AMC Update Friday 12/26/03

All My Children Update Friday 12/26/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jack is awakened in the early morning by a knock on his door. It is Jamie, who says he needs his help. Soon afterward Tad arrives, who admits he followed his son. Tad says he figures Jamie was up to something. Jamie tells Jack that he needs a lawyer because he's going to be a dad. Babe is trying to cut him off from his kid, he explains. Jamie tells Jack that he believes he's the father because Babe lied about when she became pregnant. An expasparated Tad says that it was just one night. Jamie says he and Babe both felt something. It was perfect. Reggie enters the room, saying he can't sleep with all the noise. Jamie tells Reggie he needs his help about the baby. Reggie tells Jack to do everything he can to make sure Jamie isn't a father. Tad says here is a person who he finally can agree with. Jamie says he's not bailing until he knows if he's the father. He wants Jack to sue for paternity. He loves Babe, he says. Tad says Babe slept with him only because she was freaking out about getting married so quick and simply used Jamie. Jamie tells Jack that the only way he thinks JR will listen to him is in court, but Jack talks him into trying to talk to JR again. If it doesn't work, he'll file a court motion. Jack tells Tad that if he knew Mary was pregnant with his child years ago, he would have done anything he could have done to prove he was the father. As it was, he lost all those years with his daughter. Jamie asks Tad why he is fighting him on this. Tad tells his son he has the right to go for anything he wants and not be sidetracked by this. Jamie says all he wants to do is prove that the baby is his.

Babe goes to the jail and tells Adam, who is dressed in a Santa suit, that she is there to bail him out. She says she's bailing him out for JR because he loves him. She just asks one thing, that he lay off JR and stop fighting with him, at least through New Year's. She shows her platinum card and says she'll bail him out.

A lingerie-clad Krystal greets JR in his bed and he is surprised to see her there. She tells him she's going to give him something sweet. Krystal has breakfast in bed for JR consisting of french toast. JR tastes it and tells her it's great. She says the secret is in the eggs -- they have to be beaten hard, just like he's doing to his father. JR says his father thinks Babe isn't good enough for him, and he wants to prove that she is. Krystal is happy to hear this and tells JR that he's going to live a dream come true life. She sheds tears and hugs JR. Meanwhile, Mary has just passed by the door to see the two together on the bed. "I assume you want this door closed," she says. Mary apologizes for interrupting. Krystal introduces herself to Mary, extending her hand, but Mary doesn't do the same. JR leaves the room, and the two women start trading insults. After several insults about their attire and their families, the women find themselves downstairs doing the same. Just then Adam and Babe arrive and Babe explains that she bailed him out. JR, who just walked into the room, doesn't understand why his wife bailed his father out. Babe says she did it for him and says she knows he doesn't hate his father. Adam sees that Krystal and Mary have met, and he tells Mary to stay out of the situation with Krystal and Babe because he'll deal with it.

Later when alone, Babe tells JR that she may have bought a truce in bailing Adam out. JR asks if Adam agreed to a truce. Babe says he didn't say no. Krystal enters with some champagne she found in the wine cellar. Adam returns and declines Krystal's offer to drink a toast to the baby. The doorbell rings, and Tad and Jamie arrive. Jamie tells JR that he's there so they can figure this out. He wants a paternity test and has regained a lawyer. He asks Babe to take a DNA test. Babe becomes distraught, saying this can't be happening. Does he really hate them this much? She runs upstairs and her mother follows. Jamie asks JR if he'll consent to the DNA test. If this goes to court, it could get ugly, he says. Adam asks JR what's the harm if he believes the baby is his. Jamie tells Adam to stay out of it. This is between him and his brother. Jamie tells JR he loves him and doesn't want to take him to court. JR says there will not be any test. Jamie tells him he'll see him in court. JR tells him he'll regret it. Upstairs, Babe falls on the bed crying. She says if this goes to court everything will come out about her and everything will be over. Krystal asks if it's true... is Jamie the father? Babe says what does it matter if everything comes out. Krystal wants to know what Babe is trying to hide. Tad, who is listening in the doorway, tells himself that Babe needs to answer her mother's question.

Greenlee sneaks into Kendall's apartment and finds Kendall and Ryan asleep in bed. She quietly wakes Ryan up to tell him she needs him. She says he's the only one who can help him. Ryan tells her this better be important and he gets out of bed, making Greenlee leave the room so he can wrap a sheet around him. Greenlee tells him it is major. She says Leo came to her and they talked to each other. She shows him the box that she found. He notices it's just an empty box. Greenlee explains that a few years ago Leo tossed this lighted Christmas box and it hit her in the head. She says it was the best present she got because it brought them together. She asks Ryan if this means that she is supposed to be with Pablo or should she walk away and play it safe. He tells her to walk away. Ryan's sheet accidently falls to the floor and Kendall walks into the room, asking what's up. Kendall orders Greenlee to get out, but Ryan tells her she is here because Pablo needs help. Kendall can't believe he's buying Greenlee's story. Just then Boyd arrives, saying he needs to talk to Kendall. Aidan immediately follows, and Kendall takes them both in the other room, telling Ryan and Greenlee to continue their conversation. Ryan tells Greenlee that she should stay away from Pablo or she could be killed. Greenlee says she loves him and doesn't know if she can stand to lose him. In the next room, Kendall is listening to Ryan and Greenlee's conversation, but Boyd is trying to get her to pay attention to him. Boyd tells her that Aidan is trying to get him to reveal where he hid the witnesses to her wedding with Michael. Kendall tells him he can trust Aidan. All Aidan wants to do is relocate them before the cops get to them. A delivery girl comes to the door with a message for Greenlee from someone she describes as a hottie who talks funny. Greenlee grabs the note, in which Pablo tells her to meet him at the Pine Cone parking lot at 4. Greenlee is excited, saying they can plan their future. Ryan tells her if she goes to meet him, she may not get a chance to make a decision. Greenlee says if Pablo says it's safe, she believes him. She says maybe this is a sign from Leo. Ryan says a stranger dropped off this note. It could be a trap. She insists on going, but he wants to go with her. He makes her promise she'll wait while he goes to get dressed. He goes back into the bedroom where Kendall is talking to Boyd and Aidan. He dresses in front of them and tells Kendall he's leaving with Greenlee because it's the only way she'll be stopped. He gives Kendall a romantic kiss before leaving, causing Boyd to roll his eyes. Boyd tells Kendall that Aidan could go to the cops. He says if Kendall wants to trust Aidan fine, he will not. He walks out. Aidan tells Kendall that Boyd needs to comply or she could go to prison.

Greenlee goes to her car and is looking in her purse for the keys when suddenly a man throws a blanket over her and picks her up. As she screams, the man is seen to be Ryan.

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