AMC Update Wednesday 12/17/03

All My Children Update Wednesday 12/17/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

When Erica finds Bianca with Babe, she can sense Bianca is keeping some secret from her. Bianca keeps trying to convince her mother that she is fine and there’s no need to worry. But Erica tells her that she was in a gas explosion, she might have internal injuries and there is a reason to worry. She reminds Bianca that when they last spoke on the phone, Bianca almost hung up on her, so she knows there’s something going on. Babe, who is witnessing Erica’s concern for her daughter tells Bianca that she believes she should tell Erica her secret.

Tad Martin meets up with Babe’s mother. She is clearly having a “thing” with some man. When she notices Tad, he tells her that she looks like a celebrity or a famous person. He asks her what her name is. She tells him it’s Krystal with a K. He tells her his name is Thadius but people call him Tad. She invites him into her motel room. She scrounges to make her bed and tidy her place. She asks him to have a seat. She seems very friendly, telling him that she knows that the two of them are connected. She tells him something about having so much fun the first time around, that she keeps coming back for more. He tells her he used to have his own television show and interviewed celebrities, and that might be where he met her. She says she remembers being on his show, telling him he was a “cutie petutie”. She sounds flirtation. He tells her he lives in Pine Valley. She is surprised and informs him that her little girl lives in Pine Valley. She informs him that she knows her daughter, Babe, is married to a rich boy and happy in Pine Valley. She inquires just what Tad’s interest in her daughter is. He informs her that Babe has married his step-son. She informs him that she had no clue who Babe’s husband was, because Babe must have never revealed his name. He tells her that he loves his step-son very much and does not want him to get hurt. He also reveals to her that Babe could be a cute, petite Lizzy Borden. She assures him that Babe is not keeping any secrets, has no axe, and gives him no cause for alarm. He offers to take her back to Pine Valley with him, so she can see her daughter.

Babe tells Erica that when she first met Bianca, there was some sort of connection. Erica inquires what that has to do with what’s going on with Bianca after her injury. Babe informs Erica that she invited Bianca to her home and believes Bianca could help her with many of her issues. Erica suddenly connects, and tells her she knows who she is. She knows she is Babe, JR’s wife. Erica is still suspicious that Bianca has some sort of secret. She sounds like she believes that Bianca and Babe are lesbians, tells her daughter that because Babe is a married woman, it’s only going to make Bianca’s problems with Lena worse. Bianca sounds like she’s still in a good mood, and informs Babe that she is gay, which Babe may have never known before, and explains that her mother has the mistaken impression that they are a couple. Babe sounds as though she has no problem nor is surprised to find out Bianca is gay, and laughs at the misunderstanding. Babe attempts to convince Erica that she invited Bianca to hang out with her so Bianca can help her. She tells Erica about her problems with Adam Chandler. She also informs Erica that she really thinks it’s great that a rich famous person like herself can be such a good mother. Erica is still concerned about Bianca and ready to take her home, until Babe charms her. And she suddenly tells Babe that she can help her, with some tips on how to do her hair. While the three of them are having a friendly chat talking about make-up and hair colors, Babe asks Bianca what tips she would give to a pregnant girl. And Erica expresses that she is puzzled for why Babe would ask a question like that, of Bianca. Babe, right then, inquires whether Bianca is ready to reveal the secret to her mother. Babe tells Erica that the big secret is that she is pregnant with JR’s baby. She goes on about how she feels, to know that she’s showing, to have JR notice she’s showing, to be throwing up and feeling weird and what-not. Bianca withdraws herself from the conversation and looks away, while she hears Babe talk all about pregnancy. And Erica cuts Babe off in the middle of hearing her talk and tells her she must be quiet. She, right away, assumes Babe has upset Bianca, due to Bianca’s having had an abortion. She holds her daughter, comforts her and assures her she made the right decision. She tells Bianca that they must leave, she will take Bianca out to dinner. But Babe protests that she does not want Bianca to go. And Bianca also tells her mother that she wants to stay with Babe. Erica accepts her daughter’s decision. When she leaves, she warns Babe that chemicals in hair-color are not good for her baby, and tells her that she needs not change to please anybody and should be herself.

Maggie and Lena walk into the empty apartment to discover that something happened and Bianca might be hurt. They find she’s not there. Lena is angry at Maggie and blames her for keeping her apart from Bianca. But Maggie protests to Lena that it was not her idea to share an apartment with Bianca. It was Bianca’s idea. Maggie tells Lena that she has had a hand in messing up Bianca’s life. Maggie asks Lena if she really loves Bianca. Lena replies yes. Maggie says if that’s true, then she needs to stop chasing Bianca and telling her how bad she feels about everything. Maggie tells Lena that she needs to let Bianca heal in her own time, in regard to her baby and with everything else. Lena confesses to Maggie that when she thought that Bianca had had an abortion, she drugged herself and almost died, from the pills she attempted to kill Michael with. Maggie is very upset to learn that Lena did such a thing and tells her that Bianca does not need the emotional burden of knowing that Lena would do something like that to herself.

After Erica leaves Bianca alone with Babe, Maggie comes by, introduces herself to Babe and asks where Bianca is. Babe tells her Bianca’s right there and assures her that they are “just friends”. Lena is also there. She holds Bianca’s hand. And Maggie looks like she’s jealous.

Kendall is alone with Ryan. She tells him that she knows that there’s something going on between them, but she does not know what to think or feel or what to believe. He tells her that he will show her and he takes her hand. He takes her to a new place that he wants to move into. She tells him she still suspects that he is only concerned about fighting her for the money. He tries to convince her that she must trust him. She tells him he might simply be trying to charm her because he’s afraid she’ll be his new landlord. But he urges her to trust him and he kisses her. She begins to warm up to him. He plays Santa Claus with her while she sits on his lap, and asks her what she wants for Christmas. She tells him she wants a doll, a pony, a hula hoop, and an acquittal. They go outside and come back with pine cones. And she reveals to him that pine cones remind her of when they first met. He gets the fire going while she hides in the corner with mistletoe. They put up the Christmas tree and then cozily lie by the fire.

Edmund reminds Juan Pablo that risking his life will not bring his brother back. But Juan Pablo tells him that he’s going to go public and let the tabloids know about Rick. Aidan informs him that if he does that, he might not live long enough to tell the story. Greenlee is also very upset that he’s putting himself in danger. At the end of their discussion she tells him he may go ahead and save the world, be the big hero, wear his white cape. But if he does not come back to her, she will never forgive him. But he tells her he loves her and kisses her.

Erica and Reggie are in Jack’s apartment while he’s gone. He urges her to get back with Jack. She tells him that it’s not that easy. He inquires what’s so difficult, when they love each other. She tells him she’s working on it. He urges her to work harder. She smiles, they hug, Reggie goes to his room, and Erica puts on Jack’s suit jacket.

While Kendall is drifting off cozily with Ryan, she has a nightmare that she is visited by Michael Cambias and he tells her she will be found guilty of murder. She jolts herself awake and awakens Ryan. When she finds out it’s only a nightmare, she lays back down with him.

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