AMC Update Wednesday 12/31/03

All My Children Update Wednesday 12/31/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Happy New Year's Eve

Adam and Mary are at a New Years Eve party. She tells him she can see the “aura” in him, knowing he’s happy about something. He tells her he’s very certain he can get Babe and her mother out of their lives and JR will divorce Babe. Just then JR and Babe walk in, looking like they are still happily married. Jamie is with Maggie. Maggie expresses that she is not comfortable noticing Babe walking in there. Krystal arrives, then Tad, then Brooke. Brooke needles Tad about whether he’s ready to sleep with Krystal. He tells Brooke it is strictly business, his only intent is to look out for Jamie’s interests, and he is only making Krystal think he wants to date her so he can get information from her about her daughter’s involvement with Jamie.

Babe walks by, noticing Jamie with Maggie and asks him if they are a couple. When Babe enters the bathroom, Paul Kramer appears, follows her in and demands that she signs the annulment papers. She says she might not do that. He tells her she must or he will make her sorry. He tells her that she can get in big trouble if she gets charged with bigamy. He tells her that nobody will overlook it simply because she wears tight sweaters. She tells him he cannot talk to her like she’s a stupid bimbo and that it is his fault that she neglected to sign the annulment papers in the first place. He demands that she hands them over now. She tells him he is the stupid one, not to realize that if the papers are signed now, it will be a matter of public record. She says she is not about to set herself up to have Adam Chandler ruin her by signing those papers now. So he is now at the desperate mercy of whenever she gets around to signing the papers so that he can inherit his Aunt Betsy Kramer’s $30 million. He again, demands that she signs the annulment papers. She says she will but not now. And she needs a favor from him. She needs him to convince everybody that JR is her baby’s father. He asks what will happen if he does not help her with that. She replies that she will inform his Aunt Dorian that he is still legally married and he will lose his $30 million. When she walks outside, he tells her she needs to give him the annulment papers because he does not trust them in her hands. Right then, Jamie overhears their argument and tells Paul he’d better leave Babe alone or he won’t hesitate to hurt him. Paul asks who this guy is. Is he her body guard? She replies he is her husband’s brother. When Paul leaves, Babe oddly expresses to Jamie that he is like her hero, there to defend her honor. But, noticing that she needs to “make an appearance”, she walks away from him and goes to find JR.

Greenlee and Juan Pablo have a private party in a cabin out in the woods. But just then, Kendall arrives with Ryan. And Mia and Aiden arrive. Juan Pablo tells the others that they are not supposed to be there. Only he and Greenlee have the right to be there. At that moment, Aidan demands that everybody calms down and shuts their mouths. Mia and Kendall are instantly sniping over their mutual interest and competition for Aidan, while Greenlee gets her attitude about Ryan’s involvement with Kendall. Ryan demands that Greenlee stays away from Juan Pablo so she does not put herself in danger, or else he will follow her and never let her out of his sight. Kendall reveals her jealousy and distrust of Ryan over his concern for Greenlee. He tells her he does not want to bring in the New Year arguing with her. Juan Pablo tells Greenlee he loves her and it is entirely her decision on whether to stay with him. Suddenly, there is some sort of explosion. Everybody ducks and falls to the ground. They later assume that there does not appear to be any danger and they resume arguing. But then they discover that the furnace blew up and there will be no more heat. Ryan tells Juan Pablo he sure knows how to show a girl a good time when he takes her somewhere where they will freeze to death. Kendall says they can all tell scary stories, like the one about the guy (Ryan) who caused his woman to freeze to death. Ryan says there’s also the story about the woman who gets her mouth stapled shut. Aidan and Mia demand that they stop arguing, and that it’s a more important concern to gather some blankets to keep warm. Aidan goes outside. Kendall says she’d be more comfortable in the jailhouse. Then she announces she wants to be away from all of them before midnight and is going to bed. Aidan comes back. Mia rushes to him and tells him they need to generate some body heat.

