AMC Update Friday 12/19/03

All My Children Update Friday 12/19/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jack tells Alan Singer that Kendall will not have the DNA test. Singer reminds Jack that there is a court order. Kendall tells them she'll take any and all tests. Singer says he'll be there to watch and Kendall says that will be fine. After Singer leaves, Olivia asks Kendall if she's really pregnant with Michael Cambias' baby. Greenlee, who has just arrived, says she can't wait to hear the answer. Kendall calls Greenlee a "lynch mob of one." Jack tells Greenlee he'll talk to her when he's done here, and a frustrated Greenlee tells Jack to pencil her into his schedule and leaves. Olivia tells Kendall she needs to be honest. Kendall tells Olivia she doesn't like her... is that honest enough?

After Kendall and Olivia leave, Greenlee returns and tells Jack that she needs help with Pablo. Jack tells her she needs to stay away from him. Greenlee says she loves him and she wants Jack to help him. Jack tells her to have Pablo give him a call and he'll see what he can do. Greenlee leaves, saying Pablo needs her.

A tired Maria lays down in her office. An unknown man is shown walking to her and puts his hand over her mouth, startling her. Maria sees it is Juan Pablo. He wants to apologize to her for how he treated her after Carlos died. She says there is no need to apologize. Juan Pablo says he blames himself for Carlos' death. He led the Calatravas right to Carlos.

Greenlee goes to Maria's office and knocks on the door, saying she needs to talk to her. Pablo hides in the closet while Greenlee is let in. Greenlee tells Maria she needs to stop Edmund from writing a story in Tempo on the Calatravas because it will put Pablo's life in danger. Pablo comes out of the closet and he and Greenlee hug. He tells her that it is not safe for them to stay here and they will go away together. He needs to leave the hospital now because his car has been there too long. A few minutes later, Greenlee and Maria hear a big explosion outside. They look out and Greenlee says that was Pablo's car.

Kendall goes to Bianca's apartment and finds her cleaning up the mess. She tells her she shouldn't be cleaning, but Bianca says she's fine. Kendall says that's better than she's doing. She tells Bianca she totally screwed up and their plan is over. She blew it. Kendall explains how she is stuck having to have a DNA test in front of the prosecuting attorney. Bianca says David can help them. He can switch Kendall's DNA with her's. Kendall says David will not be able to perform the procedure. Bianca says they'll figure out a way to make it work. Kendall says maybe she should just tell everyone she's not pregnant and throw herself on the mercy of the court. Bianca says they'll solve this problem. Kendall agrees to work on it. Kendall and Bianca go into the hallway, and Kendall says there has to be a way they can salvage this. Ryan approaches and says he'll give it a shot.

Babe is thrilled to see her mom is in town. She tells her mother about the problem she has been having with Jamie, and tells Tad to have Jamie lay off of her. She explains to her mother that Jamie told her husband that she slept with him and he won't shut up about it. Krystal accuses Jamie of being a little brat. Krystal accuses Tad of lying about his son to her. Tad says he didn't know Jamie had told JR about this. Babe tells her mother that Jamie is claiming to be her baby's father, but there is no way that could be true. Krystal tells Tad to get his son to butt out of Babe's life. Tad says he's not convinced Jamie is lying. He thinks Babe and Jamie did sleep together. Krystal says she believes her daughter. Tad asks Babe where JR is and she tells him he's in the library. Tad leaves to talk to JR. Krystal and Babe, now alone, talk openly. Babe tells her mother she's in real deep. She says she really did sleep with Jamie, but didn't know he was JR's brother. She says it was a stupid thing to do. Jamie walks in and asks where Adam is. He tells Babe that Adam is with Dr. Parker and is going to find out when she really got pregnant. Krystal says she has to do errands and walks to the door. Babe follows her and Krystal quietly asks where the hospital is. Babe gives her directions and Krystal leaves in Tad's car.

Adam introduces himself to Dr. Parker and says he needs some information on Babe's condition. Parker says he's not at liberty to give any information out. Adam pulls Parker into a room and says he can make this profitable for him. Adam says he knows that Parker has had some grant requests denied. He can give him the money. Adam flashes a check before Parker's eyes, and Parker is very tempted. Adam says all he wants is five minutes alone with Babe's file. Parker says he'll get the file for him. Brooke sees Adam's conversation with Parker and threatens to blow him out of the water. She tells him to leave JR and Babe alone. Adam tells Brooke she has a vested interest in this too, as her son could be the father of Babe's baby. He urges her not to spoil this for him. Brooke says she thinks Adam could fix the results in the files if they don't say what they want him to say. Adam tells Brooke to come with him. Parker arrives with the file, but they are interrupted by Krystal, who pretends to be ill and collapses in Parker's arms. He takes her into the room. A short time later, Krystal exits the room and tells Adam and Brooke that she's been cured. Adam looks into the room and sees Parker tying a tie on his pants. Adam asks for the file, but Parker says he can't violate his ethics and turn it over. Later, Adam and Brooke go back to Adam's house and see Krystal there. Babe introduces her as her mother.

Tad finds JR in the library and asks why he and Jamie have declared warfare. JR says Jamie is the problem, not him. JR calls Jamie's lies "laughable." Tad asks JR if he's honestly going to believe Babe and kick Jamie out of his life. Tad says he won't stand by and watch this. JR says he'll be fine without Jamie and he'll get along fine without Tad too. Later, Tad finds Jamie and takes him outside to talk to him. He slaps him on the head a few times, telling him he shouldn't have told JR about sleeping with Babe. JR says he had to tell him. Tad says he didn't have to, and he needs to walk away. Jamie says he loves Babe. Tad says Babe loves JR. Jamie says if Adam learns that the baby is Jamie's, Babe will be his. Jamie says if Adam finds out the baby is not his, he'll back off. Tad says Adam will not be able to give him the answer he's looking for. Tad tells Jamie he's coming with him. Tad looks for his car and can't find it.

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