AMC Update Monday 12/29/03

All My Children Update Monday 12/29/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR tells Jamie that this paternity suit threat is about a lot more than proving paternity. Jamie wants JR's wife. JR tells him that if he takes this to court, he will be dead to him. Jamie says proceeding with the paternity suit will be the only way he'll be able to sleep at night. JR says there will be no coming back from this and he goes upstairs.

Upstairs, Babe shows her mother a paper which she says will be her death sentence if it gets out. Krystal tells her daughter that she's really gone and done it this time. She asks Babe why she still has this. Babe says she got nervous when she found out that Adam had hired some private investigators to look into her background. She almost confessed, but she realizes that he missed this piece of information. She says she thought she was in the clear, but now with this paternity suit she's not. JR is her whole life, and when he finds out, he'll hate her. Krystal says everything will be fine, she'll see to it. She'll make sure no one finds out. She folds up the piece of paper but JR grabs it out of her hand. He asks if this is the paper he's been looking for. Krystal takes it back and tells him it's a list of numbers for the lottery and her New Year's resolutions. She puts it in her bra and leaves the room, secretly tells Babe that she'll keep it safe. Tad, who has been listening, follows her.

Downstairs, Brooke tells Adam that she knows he wants to get Babe out of the house. Krystal, who has just entered, tells Adam and Brooke that Babe and JR's marriage is as solid as ever. Krystal walks out and is grabbed by Tad. Brooke tells Adam that she can tell he's plotting something. She says she suspects he wants to bribe some doctors, but she won't let him railroad her son. Adam says that is not the plan. It will be revealed in due time. Adam leaves to make a phone call and the doorbell rings. Brooke answers it and sees it is Simone, looking for Tad. Simone says she won't stand by and let Krystal sink her pressed-on nails into Tad without a fight from her. Meanwhile, Tad has taken Krystal into the secret tunnels of the house. Krystal asks him what he's after and he kisses her. Krystal wonders what has changed Tad's mind. Earlier he said he wasn't interested in her. Tad says seeing her with Babe changed his mind. He kisses her again. Brooke tells Simone she doubts Tad would get involved with a woman he barely knows. Just then the wall to the tunnel opens and Tad and Krystal practically fall into the living room in front of Brooke and Simone. Tad tells Simone not to take this too seriously. Simone makes a move toward Krystal and Tad picks her up and carries her outside. He tells her that he's only interested in finding a document that Krystal has hid in her bra. On a scale of one to 20, Krystal is a zero in his book. Simone asks what she is to him. He says she's the only woman he's remotely interested in. He kisses her and she apologizes and leaves. Krystal comes out and Tad tells her that Simone is the jealous type. Krystal says she thinks he's up to something. Tad asks if she'll spend New Year's Eve with him. Krystal says she will but first needs to take a bubblebath. How is he at scrubbing backs?

Babe asks JR if she can be forced to take DNA tests. JR says all that could happen is that she would have to testify in court under oath. Babe says Jamie has to let this go. JR asks her what else is scaring her. Does she have more secrets? Babe says she's upset because they just got married and people are trying to rip them apart. JR asks for her to tell her what's going on. Babe confesses that JR wasn't her first. JR says he knows that, and she wasn't his first either. Babe says she means he wasn't her first husband. She got drunk in a bar one time and the next thing she knew she was saying "I do" to this man in front of a justice of the peace. Once she realized what she did she ended it. She says she's a totally different person now. She never loved him. JR is stunned and asks if this is the last secret she has. If not, she needs to keep talking. He asks her who the guy was, where she met him and what is his name. She says she met him in San Diego and he was just some guy. His name was Paul Kramer.

Later, Brooke presses Adam to reveal his plan. Adam mentions Dorian Lord and her nephew, Paul Kramer, will be coming to his house for New Year's and will be surprising Babe. Brooke calls his plan devious. Adam says he hopes Paul Kramer will make his New Year's wishes come true.

Aidan tells Kendall that Ryan and Boyd are not men she can trust. Kendall tells him she's sorry he walked in on her and Ryan after they made love. Aidan reminds her he's not the one who walked out after Greenlee. Kendall says this is not about keeping her out of prison, it's about keeping her away from Ryan. She's sure Ryan had reasons for going after Greenlee. Aidan says Ryan is just being Ryan. If that's the kind of life she wants, then that's what she'll get. Kendall tells him that for the record, she did love him. "Your kind of love I can do without," he tells her before walking out.

Greenlee is carried into a room with a blanket over her head. Once she sees it's Ryan who has abducted her, she slaps him. Ryan tells her he won't let her go to the Pine Cone Motel. Ryan ties her up and says he'll keep her that way only until Pablo gets tired of waiting at the Pine Cone. Greenlee changes her tactic. She thanks Ryan for putting her welfare first and helping her see that going to the Pine Cone is only asking for trouble. She asks him to untie her. Ryan tells her she'll have to do a lot better than that. Greenlee begs him to let her go so she can plan her future with Pablo. Ryan prepares to leave, saying he needs to get food, and Greenlee tells him she hates him. Later, Greenlee sees that Kendall has arrived at Ryan's place, causing Greenlee to say to herself "I'm now officially in hell." Greenlee tells Kendall that she and Ryan are involved in a game of bondage and he went to get their dinner. When Kendall starts to leave, Greenlee asks her to untie her because Ryan is trying to keep her away from Pablo.

Aidan returns to his room at the Pine Cone and angrily throws things around. Mia arrives and asks if he's redecorating. She then asks him to go to the New Year's Eve bash at the Valley Inn. He kisses her and they fall into bed. After making love, she tells him to remind her to drop by more often. Aidan gives her a small box containing earrings showing a motorcycle to remind her of the ride they took together. Aidan's phone rings and he tells the caller he'll be there. He tells Mia he has to go and will be back in a couple of days. Mia leaves and hides as Aidan gets ready to leave. Simone arrives and almosts knocks on Aidan's door but Mia stops her and they hide in the bushes together. They watch as Aidan gets into his car and see a woman get in with him. Mia thinks it's Kendall. Mia tells Simone that she called when she was with Aidan. Simone tells her men are pigs. Mia wants to go after Aidan or she thinks she'll lose him. Ryan arrives back home and finds Kendall has freed Greenlee. He angrily leaves to go after Greenlee. Greenlee is seen in Aidan's car.


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