AMC Update Monday 12/22/03

All My Children Update Monday 12/22/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Adam accuses Krystal of staging the scene at the hospital. She got to Babe's doctor, and Babe sent her to do it, he alleges. He says Krystal used a "quicky" to get what she wanted. Krystal tells him he has a lively imagination. Jamie asks Babe if she got her mother to interfere in this. Does she know Babe is lying? JR gets involved in the fracas and Krystal causes a distraction by turning on loud holiday music and singing. Adam stops the music and tells her he won't let her or her daughter double-team his son. Krystal says there's a baby on the way. They should be decking the halls, not each other. Adam says he's onto this con. He orders Krystal and Babe to get out of his house right now. Krystal says she's not going anywhere till she hears from her son-in-law. JR looks at her and says "welcome to the family." He and Krystal hug. In the entryway, Babe tells Jamie to stop this craziness. She loves her husband. Jamie tells her that she is all wrong for JR. She can have a life with him. JR approaches and punches Jamie in the stomach. A fight ensues and Tad breaks it up, getting punched himself in the process. Babe is concerned if JR is OK, and he tells her they can go talk. Brooke tells Krystal she put on quite a performance at the hospital. Tad tells her that he made a mistake in bringing her here. He sees Babe learned everything she knows from her. Krystal approaches Adam, who tells her they both want the best for their children and together they can solve this. In a private room, JR tells Babe she's his wife and she's carrying his baby. "No, I'm not," she replies. She says she's not his wife. She's payback. He married her because he hates his father. She begs him to love her like he used to. She tells him she's going to make him.

Erica goes to visit Myrtle, who is decorating for the holidays. Erica, however, is not in the Christmas spirit and says if she had her own way, "I'd cancel the entire holiday." She says this was supposed to be a happy time. She was supposed to be married by now but all she and Jack does is fight. There are problems with Bianca, Kendall and Reggie. Myrtle says Jack is doing what he can do to help. Yes, he's helping Kendall, Erica says. But she's worried about Bianca, who is still dealing with the aftereffects of the rape and abortion. Now her apartment blows up, and she leaves the hospital without getting checked. She says she wants to help but she can't reach her. She's afraid they're not close anymore. And now she wants to leave town.

Ryan offers his help to Kendall and Bianca. Kendall explains to him that the special prosecutor wants her to take a DNA test in front of him. Bianca tells Ryan they don't need his help. David enters, saying "you can say that again." Kendall tells David that she offered to submit to the DNA test. He says he'll perform an amniocentesis on Bianca . Ryan says the same players involved in the pregnancy test won't be allowed to be involved in this. It would raise eyebrows. Ryan says he'll find a doctor to say Kendall is carrying Michael Cambias' child. Bianca says this has gone too far and she doesn't want help from either of them. Kendall persuades her to go along with Ryan. She agrees but leaves upset. Kendall tells Ryan about Olivia being her new attorney. She can't believe she's being represented by a Fry and she doesn't know what to do. Ryan pulls her onto the couch and they start kissing. They are interrupted by Erica, who is looking for Bianca. Ryan tells her she just missed her but he's glad she's there. He asks if she wants to tell Kendall what they agreed to. Erica suggests Ryan reveal the news. Ryan tells Kendall that Erica has agreed to accept that she's pregnant with Cambias' baby. Erica says Ryan explained that if she doesn't contest it, it will be easier for Kendall to get acquitted. David re-enters and Erica tells him she's looking for Bianca. He doesn't know where Bianca is either. Erica tells Ryan that Bianca got pregnant after the rape. David interjects that Bianca terminated the pregnancy. Erica and David leave. Ryan gets on the phone and has apparent success in finding a doctor to cooperate with their plan.

Bianca goes to Myrtle's house and tells her she needs someone to talk to. She looks at the sofa where she was raped and asks Myrtle why she hasn't gotten rid of it. Myrtle says it's not time. She's still in pain over what happened at her house. Bianca says she doesn't want to talk about it. She's trying to focus on good things. Myrtle says she can't do that. She needs to contront her pain and deal with it. Then she plans to throw the sofa out and burn it. Myrtle tells Bianca she needs to do the same. Bianca says she's dealing with the pain, but Myrtle says her lovely smile doesn't fool anyone. Bianca says she's tired of being the rape victim and just wants to be happy. Myrtle says she won't get there by avoiding the pain. Bianca leaves and goes to the park, where she looks toward the sky and talks to her late grandmother. Bianca reminisces about going skating with her grandmother. When she fell and hurt herself, Mona would tell her to close her eyes and think of something happy. Bianca says that doesn't work anymore. She's afraid and doesn't want to hate her baby for being the child of rape. She asks Mona to help her. Bianca leaves and goes into a chapel, where she finds a manger scene. She hears a noise and is surprised to see a live baby inside the manger.

Greenlee rushes outside, where Juan Pablo's car has just exploded. Maria tries to stop her to no avail. They see hospital personnel wheel a dead man into the hospital, saying this guy never had a chance. Maria starts crying and Greenlee says she can't believe this is happening to her again. "He promised me," she tells Maria, who hugs her. They return to Maria's office, when Edmund enters and says thank God Juan Pablo wasn't in the car. Juan Pablo then appears in the doorway with a dirtied face. Maria hugs him and asks who was killed. Juan Pablo says it was the man who planted the bomb. Edmund says the man was hired by the Calatravas. Juan Pablo approaches Greenlee and says he's sorry. Greenlee hits at him in anger until he grabs her and hugs her. Edmund and Maria go into the hallway, where Maria says she doesn't want him putting himself in such danger. Edmund says he has to do this before someone gets hurt. Greenlee tells Juan Pablo it's never going to end. He says he'll stop this so they can be together. He loves her and swears he'll come back to her. Greenlee breaks away from him, saying "no, I can't." Edmund tells Juan Pablo the Calatravas knows he's here, so he'll help him get out unnoticed. Greenlee goes to the park, where she remembers the confrontations with Juan Pablo and Leo. She remembers Leo dying, then thinks about the car explosion.

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