AMC Update Thursday 12/18/03

All My Children Update Thursday 12/18/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Tad has lunch with Babe’s mother Krystal. She’s wearing a seductive halter top which reveals her cleavage, and has a chain around her belly After hearing all about the step-families in Tad’s life, Krystal tells him that where she comes from, that is all too complicated so she just calls them kissing cousins. Right then, Simone walks in and discovers them together. He introduces her to Krystal and tells her that they are in-laws in a 21st century kind of way. Simone informs Krystal that she and Tad are “buddies” in a 21st century kind of way. Simone talks to Tad alone, speaking about wanting to stay casual with him and having no jealousy or possessiveness, but her tone suggests otherwise. She also informs him that Liza was warning her about him. She says she once believed Liza was jealous of them or out of line, but now she believes her. He wildly defends himself and tells her that Liza needs to stay out of his business and not tell Simone all these terrible things about him. Suddenly, Liza enters, which allows one more witness to see what Tad is getting himself into. They get into talking and notice that as soon as Krystal has been ignored for a while, she is talking to another strange guy. She’s flirting with the bartender and getting free drinks. Tad asks her what she’s up to. She says she noticed he had a USMC tattoo. So she showed him hers’. She reveals, to him, a phony tattoo that she drew on her breast

Bianca wakes up and discovers that Babe has come back from wherever she was staying the previous night and remarks that JR must be worried about her. Lena is also there. She asks if Lena can get her some orange juice so she can ask Babe what is going on between her and JR. Babe evades the question. Bianca reminds Babe that she has a baby on the way, so they have some things to work out. Babe admits to Bianca that she knows Bianca has known JR longer than she has and might be able to give her some valuable feedback. Bianca tells Babe that she should care about his best interests because she loves him. She reminds Babe that although JR has grown up with financial privilege, she knows his childhood was not rosy. Dealing with Adam Chandler, being taken from his mother and many other hardships have shaped his life, she says. She concludes that Babe should realize that JR has his issues and knows what life’s hard knocks are all about.

Bianca tells Lena that she still cares about her but still plans to travel overseas with her baby. Lena says she’s o.k. with that, but is still afraid of the thought of Bianca traveling to a strange place, pregnant and alone. Bianca tells Lena that she’s got to do what she’s got to do. Lena tells her she wants what’s best for her. They smile and sound very amicable. Bianca tells Lena she needs another favor. She needs Lena to look out for Kendall when she’s gone. She tells Lena that Kendall is alone and needs people to be there for her.

JR asks the maid of she saw his wife in their house or knows if she was staying in one of the guest houses. She replies no. Adam walks in, gloating and remarking to JR that it must be difficult to choose to believe his brother’s word over his wife’s. JR tells his father to save it. Adam tells his son that he gives Babe credit for making a speedy departure, but he’s glad she’s out. JR protests that he trusts her. Adam tells JR that he believes he must be delusional to trust her when she did not even have the courtesy to say good-bye. JR tells his father he knows she will be back, and when she is, he does not want to hear a word come out of him. As soon as Babe enters, JR hugs her and kisses her. Adam demands that he wakes up and asks her where she’s been, that he needs to develop some pride and some self-respect and not allow his wife to go running around behind his back, lying to him. JR tells his father that it’s none of his business what he does with his wife. Adam keeps needling them, telling them how foolish they are, how he does not trust Babe, and how JR is living in a fantasy world. But they both regard him smugly, letting him know he will not get to them. But as soon as he leaves them alone, they end the “act” for him. JR demands to know where Babe has been. She tells him she wonders why he plays tonsil hockey with her in front of his father, and then confronts her the minute Adam leaves. He tells her he has the right to know where she was the previous night. She tells him she was with Bianca. He says he does not believe that. She tells him he can call and find out. He tells her he doesn’t want to call Bianca. He believes her and is glad she was able to help Bianca. But he wants her to tell him before she goes off somewhere overnight. She tells him that the reason why she didn’t tell him was because maybe he needs to fight his own battles with his daddy, without using her against him. She inquires what she needs to do in order to prove her trustworthiness to him. Does he want her to bake cookies and iron his jammies like a good little wife? He replies that she could start by spending the night in bed with her husband. She tells him that she’d also like him to be straight with her and tell her where he’s going. He departs and tells her he will be in the study. At that moment, Tad and Krystal appear. Babe rushes to hug her mother.