Adam asks Mary if she could help him in finding out more information about Paul Kramer. He tells her he’s very impressed by her knack for knowing everything there is to know about young men. She is very flattered that he is acknowledging and calling upon her on this matter.

Tad has a problem with Brooke sounding as though she is concerned about his “scheme” trying to dig up information from Krystal, and sounds like she might be jealous by his flirting with Krystal. Simone also sounds like she’s not o.k. with it, although she’s come to the party with Justin. Then Liza appears. It sounds like there are too many women for Tad to handle at one time. Right when it looks like Simone is ready to attack Krystal, Tad grabs her picks her up and moves her away from Krystal. He pulls her outside and urges her to believe him when he says that his interaction with Krystal is strictly business so that he can get some information from her, in regard to his son and Krystal’s daughter. She balks at that statement and tells him she knows he’s getting really turned on by Krystal. Inside Liza and Krystal are having a discussion about Tad and all the women in his life. Liza sounds gracious and as though it’s totally o.k. with her if Krystal hooks up with Tad. But Krystal tells Liza that she is pretty certain that Tad’s heart still belongs to his dead wife, Dixie.

In the ladies room, Bianca asks Maggie why she has never heard Maggie say anything about her seeing Jamie. Maggie says it’s no big deal. Bianca says that she knows Maggie has spent a lot of time taking care of her and she’s worried that maybe Maggie has felt she cannot exercise her freedom to date. Bianca also expresses concern that Jamie could hurt Maggie the way Henry did. Maggie tells Bianca there’s no reason to worry.

JR and Paul have a confrontation. Paul says that he knows Babe is JR’s wife and he does intend to blow anybody’s New Years for them. JR says that’s good. And he hopes they have an understanding. Paul, again, confronts Babe He tells her he just had a chat with the “2nd Mr. Babe” (meaning Jamie) and says that he knows she would never dare to spill the beans about their marriage. She asks if he believes she’s bluffing. He says he is not afraid to take his chances finding out. Back in the party room, the clock strikes midnight. Everybody throws confetti, blows their party horns and kisses.

At the cabin, Greenlee is on Juan Pablo lap and they are kissing, while Kendall and Ryan are both alone and angry at each other. When Ryan is alone, clinging to a pillow and blanket, Kendall barges into his room and tells him he must have shown that pillow who’s boss. He demands to know why she’s there. She inquires whether he would like an apology or whether making love would be an acceptable substitute. Right when Greenlee and Juan Pablo are ready to make love, she interrupts their interaction and tells him that he must give up the fight to go after the people who killed Carlos, and stop putting himself in danger. She tells him that if they make love right now, she will not be able to let go. But he tells her he’s already in this and is not about to give up.

While Kendall and Ryan are in bed, bundled up, he tells her he wonders if arguing and sniping is idea of foreplay. He also reminds her about how she’s messed around with Aidan in order to needle him and make him angry. She reminds him he’s done the same thing to her, with Greenlee. Right at that moment, Greenlee walks in and tells them she needs to talk to Ryan alone. Kendall angrily walks out and barges in on Aidan while he’s with Mia. Mia is very upset to notice that Aidan follows Kendall wherever she goes and walks out on her whenever Kendall appears. Now, Mia and Juan Pablo are alone. She expresses how hurt she is over the fact that it never works for her with Aidan. Then they hold each other. Greenlee is with Ryan and tells him that there are problems with Juan Pablo. She treats him a lot better than Kendall has, tells him she’s so glad he’s here. And he tells her he’s very happy that she is there. So, now it looks like Kendall is with Aidan, Greenlee is with Ryan, and Mia is with Juan Pablo.

Strangely, at the party, Babe signals to Jamie that she is ready to meet him later. He follows her into her private room. Mary reminds Adam that the two of them have left together. Adam is very happy and grateful to Mary, tells her she has earned her keep, and goes to dance with her.


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