AMC Update Friday 1/2/04

All My Children Update Friday 1/2/04

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Tad and Krystal enter a room at the Valley Inn. They are kissing. He lights some candles and she pulls him onto the bed. Krystal tries her best to seduce Tad but he's resisting her charms. She asks what's really going on here. Tad says he wants to take his time and make sure they are safe. Krystal realizes he's talking about protection and goes into the next room, telling him she'll take care of it on her end and he can take care of it on his end. While she's gone, he finds her bra and looks through it, but doesn't find the document he wants. She comes back into the room and notices he is holding her bra in front of him. She asks if he is "one of those." If he is, that's fine, but she wants to be the main event. She opens her towell and shows him her body. They get into bed. After sex, Krystal takes off her shoe and shows Tad the paper she knew he was looking for, telling him he deserves a reward.

Simone is looking for Tad at the party. She also notices Krystal is gone. She asks Liza if she thinks they are together. Liza doesn't say much. Simone says Tad told her that he is going after Krystal for business reasons only.

Adam approaches JR at the party and asks if he's ringing in the new year alone. JR replies that his plan to trash Babe has failed. Paul Kramer left town. Adam tells JR that he has won and he's going to try to believe in Babe as much as JR does.

Babe is lying in bed and tells Jamie that she's glad he could make it. He asks her what the hell she's doing. But his hormones take over and he gets on the bed and kisses her. He quickly learns that Babe is willing to go to bed with him if he'll drop the paternity suit. He accuses her of using sex to seal a deal. She says she will if it gets him to keep quiet. She says she knows he wants her. He loses sleep over it. She kisses him but he tells her to stop it. He throws her nightgown at her and tells her to put it on. He says he doesn't want to use her like that. He asks if she often sleeps with guys to get out of trouble. She says she lucked out with her blond hair and cute body. It would be a sin not to use it. She says she has tried everything to get him to drop the paternity suit and this is her last offer. He tells her she doesn't have to jump in the sack to bail herself out. He wants to take care of her so she doesn't feel this desperate again. Babe tells him he's incredibly sweet. JR knocks on the door and asks what's taking her so long. She quickly puts on her robe and pushes Jamie into the clost. She opens the door and JR tells her he thought she was getting dressed. Why is the bed messed up? She tells him she just crashed. She suggests they go downstairs and dance till dawn. He suggests starting a party of their own. She tells him she's not in the mood. He says she must have been in the mood when she put on that nightgown. Who did she put it on for? Is she giving Paul Kramer a peep show? Babe asks him why he's being such a jerk. She says she just wants to go home, and they leave. Jamie walks out of the closet.

Mary tells Adam that she promises JR will find out what kind of woman Babe is. She says the kiss they shared at midnight gave her some ideas. They kiss again.

Mia and Pablo are in a room together at the cabin and she suggests they go to bed. She lies in the bed while he tries to keep warm wearing a coat and sitting in a chair. She tells him he doesn't have to be such a gentleman and can get into bed with her. She tells him Greenlee should not back away from him because of fear she'll get hurt. She needs to fight for him. In the next room, Ryan is in bed with Greenlee and tells her she's better off without Pablo because she deserves a lot better. Greenlee asks if he has anyone in mind. Ryan gets out of bed to work on the fire in the fireplace. She tells him to come back to bed, but he sits on the end of the bed and says he'll stay there and watch her. She tells him that Kendall is a liar and a cheat and he needs to fight her so she doesn't get Fusion. She grabs Ryan and kisses him. She says she's trying to deprogram him. She won't let Kendall get her hands on Fusion. In yet another room, Aidan and Kendall are in bed and he tells her to move closer to him to warm up. She moves closer and they kiss. But soon he is out of the bed and ready to leave the room. She tells him she's willing to take him back even though he slept with Mia. She says that should make them even. He walks out. Aidan goes into Mia's room and Pablo leaves. Mia is annoyed that he went to Kendall, but he says he needed to set Kendall straight. He's done with her. He's just going to help her through her trial. Mia asks where that leaves them. He says right where they want to be. They kiss and fall into bed. Kendall walks by the room where Ryan and Greenlee are in and overhears them talking about her. Greenlee says they need to expose that Kendall is not pregnant. Ryan tells her she is carrying Michael Cambias' child. Greenlee says she won't lose Fusion to that bitch. Ryan walks out and Kendall walks in. Greenlee grabs a fireplace poker and points it at Kendall. Kendall says she has money, power and Fusion plus a baby on the way. Greenlee tells her she's not pregnant and tries to feel her tummy. Kendall runs out of the room. Ryan goes into a room and is greeted by Pablo holding a gun on him. Pablo realizes it's Ryan and drops the gun. A stranger walks into the room and Pablo introduces him as Jose, who is like a brother to him. Pablo tells Ryan he is leaving tomorrow for Atlantic City. One of the brothers has a mistress there and he wants to find her and wait for him. He asks Ryan to make sure Greenlee is all right. Later, Kendall asks Pablo if he wants to go out for a drink. They leave together. Greenlee finds Ryan and asks if Pablo said anything about her. Ryan says he did not. He opens his arms and says they are here if she needs them. She says she does need them. They hug, then kiss.

Jose is seen opening a container containing with what appears to be a bomb.

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