Kendall awakens with Ryan. She tells him that she had a dream that they were standing together on a cliff that was so high you could not see over the edge, and it was prom night. He tells her of the dream he had about her. And he kisses her. When they are in a romantic encounter together, the phone rings. Kendall answers it. She asks if he can go with her. He tells her that his talents are best used elsewhere. That means she is going to talk to Jackson Montgomery.

Erica awakens on Jack’s couch. He holds her. She’s happy to have him there. But she is immediately worried about Kendall. She informs him about the confrontation she had with Greenlee in the hospital the other day. She tells him that parents have a united front to give to their kids and they have so much to deal with. He tells her that they will deal with it. Jack tells her he must leave. She inquires whether he’s kicking her out. He tells her that he has some important matters to attend to. She tells him she’s just discovered that must mean Kendall. He urges her to tell him what he must do to convince her that this family is not going to fall apart. She informs him that she knows Reggie has secrets that reveal he knows more about Michael Cambias’ murder than he lets on. She informs him that Reggie told her that he knows Kendall did not kill Michael. Jack tells her he will deal with Reggie. And then she urges him to take some time for Bianca. She tells him it’s very odd that Bianca is ready to go abroad so shortly after she was injured in an explosion. He tells her that maybe Bianca just needs some distance. But Erica protests that she cannot just let Bianca pack her bags and leave. At that moment, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Kendall. Erica acts like she’s kind of disappointed. She also tells Kendall that she is very lucky to have Jack on her side and must never take that for granted. She leaves. Jack informs Kendall that he has found her an awesome defense attorney. Kendall is happy, until the door opens and she discovers that the defense attorney is Lieutanent Derek Frye’s ex-wife, Livia Frye. Kendall is horrified and asks them if they are trying to have her convicted. Suddenly, the nasty new D.A. enters and tells Kendall that he can offer her 5 to 10 years for voluntary man slaughter. She is horrified. But Livia tells her she believes it’s a good offer. Jack also tells her she must consider it. But the DA surprises them all with a court order, which forces Kendall to take the DNA test. At that moment, Jack and Livia tell him he’s way out of line. But he tells them he can do this if he wants. He sounds like he wants blood. He wants to portray Kendall as a liar and a murderer. They both come to Kendall’s defense. She tells him she will take his stupid test, although Jack and Livia urge against it. But she tells him she will get the proof, with the doctor, and laugh in his stupid little face. He tells her that he will be right there to supervise the procedure and prove she’s lying.

Erica goes to visit Ryan. He informs her that he has made a decision that she probably won’t like. He informs her that he is about to concede on inheriting the Cambias estate and Michael’s child will inherit everything. She protests that he cannot let Kendall have everything. He tells her he can and he wants her to let it happen. She tells him she cannot give up Enchantment and says he needs to come to his senses. She inquires whether he’s afraid that Kendall can defeat him, and assures him that that will not happen, so he needs not comply with anything Kendall wants. But he does not seem to budge. Erica tells him that Kendall must have seduced him, and he needs to get over it. Ryan reveals to her that Kendall is not about to take the DNA test. She wonders why. She informs him of the history she has recently had with Kendall, reflecting on how she has bonded with her, but Kendall has done some things that lead her not to trust her. He protests that if Kendall is forced to take the DNA test, she will be falsely accused of killing Michael and the real killer will get away with it. He reflects upon how she must feel that nobody who killed Michael Cambias should be punished. And he urges her not to abandon Kendall. She admits to him that she really does love Kendall. Ryan does everything he can to assure Erica that they both need to let Kendall portray herself as the mother of Michael Cambias’ child. She grudgingly agrees not to contest Kendall’s claim. She assures him, that although she does not like it, he can count on her to help him and help Kendall.

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