AMC Update Tuesday 12/16/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/16/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Edmund consults with Aiden about finding the man responsible for Carlos’ death. Edmund tells Aiden that he believes that he is the man for the job, and he’s the only person he knows who can successfully stop the person who killed Juan Pablo’s brother.

At the hospital, Erica demands that the nurse finds Bianca. As she walks away to find her daughter, Greenlee grabs her arm and demands Erica talks to her. Erica turns away and refuses to talk to Greenlee, until she pushes Erica down into a wheelchair and tells her she needs to set her straight. Greenlee demands to know why Erica, Kendall and Bianca all want to be the sole focus of Jack’s attention, but seem to believe she does not matter to her own father. Erica protests that Greenlee is responsible for her own problems. At that moment, David interrupts them and urges Greenlee to calm down, reminding her this is a hospital, not a “pit”, and if she needs to have a brawl, she must take it outside.

Bianca is passed out on the ground. Babe Chandler happens to spot her. She first assumes Bianca may have “partied” and has no clue why she’s passed out. As soon as Babe says they must call the paramedics, Bianca raises her head and demands that she does not, telling her they must never know. When Babe gets Bianca into her home, she informs her that the “family” is all out of the house and the two of them are alone. She tells Bianca that although she does not know what’s wrong with her, she believes Bianca will feel better if she has some chicken soup and ginger ale. She tells her that’s what her mother always gave her, and that Bianca must let her take care of her. Babe asks Bianca if there’s anybody she should call for her. Bianca replies that there is somebody she’d like her to call.

At the hospital, Erica explains to David that Bianca was rushed to the hospital after being in a gas explosion, and that she has escaped. At that moment, David is interrupted by an “anonymous call” where an unidentified young woman tells him she has some information about Bianca Montgomery. It is the voice of Babe Chandler. Babe inquires whether David promises to keep their conversation confidential. He tells her he promises. She informs him that Bianca is with her, she feels a little cold, she may have suffered a concussion or have a fever, and she needs to consult with a doctor about what to do. He tells her that he would like to know who he is talking to. She reveals that she is Babe Chandler, Bianca is at Adam Chandler’s home, that Bianca has asked her to call David on her behalf, and they need him to keep a secret for Bianca.

Kendall frantically tells Ryan that Bianca has disappeared and they must find her. They return to Bianca’s apartment. And Kendall informs Ryan that she’s checked Erica’s home, Enchantment, Myrtle’s home and everywhere they can think of, and nobody has seen or heard from Bianca. Right at that moment, Kendall gets a call on her cell phone from Babe Chandler. Babe informs Kendall that Bianca is alright and Dr. Hayward will be with her, although she does not identify herself to Kendall. When Kendall hangs up the phone, she reveals to Ryan that she knows Bianca has been through too much and wonders when it will end. At that moment, Kendall falls over, and Ryan catches her, telling her she needs to take it easy and take care of herself. They talk for a while about the gas leak, and are ready to leave, until Ryan picks up Bianca’s “baby book”. Kendall immediately notices and demands that he lets her take that. But he looks through it anyway and pulls out Bianca’s sonogram. He urges Kendall, yet again, to tell her where this came from. Again, she tells him that that is a picture of her baby. He tells her it’s odd that it would be found in Bianca’s apartment. He tells her that he has some advice to give to her. He says she must keep her sonogram and her baby book in a safe place, because she will never know who might find them. And he reminds her that there is a lot at stake, right now. After a long moment of silence, Ryan hands the sonogram back to Kendall and holds her in his arms. Right then, Greenlee enters to notice them together.

