AMC Update Thursday 12/11/03

All My Children Update Thursday 12/11/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

JR returns to see Babe and Stuart having a friendly interaction. She runs to put her arms around her husband, after being encouraged by Stuart. But at that moment, Adam Chandler enters and mentions to all of them that Babe has been with her lover, Jamie Martin, which ruins everybody’s good mood. Babe is ready to leave. Stuart asks if she wants him to come with her. She says she really appreciates his offer, but she needs to be alone. She gives him a hug and tells him he is a very sweet person. After they leave JR and Adam alone, JR tells his father that all of his employees over whom he has all this power, do not like him. Adam tells his son he does not pay them to like him. Adam says they don’t have a problem cashing the checks he generates to them and he could care less what they think of him. JR asks his father just how he must have gloated, after noticing Babe with Jamie in a motel. Adam protests that he gets no joy out of seeing his son hurt. He says he does not wish to rub JR’s nose in the fact that he may have been right, while JR was wrong. But JR does not buy that, and instead believes that Adam is very satisfied to see his son’s marriage end. Adam protests that he recognizes his son as a man, but he loves him like a boy. JR reflects upon the time when Adam got a court order to declare his mother unfit to be around him. Adam protests that JR was too young, at the time, to understand. Adam tells JR that he knows that he is strong. And he hopes that some day JR will realize that he is the one who made him that way, and appreciate it. JR inquires just how powerful and satisfied Adam must have felt, keeping young JR away from his mother, and seeing him cry on Christmas. He also tells Adam that he’s doing the same thing all over again, by disowning his own grandchild because of Babe. Adam tells him he knows it’s not his grandchild. But when he looks at JR’s expression, he is stunned to see that JR actually believes Babe when she tells him he’s the father of her child. Adam urges his son to see that the possibility that he’s the father, is so unlikely. But JR protests that maybe she is telling the truth. Adam tells JR that he has every right to go to the doctor and find out whether he is really the father of Babe’s child.

Babe is outside talking to Brooke. She tells her that she really loves JR. Brooke confesses that she wants to help her make her marriage work with JR because she does not want Babe to marry her son. Babe tells Brooke that she knows that the baby is JR’s. She tells Brooke about her interactions with both JR and Jamie. Brooke reminds Babe that it’s entirely possible that someone other than either JR or Jamie could be the father of her baby. Babe inquires whether Brooke has ever made a mistake that she wishes she could take back. Brooke says she certainly has made many, but she loves her son and is not going to let Babe hurt him or string him along. Babe tells Brooke that she loves JR, and that Jamie is just going through a phase, which he will get over soon. But Brooke protests that her son is very emotionally attached to her. Babe tells Brooke that she really believes that Jamie has some serious misconceptions and maybe Brooke needs to urge her son to stop his behaviors before she loses her husband for good. JR enters to find his wife. Brooke asks him how fatherhood is treating him. She encourages them to be together and take care of the baby, then tells them she has some stories to write, and departs. They go up to their room. Babe tries to get JR in the mood for a romantic encounter. But he remarks that he notices she is showing. He does not respond to her. He tells her he has work to do, and he gets up and walks out.

Kendall enters Ryan’s room and has a confrontation with Greenlee. Greenlee assumes that Kendall is ready to jump bail, after Ryan put up the bail money. She encourages Ryan to let Kendall get on the jet and get out of Pine Valley. But then she discovers that Ryan may still be hung up on Kendall. She leaves them alone. Ryan asks Kendall if the reason she’s there is because she’s ready to leave town. She asks whether it would matter to him if that was the case. He says that his accountant might have a problem if she left, after he put up the bail money. She asks if he sees her as a moocher who won’t pay him back. He says he’s worried about other things. She tells him that she can see that he is afraid. He reminds her that he is not a prime suspect for murder one, as she is. She says that he’s afraid to admit to his feelings about her. He asks her what it is that she wants. She says she wants him. Ryan inquires why, after the time they made love on the roof, did she tell him that it meant nothing, when now she has a change of heart. She tells him about the conversation she had with JR where she told him that he should go after what he wants. And she says now she is listening to herself, and that’s why she’s there. She tells him she’s not going to lose him to Greenlee and she kisses him. They prepare to get into bed and get it on, until he stops her and tells her she’s pregnant. She reminds him that she was pregnant the night when they made love on the roof. He tells her he did not know that then. He tells her he wants the truth from her. He wants them to be as one, where nothing else matters.

Greenlee sits alone near a brook and talks to Leo. She tells him that he symbolized love to her and now he’s gone. She also acknowledges that she has taken off her ring. She tells him that she thought she’d never see Juan Pablo again, but now he’s back. She says she remembers Ryan urging her to stay away from Juan Pablo if his life is in danger. Then suddenly she is startled to notice David Hayward, right there, listening to what she has said. And he tells her she must never put herself through any more emotional attachments again. He says he knows he would not ever put himself through another heart-ache, over another person, again. She inquires if by doing that, he’s trashing his chances of being happy. He tells her he’s preventing a chance to be unhappy. She inquires whether anybody should give up on finding love. He says that there comes a time to cut your losses and walk away.

Reggie meets Jamie in the bar. Jamie asks Reggie if he wants to do the “best man” thing at his wedding. Reggie asks what he’s talking about. Jamie protests that he is ready and willing to be a father to Babe’s child. He keeps saying he wants to do the right thing. But Reggie reminds Jamie that Babe is married to his brother, and he may not be ready for “fatherhood”. Reggie gives Jamie many scare tactics about what it’s going to mean to be a father. Jamie confesses that he is scared enough already. Jamie inquires how it has happened that JR hates his guts, how he might be the father of JR’s wife’s child, his mother wants to keep him away from Babe, and his father is doing PR work again. He says he cannot understand how one night would change his entire life. Reggie reminds him that one night is all it takes to change everything. Right then, a cop comes up and tells Reggie he needs to come down to the station with him. One cops calls him “son”. He tells them the only person who can call him “son” is Jackson Montgomery. And he tells them if they had done their jobs, Jack would not have lost his DA position and an innocent pregnant woman would not have gone to jail for the murder of Michael Cambias. The cops make a comment about Jack failing to do his job, and Reggie pushes him and almost knocks him down.

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