AMC Update Tuesday 12/23/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/23/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Jamie protests to his parents that he knows his rights, and he can get a court order to see his child if he is the father. Tad is ready to go after his son as he goes out the door, until Brooke asks him to tell her what has gone on between him and Babe’s mother. Krystal is in a discussion with Adam Chandler, as Brooke and Tad speak outside his door. Krystal tells Adam that whether he has money or not, if he or his son hurt her little girl, they will be sorry. She shares with Adam her failed relationship with Doogie, a guy she was with until he ran off with her best friend. She tells him how she put Doogie in his place. She tells him that she knows that with a man with an ego as big as Adam Chandlers’, she’d have to make efforts beyond what she did with Doogie. She inquires if it might not be easier for both of them to simply lay off of their children and let them be happy. He tells her the reason he cannot do that is because her daughter ran off with his son’s brother and might be having his baby. She says she knows that is not the major issue with Adam. She believes, instead, he might have snobbery toward her and her daughter because they’re from a trailer park. Tad and Brooke decide they want to find out what Krystal and Adam Chandler are up to before they go looking for Jamie. Right then, Krystal is trying to seduce Adam. She also tells him she assumes he must have the hots for Babe. He protests he’s not interested in anybody that young. She questions if he’d prefer someone like her. He almost says yes. She tells him that his problem with his son being with her daughter must be all about an ego trip, due to his son “getting more” than his father. She sounds like she realizes Adam has been celibate for a long time and this must be the reason for his problem with JR and Babe. And she inquires how many “Adam Chandlers” he wants in the world.

JR and Babe are outside in the cold. He tells her he does not want to have a discussion about Jamie. But she tells him she has not asked him to come out there to talk about Jamie. She tells him she wants to talk about her baby and to tell him the truth. He demands to know what she has to tell him. She indirectly attempts to speak. She tells him that where they are is like déjà vu. He demands to know where she’s going with this. She tells him of the memories she has of them making love all night long, of them dancing together and having a great time together during the time before they were married, and how they fell in love. He tells her she must tell him the truth, otherwise they don’t stand a chance. She confesses that she got pregnant on purpose. He asks if she’s laying a baby trap for him to fall into, and tells her he wonders whether his father was right about her.. She keeps telling him that she wants things to go back to the way they were when they were together. She tells him that she could care less about his family’s wealth. What’s most important to her is that she loves him and he loves her. She tells him she’d choose him over the money any time. As long as she’s with him and the baby, she’d follow him anywhere. She tells him he can make a name for himself outside of his family’s business. He has nothing to prove to his father or anyone else. And he finally comes around, believes her and kisses her.

Tad enters Adam’s living room and Krystal asks him to get her bags from his car. Adam demands to know why she’s getting her bags out of the vehicle. She tells him she’s moving into his house. She says she’s not going to leave her baby doll alone in this house for Christmas. He tells her she’s not going to stay in his home. He says he already has one guest, from the depths of hell, staying there, unwelcome, and doesn’t need another. She tells Tad he must assure her that her son-in-law is nothing like his father. And right when JR walks in with Babe, Tad assures Krystal that JR is Adam’s son, in name only. When Krystal is alone with Tad, she inquires who was this “Dixie” who Adam was ranting about? Tad informs her that Dixie was JR’s mother, and the love of Tad’s life. She sounds touched by Tad’s emotional when he speaks of Dixie, and she sounds sincere when she tells him she’s sorry for his loss. But later in their discussion, He lets Krystal know that he knows about her habit of scheming with any man who she can seduce. She inquires what Tad will do if he finds out Babe’s child is not a Martin. He informs her that he did not come into this world as a Martin either. He informs her that he was adopted but he could care less about biology. His own life has shown him that it does not matter who the baby’s biological father is. He tells her what matters is who loves it and who wants it the most. She concludes to him that she believes that they are on the same page about the baby’s parentage. She asks him what she must prepare herself for, living at Adam Chandler’s estate. He warns her about Mary Smythe and about Adam’s diabolical schemes, sounding like he’s her friend.

Bianca stands over a manger where she’s discovered an abandoned baby. She calls out to find out where this baby came from. Just then, the mysterious Father Clarence comes out and congratulates her, assuming it’s her baby. But she tells him that she’s just found the baby and needs to know where its mother is. He tells her that everyone is a child of God. Bianca tells Father Clarence she cannot imagine how anyone could abandon a child. She tells him he must contact Child Protective Services or the police. He tells her that it would not be right to have a child spend the night in a drafty police station or other institution on Christmas Day. He inquires if she can take care of the baby. She tells him her mother is expecting her for Christmas Dinner. The man holds the baby and tells her that nobody could feel anything but love for this baby. He takes her to a church which she is not familiar with. She remarks that she’s never seen this place before. He assures her that life works itself out the way it’s supposed to, and leaves. She notices that he seemed to know her name although she’s never told him. She is alone in the church-house with the baby. She tells the baby that she knows that Father Clarence must have been expecting them, and she picks up the baby and holds it. She seems to love the baby. Bianca inquires what the baby’s mother could have been thinking to abandon it. She says she wonders why the mother couldn’t just love her baby. She talks to the baby and tells it that she is going to have a tiny bundle herself, and needs to baby to keep a secret. She confides to the baby that she’s not going to tell anybody because she never wants any harm to come to her baby, from knowing. She breaks down crying, telling the baby that she never wants any harm to come to it either. She wishes she could protect it from any big bad wolves out there in the world. And she hopes the baby can forgive its mommy for abandoning it. When the baby cries, she picks it up and holds it. It She says that maybe they both need to cry together. When the baby stops crying, she tells it that everything out there, now seems so insignificant. And she sings The Little Lord Jesus.

Greenlee appears and cries on Ryan’s shoulder. She tells him how hurt she is that he’s seeing Kendall. But he changes the subject, demanding to know what has happened to Juan Pablo. She informs him that JP is fine. The bomb intended for him did not hurt him, although his car is demolished. He demands that she stays away from JP because she is putting herself in danger being around him. He tells her he cannot stand the thought of anything happening to her. He tells him that she’s not about to trust him, nor betray Juan Pablo’s trust by telling him anything. He keeps telling her that she should not trust Juan Pablo. He tells her that he spent the previous Christmas drinking shots in a sports bar. He asks what she did the previous Christmas. She tells him that her top priority on her Christmas wish-list is for him to go to hell, get lost and leave her alone. He tells her she’s in a rut, isolating herself from everybody. She defiantly tells him he should not judge her because he’s in a rut. And she tells him he needs to leave her alone and go rescue Kendall.

While Kendall decorates her tree, Aiden inquires about witnesses that Boyd has sent away with cash. He urges her to realize that they may be the only alibis to prevent her from going to prison for murder. He inquires if she’s still in love with Ryan. She tells him she knows that he believes she will, once again get hurt falling for Ryan. He tells her he has nothing else to believe. She tells him she believes that things have changed and it feels right, now. He gets ready to leave. She asks him if he’s still ready to hunt down that witnesses. He says he will attempt to contact Boyd. He tells her he wants her to take care of herself. They hug. He tells her that hopefully, some day, she will realize that he’s one of the good guys. And he leaves.

Suddenly, an unidentified Santa visits Greenlee. She donates money, puts it in his container, but reveals she in not in the Christmas spirit nor cares who he is. Then he goes to Kendall’s home. He enters, takes off his beard and reveals that he’s Ryan.

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