Jamie and Maggie are in his vehicle, not moving. She asks him what he usually does when he’s out there alone. He tells her that he listens to music or looks at the moon. She asks what he does when he’s alone, and he replies that it’s the lady’s choice. Then, he kisses her and she seems to respond positively. At the end of their encounter, she tells him that he’s a very nice and a very good looking guy, but she questions whether there’s a chemistry between them. He tells her that he would like to get to know her better. He inquires how she would feel about somebody sounding like they really have feelings for a person, then blowing them off and acting like they mean nothing to them. She tells him that she has no clue about any of the guys she’s been with. He tells her about a girl who was once “all over him”, although not revealing her name. She tells him that he needs to forget about it and move on. He tells her he can take her home if she’d like. But she tells him she has a better idea. She has him teach her how to drive a stick-shift. She finds it very exhilarating. She wants to keep driving. He tells her she’s caught on pretty well for a girl. She says she wishes her life could be in 5-speed all the time. He tells her she must not look at him, because he is the king of road rage. At that point, it looks like they are really enjoying being together. She gets the car started again and drives while he sits in the passenger seat.

Juan Pablo, Edmund and Aiden find Rick, the male nurse who they suspect killed Carlos. The three of them tie him up in a chair and interrogate him. Edmund tells him he knows his story and asked why his mommy didn’t tell him to take off his rings before he kills somebody, implying that the rings gave him away. Aiden successfully breaks Rick down and gets him to admit that he killed Carlos. At that moment, Juan Pablo goes to confront Rick. Edmund tells Rick that he can reduce his legal consequences if he goes public and allows his picture and story to be in the tabloids. Rick protests that he cannot do that, because he has a family. Juan Pablo urges Rick to care about his family first. Rick finally breaks down and tells him that as long as they protect his family, he will tell them whatever they need to know.

When David is at Babe’s taking care of Bianca, he gets Babe to make him some tea, revealing they are not ready to reveal to Babe that Bianca is pregnant. When David’s alone with Bianca, he asks her if she’s had any bleeding or spotting. She replies no, but she has not felt the baby. She informs him about the whole situation, where she was rushed to the hospital, and bolted as soon as she overheard her mother looking for her outside in the hallway, and how Babe found her and brought her to her house. He tells her he understands, but he tells her that sooner or later, she’s going to have to tell Erica what’s going on.

Greenlee tells Erica that she must realize that Jackson loves her, she is his daughter, and if Erica plans to marry Jack, which is a very big “if”, she must start showing Greenlee some respect. She tells Erica she can either make her life a living hell, or she can make it much easier for her if she chooses to cooperate. Erica tells Greenlee that she needs to get it through her head that she does not need Greenlee’s help with anything. She tells Greenlee that she will find Bianca, she will solve her problems with Kendall, and she and Jack and her family will take care of everything without Greenlee’s help. At that moment, her phone rings. Bianca calls her and tells her she’s fine, she’s at a friend’s house and there’s no need to worry. Erica insists that Bianca get checked out by a doctor. But Bianca assures her mother that she’s fine and she has to go.

Rick reveals some information, to his three “visitors” about a guy named Andre. He does not want to reveal more, until Juan Pablo demands that he tells them, in order to protect his family. He tells them that Andrae has a mistress who lives in Atlantic City. Juan Pablo follows Rick out the door with a gun and tells him that the two of them have a date with the US Marshalls. When JP returns to join Edmund and Aiden, he informs them that he was not able to do what he wanted with Rick, but was able to get him taken into custody. They ask what all went on. He tells them that when you are dealing with a snake, you need to cut the head off in order to kill it.

Bianca watches Babe decorate the Christmas tree. Babe shares with her, the Christmas memories she’s had, of being alone with her mother, and all the men her mother has been with, who neither of them ever got to know. She reveals to Bianca that she does love her mother, but they haven’t seen each other in a while, and she hopes she can be as good a mother to her child as her mother was to her. Right in the middle of their conversation, the doorbell rings. Instantly, Bianca announces that she must keep herself “out of sight” when Babe answers the door. But Babe insists Bianca stays put, tells her she assumes it would be JR and goes to the door. But to their surprise, it’s Erica.

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