AMC Update Wednesday 12/24/03

All My Children Update Wednesday 12/24/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Merry Christmas Eve!

At Erica’s, everybody is awaiting Bianca. Erica tells Myrtle that her daughter has gotten a habit of making herself scarce and not telling anybody where she is and it’s a real frustration. Lena suggests Bianca might have gotten held up with Christmas shopping. At that moment, Jack, dressed as Santa, and Reggie appear. Erica wonders why Bianca is not with them. They tell her they have not seen Bianca. Mrytle announces that it’s time to eat. But Erica protests that they cannot start without Bianca. Myrtle tells Erica that Bianca is a grown woman and they must let her be independent. At that moment, Erica listens and is happy. Maggie wonders where Bianca is. Erica assures Maggie that Bianca is doing fine wherever she is.

Meanwhile, Bianca is totally distracted with the abandoned baby she has just fallen in love with. She tells the baby that it has given her the greatest Chrsitmas gift she could have gotten, by helping to open her eyes. She hears the church bells, which mean that Father Clarence must be back. All the while, she is in elated to be with this wonderful baby. A strange priest appears and informs Bianca that the baby was meant to be part of their Christmas pageant, and is meant to be the Christ child. She tells him that father Clarence knows she has been there with the baby. But the priest tells her that the doors were locked and he wonders how she got inside with the baby. But she is at peace, knowing she has just met the Christ child.

At the Martins, the family is all gathered around. Krystal appears with JR and Babe. Tad is worried what will happen if Adam shows up. JR asks Jamie if he can come in. Jamie says Babe is welcome any time, but he is not. Krystal meets Ruth, compliments her house and it sounds like Krystal’s welcome, although she’s dressed like a hooker. Brooke takes Jamie aside and urges him not to pick a fight with his brother on Christmas Day. Palmer Cortlandt approaches Krystal and says it would be a pleasure to meet Babe’s beautiful mother. JR introduces them. When Jamie approaches JR and Babe, JR gets very hostile. Babe tells them they must stop fighting and be civilized for Christmas. Krystal informs Palmer and Opal that she plans to stay nearby until her grandbaby is born. But with people like them, being so nice to her, she might make Pine Valley her home. She inquires about Opal’s salon and spa. Opal asks what Krystal does for work. She says she’s tried everything. Babe confirms that her mother has worked at just about any job available to her, and is proud of her. Opal inquires if it is true that Krystal has never obtained a “career”. Krystal tells her that life is too short to get caught up in things like that.

Kendall tells Ryan that he needs to spread his “holiday cheer” elsewhere. He tells her he wishes she’d get over it. He informs her he has as many reasons to dump her, as she has to dump him. She informs him that “a friend” came to see her just a while ago. And, right away, he knows she’s talking about Aiden. Right when Ryan is heading out the door, Kendall urges him to wait and come back. She suddenly apologizes for being a brat. He tells her he was ready to put her on his “naughty list”. She tells him that her “bad girl” wants to sit on Santa’s lap again, and seduce him.. He takes off his Santa coat. She tells him of all of her bad deeds for the day. She asks if “Santa” can forgive her. He says if he can make 8 reindeers fly, he can do anything. He gives her her present. He tells her he wants her to take her clothes off. She strips down to her slip and tells him he better behave himself or she will tell Mrs. Clause where he’s parked his sleigh. He gives her something to put under her dress to look like she’s pregnant. He holds her and says: “Merry Christmas, mommy.”

Greenlee is alone at the boathouse, talking to the deceased Leo. Just then, she hears the wind whistle. She remarks that it’s freezing out there. She tells Leo that when it was cold, it always meant that he was there with her. She has a flashback of her first encounter with Leo when they were both alone, where he accidentally hits her on the head when he tosses a box, checks to see if she’s alright, and they instantly bond together. She tells him, presently, she is all alone, once again, and he must be there to tell her everything she needs to hear. She asks Leo if he agrees with Ryan, that she should shut down this voice inside her head and listen to what people are trying to tell her. She says when she took off her ring, it does not mean she stopped loving him. All of a sudden, Jack appears and says he’s glad he found her. Greenlee informs Jack that she came there to be with Leo because the holidays are hard for her. He tells her that he realizes that with Reggie’s, Kendall’s, and Bianca’s problems taking up his time, he may have been ignoring her. He tells her he’d like her to join the family for Christmas. He hugs her, with an open invitation, then goes back to Erica’s to join the family Christmas dinner. When Greenlee is alone, she talks to Leo, tells him she still needs him. She tells him that she knows that Juan Pablo is putting his life at risk, because he is obsessed about being noble. She says she wishes that Juan Pablo would change for her. She realizes that it is selfish of her. She tells him that she is afraid of having one more man dying on her. She tells him she has a dream where she notices a dead body, which she believes is his, but which she discovers is Juan Pablo

At the hospital, Adam is dressed as Santa, for the sole purpose of spying on Babe’s medical records. A little boy notices him attempting to break into the doctor’s offices. Adam tries to humor the kid and make him believe he’s Santa, but he obviously has no Christmas cheer, only an “obsession” to seek and find what he’s looking for. He breaks into the office and discovers Babe’s record, with no effort, until he is caught by Tad Martin. Tad says: “Merry Christmas, Santa. Or should I say Satan?” Adam protests that Tad should be in his home, with his family, not interfering in his business. And he protests that they both should have an interest in finding out when Babe really got pregnant. But Tad gets into a struggle with him, tears off his beard and white hair, and threatens to take action if he does not stop his insane behavior. Adam reaches for the files, while Tad attacks him from behind. At that moment, Tad’s father appears and demands to know what’s going on. Tad says that Adam is breaking into his office to tamper with hospital files, and he needs to call security and have Adam arrested.

When Tad and his father re-enter the party, they’ve just gotten Adam arrested and thrown in jail. From behind bars, Adam protests that he is Santa Claus and they cannot throw him in jail on Christmas. Tad informs JR that his father is spending the night in jail. JR does not sound angry but feels an obligation to bail his father out. Tad reminds his step-son that Adam brought it on himself, and suggest that he would probably have a lot happier Christmas, alone with his gorgeous wife, without Adam Chandler. JR smiles and agrees. Brooke demands to know where Tad has been . He tells her that he went to prevent Adam from ruining Christmas. Tad goes outside and talks to Dixie. He tells her he needs her help. All he wants is to pull their family back together again. At the jail, Adam is greeted by the drunken singing of fellow inmates who are also dressed as Santa. And he is not happy.

Jack comes back to Erica’s with Bianca. Everybody is very happy to see her. Myrtle tells Bianca she notices her eyes all aglow. But Erica wants to know where her daughter was. Bainca tells her mother that she was on a magical mystery. Erica tells her she’d really like to know where Bianca was. Bianca assures her mother that she needs never worry about her again. Erica and everybody else is happy. They all get ready to eat and spread Christmas cheer.

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