Year's Eve's.

Meanwhile, Simone is still at the New Year's party and is urging a Valley Inn employee to tell her what room Tad is in. The employee stresses that such information is private, but when Simone flashes some cash, he says he'll see what he can do. Later, while Simone is talking to Brooke and Liza, the employee hands her the information. Simone knocks on Tad's door and yells. He doesn't answer the door right away and Simone leaves but returns later. Tad lets her in and tells her he was in the shower. She suspects Krystal is there and goes into the bathroom but finds no one. She asks Tad to forgive her for freaking out. Since they have this room, they should take advantage of it. She locks the door. They have sex on the floor and Simone raves about how good it was. Tad looks completely worn out.

Babe and JR are in their bedroom and Babe is giving him the silent treatment. He touches her and she pushes him away. He asks to talk about what happened at the Valley Inn but she says she doesn't want to talk about it. JR says he got carried away and didn't mean to hurt her feelings. She tries to leave but he grabs her. She resists but he tells her he loves her and he was jealous. She cools off and asks him why he can't see her heart is with him and him alone. He asks her why she didn't mention Paul Kramer before, and she says he meant nothing. They kiss and make love. JR asks if she has no more secrets and is done telling lies. She tells him that they are cool from here on out, but by the look on her face she is hiding something.

Still at the party, Jamie tells Maggie that he wants to save Babe from JR. He says he won't give up. Maggie tells him not to get too invested on this but Jamie says he already is. He says there's no way that JR is right for Babe.

Krystal reappears at the party, finds Liza and pours a toast. Krystal tells Liza that Tad is sexy with a capital "S."

Ryan and Greenlee are passionately kissing when he stops. He tells her she is mad at Pablo and he is ticked at Kendall. Is that the right reason to do this? Greenlee says it's more than enough reason and shut up and kiss her. Meanwhile, in another part of the lodge, Jose is checking his bomb when Pablo and Kendall interrupt him from behind. They don't see the bomb, and Pablo still says he trusts Jose with his life. He introduces Jose to Kendall. Edmund arrives and asks Jose where the hell he thinks he's going.

Maria is sleeping and dreaming about her wedding and the plane crash. Then she hears a voice from Edmund saying he's the one that's dead. She sits up and shouts no. The phone rings and she hopes it's Edmund. It's an associate of Edmund who tells Maria that one of the men Pablo is using as a guard is not to be trusted. His name is Jose and he spent time in prison with a cellmate who was in the organization that's trying to kill Pablo. Maria desperately tries to reach Edmund on his cell phone, but his phone is out of range. Maria leaves a message for an FBI man to call her about this and sets out to find Edmund. Her mother walks in the room and Maria explains the situation. Maddie comes in and wants to know where she's going. Maria says she's going to pick up daddy from work. Maddie shows Maria a picture she drew of the family and gets in her mother's bed to go to sleep. Maria goes to the party and finds Brooke, who tells her where the lodge is located on a map.

Edmund tells Jose he is supposed to be guarding the front gate and was not to leave his post. Pablo explains Jose is trying to fix the heater. Jose leaves. Edmund says he's planning to drive Pablo to Atlantic City in the morning.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he doesn't want to do something they'll both regret. Greenlee asks him if he is back in love with Kendall. He says he can't predict what's going to happen with Kendall. Greenlee says if he's dumb enough to believe her he can have her. She storms out. Edmund asks Aidan to take Kendall home but Ryan walks in and grabs Kendall and pulls her into the room he was in with Greenlee. He tells her they need to fix things. She accuses him of having sex with Greenlee but he says they did not. He asks if they can start over with a clean slate. She asks if that means he told Greenlee to get lost. Ryan tells her he tried and leaves the room. Aidan asks Edmund if everything seems OK. He has a feeling that something isn't right. Edmund is still searching for cell phone coverage. Later, Aidan finds Jose in the basement. Jose is working on his bomb, but Aidan doesn't see the bomb. The group prepares to leave but Greenlee doesn't want to leave without talking to Pablo. She tells him she's sorry he wasn't the person he needed. He says she was the perfect woman, but it wasn't the right time for them. Kendall is frustrated and wants to leave but Aidan stops her from opening the door. Later she goes to the door again and opens it, only to be greeted with the sound of gunshots.

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