AMC Update Monday 12/15/03

All My Children Update Monday 12/15/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR tells Jamie that he is choosing to believe his wife over him. He tells Jamie to retract what he said about sleeping with Babe. Jamie says he's not going to lie. JR says both of them can't be telling the truth. Babe tells Jamie she loves her husband more than anyone else on the planet. Jamie says this wouldn't have happened if he knew she was married. JR says he believes his wife. Jamie says he hopes they'll be happy together at least until JR wakes up and faces the truth. He leaves. Babe thanks JR for having faith in her. JR says Jamie wants her, but he's not letting her go. Babe hugs him and asks him to tell her he loves her. JR remains silent. The phone rings and JR goes to get it. Babe again asks if he loves her. It's a business call and JR has to leave. Babe asks again if he loves her. "I chose you, didn't I," is his reply. Babe tells him she loves him with all of her heart.

Kendall and Bianca are thrown around the hallway following an explosion outside Bianca's apartment. They are seen laying unconscious amid a lot of rubble. Erica tries to call Bianca to check on her but gets her voice mail. She leaves a message asking Bianca to call her. After a few moments, Kendall starts coughing and sits up as alarms are sounding. She tries unsuccessfully to wake up Bianca and yells for help. Rescue workers are soon on the scene and conclude that Bianca hit her head on something while falling. Kendall resists help for herself and is focused only on Bianca. Bianca coughs and wakes up. She asks about "the baby." Rescue workers ask if there's a baby in the room. Kendall explains that Bianca is referring to their niece who is out playing.

Maggie is at the university and is thinking about Bianca when Erica interrupts. Erica asks if she knows where Bianca is. Maggie says she thinks she is at home, but she may have just stepped out. Erica asks Maggie to tell her how Bianca is really doing. Maggie says she is fine as far as she knows. She tells Erica about their upcoming plans to go to Europe. Erica says she knew the trip was being considered but didn't realize it was really going to happen. Maggie says they're leaving in early January. Erica tells her Bianca is not going to Europe. Maggie leaves a message for Bianca, telling her what Erica said about their trip. She sees Jamie and he invites her out. When she hesitates, he asks her if she's in a relationship with Bianca. Maggie insists she is not, that they're just friends. She leaves with Jamie.

Greenlee and Ryan are bickering about her involvement with Juan Pablo. Greenlee tells him she thinks his attitude is more about jealousy than about danger. Greenlee is trying hard to reach Pablo. Ryan tells her maybe he doesn't want her to find him. Greenlee says she believes he's still in town but is just busy.

Bianca is brought to the hospital on a stretcher while Kendall enters in a wheelchair. Bianca tells Kendall reassures her that her baby will be fine. Bianca says if they examine her they'll discover she is pregnant. A doctor approaches and says they'll give Bianca a neurological exam. Bianca is wheeled into a room and Derek approaches Kendall, asking how her baby is. Kendall tells him to not talk to her. Derek tells a nearby nurse to take care of Kendall because she's pregnant. Kendall goes into Bianca's room and hears the doctor calling her "Mrs. Cambias" and saying her baby is fine. Bianca introduces Kendall to the doctor as a "friend." The doctor leaves and Bianca tells Kendall her baby is OK but she may have a concussion. But she's worried because someone will find them out. She says if one person they know sees her there, they're sunk. Bianca wants to leave but Kendall insists she has to stay there to get checked out. She says she'll figure out what to do.

Erica goes to Bianca's apartment and sees the mess from the explosion. She is worried and asks a paramedic to tell her what happened to her daughter. He simply says anyone who was injured was taken to the hospital.

Ryan and Greenlee arrive at the hospital and run into Kendall, who has dirt on her face and tattered clothes. She tells them she is fine but she needs Ryan's help. Greenlee excuses herself and Kendall tells Ryan about the explosion. She says Derek is nosing around and Bianca needs protection. She says Derek cannot see Bianca there. Derek approaches and Ryan tells him that once again, Mrs. Cambias is trying to pull one over on him. He says Kendall is working this explosion for all it's worth, trying to get publicity to gain sympathy from potential jurors. Derek is called away but tells Kendall he'll check back to make sure her baby is OK.

Erica arrives at the hospital and asks a nurse tell her where her daughter is. The nurse cannot find Bianca's name on admittance papers. Bianca hears her mother in the hallway and sneaks out of the hospital. Kendall and Ryan go check on Bianca and see she is gone. Erica demands the nurse find her daughter. Bianca is shown in a woody area staggering and tired. She collapses.

Maria tells Juan Pablo that she is responsible for Carlos' death. Juan Pablo tells her he doesn't believe that. Maria insists that she missed seeing bone fragments on x-rays that led to Carlos' death. She says it was too early for her to operate. She asks why Juan Pablo has changed his mind about thinking she is responsible. He says he and Edmund have talked. Edmund will explain it. Just then Joe and Edmund walk into the room. Edmund tells her that Carlos did not die due to a surgical error. Juan Pablo says his brother was murdered. They tell Maria about the nurse that was hired July 7, a week before Juan Pablo got to town. Edmund says the nurse, Rick Ferris, got the pre- and post-op reports on Carlos for Maria. Edmund asks if it is possible for the bone fragments to be introduced after surgery. Maria and Joe say it's possible. Edmund says he believes this nurse injected Carlos and made it look like a surgical error. He says he has found four other cases where this mob family killed someone at a hospital and made it look like a surgical error. Joe says he'll investigate. Juan Pablo and Edmund insist that he cannot alert the nurse to their suspicions. Juan Pablo says he'll take care of this nurse on his own. He wants to know the nurse's address. Joe says he will not give him any information on the nurse unless the police are alerted. Maria suggests calling the police, and Juan Pablo angrily tells them they don't understand the situation. He storms out of the room and is greeted with a hug from Greenlee. Greenlee tells him she thought he had left. She asks him to go to her place. There is so much she wants to tell him. Juan Pablo says he cannot as he has business to take care of. Greenlee asks if he's putting himself in danger. He tells her that Carlos was murdered. Greenlee begs him not to risk his life. Inside the room, Joe is paged and leaves. Maria agrees to help Edmund as long as he makes sure that Juan Pablo doesn't kill this nurse. She says the nurse will be on duty in a half an hour. Later, Greenlee asks Maria to tell her where Juan Pablo went. Maria says she will not tell her, but adds that Edmund is putting himself in danger as well. Outside the hospital, Rick Ferris is arriving and is jumped from behind by Edmund and Juan Pablo.

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