AMC Update Friday 12/12/03

All My Children Update Friday 12/12/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is outside Aiden’s home, wondering whether to enter. He comes outside and she is ready to walk off until he urges her to come in. She discovers his chalk-board, which shows he’s still investigating the Cambias murder. She also discovers a gun in a plastic bag. He informs her, for the first time, that he, Tad and Boyd disposed of Michael Cambias’ body in a dumpster. She tells him she’s concerned that they could get into trouble. He also reveals to her that he discovered the gun right by the dumpster. She puts her arms around him and tells him that she is so grateful, and so in awe, of how he’s made so many sacrifices to help her. Just then, a guy comes to the door and hands him an envelope revealing many other suspects in Michael’s murder, including Erica, Jack, David, and Adam Chandler. She tells him that she does not want any of those people to get into trouble. He notes that Bianca is also on the list. Kendall inquires why anybody would suspect her, since she’s never been in trouble with the law. But then, Kendall remembers once when Bianca got into trouble. And Aiden tells her that there is information that Bianca and Reggie had some sort of secret about the gun. At that moment, Kendall grabs the gun and fires at the ceiling. Aiden assures Kendall that he does not want to drag Bianca into this, anymore than what has already happened. He tells her that Reggie, along with Erica, Jack, and others, can create a reasonable doubt for Kendall. But she tells him she’s not about to let Reggie take the rap for it either. He’s just a kid. And she says she considers both Bianca and Reggie as two innocent kids who she will not drag into this, in order to simply save her own hide. They have an intimiate moment and kiss, until they are interrupted by Mia who is outside the door and apparently completely unaware that Kendall is there with Aiden. When Mia enters, she asks him if he likes her flashy, sparkly new leather jacket, which she has thoughtfully planned to wear for him. He says he does, but just then he remembers that he has other plans and has completely forgotten that she would be coming.

Bianca tells Maggie that although she has pressure to leave town, now, she cannot abandon Kendall right before her trial. Maggie suddenly gets a call from a professor, revealing that she is signing up for classes the following semester, which would cancel her plans to travel with Bianca. Maggie tells Bianca that she believes that maybe she should back off, so that Bianca can go forward in her relationship with Lena. But Bianca tells Maggie that she and Lena are taking it very slow, there are no commitments for them yet, and she wants to go on her trip with Maggie, not with Lena. Maggie goes to the kitchen to get them both something to drink. And Bianca says they are going to propose a toast, and afterwards Maggie cannot back out of their plans for the trip. At that moment, Bianca spills the drink on her blouse. When she takes it off, she notices that she is showing a little bit.

Erica comes to the station and informs Derek that she is there to take Reggie home. Derek does not listen to her and informs her that she has no legal right to “play mommy” to Reggie because she does not have custody of him, nor is she married to Jack, who does. She informs him that Jack is out of town and she has the right to see Reggie and help him. Reggie appears and informs her that he got caught drinking, underage, in a bar. At that moment, Brooke enters with Jamie. And Erica concludes that they are responsible for Reggie getting into trouble. Erica tells Brooke that she has always been a walking disaster. She tells her that she made a big mistake with what she’s written about the Cambias investigation. She says that Brooke needs to find more important things to do with her time and to report about. Brooke asks if an example of that would be in regard to someone being charged with murder, like Erica’s daughter, Kendall. Jamie tells Brooke that she must but out of his business. At that moment, Derek tells Brooke he wants her to come into his office to talk to him. Reggie has something to say. But Erica urges him to let her take him out of there, and to not stay there and get himself into any worse trouble. He tells her that he’s concerned about Kendall being falsely accused of murder. She tries to assure him that Kendall will get the best defense and there’s nothing he can do to help anybody if he stays there. But he reveals to her that there’s something that he knows that she is unaware of. And she urges him to tell her what is on his mind. She tells him that he’s not acting like himself, drinking in a bar and pushing a cop. He reveals to her that the reason he did it is because of the cop’s attitude about Jack. He tells her that he is concerned about everybody turning on his father. She is surprised and very happy to discover Reggie’s loyalty toward Jack. She gives him a hug and reminds him that in their family, whenever somebody is in trouble, they all stick together and help each other.

JR lies on the couch while Babe attempts to talk to him. He tells her she needs to get back to bed and leave him alone. She tells him she cannot take this anymore, he must stop torturing her and must either tell her he loves her or tell her to leave. She tells him that he is the only one that matters to her. She says he must know that she loves him with all her heart and soul. He says he believed that once but not anymore. She tells him that although she’s been very uncomfortable with Adam Chandler and the family, she doesn’t care. All that matters to her is being with him, in his arms. She says that all she wants is for him to be in her arms loving her and knowing that she loves him. She holds him, but he does not respond. He tells her that she could “start” by telling him that the baby is his. She doesn’t answer but she keeps protesting that she loves him. He asks where they are now. She tells him he must either tell her that he believes her or she’s out of there. He reminds her that she’s very lucky that she has another knight in shining armor, meaning Jamie, right close by, ready to take care of her when she leaves him. She asks him whether he believes what she is trying to tell him is an act. He tells her he doesn’t believe she would even know if it was. She tells him that she’s done with this conversation and with trying to convince him of her sincerity. She tells him that she does not know who her ancestors were, but she’s sure that they are capable of love and forgiveness. She says she will have her baby without him, and he must not come back to her after it’s too late.

Liza observes Mia all “spiffed up” with a flashy new jacket and her hair done up. Mia tells her that she hopes to get the same reaction from Aiden. Liza is in the middle of taking inventory of clothes and tells her she’s very confused on what to do with each item. Mia tells Liza that she knows it’s “high school-ish” but she is jealous of Aiden not wanting the phone off the hook when they are together, because of Kendall. After Mia leaves, Simone enters and tells Liza that she has some forms for Mia to sign. Liza forges Mia’s signature. And the subject of Tad comes up, and the fact that he’s told Simone that he’s on a business trip out of town. Liza reminds Simone that Tad has been with too many women throughout his life, and she reveals that she thinks she knows what Tad’s business trip must be about. Brooke comes to talk to Liza and tells her about her frustration over Jamie’s “obsession” over Babe. Liza reminds Brooke that maybe people have been misjudging Babe.

Tad has managed to locate Babe’s mother, and is spying on her outside her motel room. She seems to have some sort of “business deal” with the maid. She seems to dress and behave just as seductively as her daughter. And she reveals to the maid, and unintentionally to Tad, that she probably messes around with lots of men and has a pretty “shady” lifestyle. And when he observes more, he sees the man she’s shacked up with.

Jamie comes to talk to JR and tells him that he’s been thinking about their life-long relationship. JR tells Jamie that he remembers all of the conflicts they have had, since childhood, and that they’ve always worked out all of the differences they’ve had. When they talk about the dilemma of whether to trust Babe, she is outside overhearing their conversation. Jamie urges JR to understand ,that regardless of his involvement with Babe, he and JR are the same people, he needs to convince JR that he’s not there to cause trouble, and JR needs to trust him. JR sounds like he’s not about to trust Jamie. Jamie informs him that he sounds more and more like his daddy, Adam Chandler, every day. From outside the door, Babe hears their conversation and inquires to herself, which one of them JR will choose to trust. When she appears and they discover she’s been spying and eavesdropping upon their conversation, JR tells her that she’s not a Chandler yet. He tells them both that he has made his choice and knows which one of them he’s going to trust.

Kendall goes to see Bianca. But suddenly, something happens. There’s some sort of explosion and Bianca is injured.

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