AMC Update Wednesday 12/10/03

All My Children Update Wednesday 12/10/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall and JR are in the bar, after he’s left Babe in the motel room with Jamie. Unaware that she must act like she’s pregnant, Kendall asks the bartender for a vodka gimlet. She asks JR why he’s there and not with his wife. He sounds hesitant to tell her about his situation. She assures him he can confide in her, since she is the woman who married her sister’s rapist and had his baby, so he must spill. He asks if she’s really pregnant. She remembers, now, that she must drink non-alcoholic beverages, and asks the bartender to change the order to something without alcohol. JR tells Kendall of his dilemma of whether to trust Babe, knowing about her relations with Jamie. He tells her that he does not want to live a lie. She tells him that she knows all about lies, with how her relationship with Erica has been eroded by lies. She also tells him that if he wants to play with the big catch, he has to learn the laws of the jungle. She sounds like she wants to teach him how to manipulate a woman, when he wants her body, be able to take her and leave her begging for more. He smiles and listens intently. He attempts to “role-play” with her about saying the right things to charm a woman. She tells him that the reality he’s living with is that he’s got Babe, and he’s got Jamie. One of them is lying to him. And he needs to decide which one to believe. She asks him which one he’s chosen to believe. She plays “therapist” with him. But he tells her he wants her to spill, to him, about her own situation. She confides in him, that she is torn between two men in her life, but she will not reveal their names. He asks her about guy A. She says he makes her feel loved and wanted and protected. He asks her about guy B. But she cannot stop talking about guy A. It’s obvious that she’s talking about Aidan, and has nothing bad to say about him. But guy B, who is obviously Ryan, is tricky, egotistical, selfish, untrustworthy, she tells him. JR asks Kendall , if guy A is so great and guy B is so worthless, why, then, would she even consider guy B? She says it’s because she’s crazy and has had a long history with him.

In the middle of Jamie’s and Babe’s discussion in the motel room, they are greeted by Adam Chandler. After discovering that they are alone, and JR has left, he encourages, what he considers to be, the “true lovers” to hook up, take his money, take his jet and have their honeymoon, on him. Babe tells him that he’s way out of line to spy on her. He tells her that he might have been able to finance her honeymoon with JR, if she’d kept her hot pants on and not have slept with Jamie. She reminds Adam that he has ruined his relationship with his son. She tells him knows that JR does not love his father. He asks whether she knows his son, after a few months, better than he does. She tells him he’s got that right and she knows what type of a guy JR is. Adam makes snide comments about Babe messing around with many guys, and implies that she’s turned tricks. At that point Jamie gets angry. She protests that she loves JR and she knows he loves her. She says she knows that love sometimes comes with strings attached, and sometimes people get mixed up in the wrong kind of love. But she tells him that if he truly loves his son, he needs to listen to him and find out who he is. And she turns to Jamie and tells him he needs to get a life and stop believing that the baby could be his. She says it’s JR’s. He’s her husband, she loves him and she’s having his baby, end of story.

Ryan interrupts the two guys who have attempted to kidnap Greenlee and Juan Pablo, and single-handedly disarms them. Ryan protests to Greenlee that the reason he intervened is to protect her. He knows she must stay away from Juan Pablo, and not trust him, because she is putting herself in danger. When the cops come, he informs them that they must take note of the fact that Juan Pablo is a little too chummy with these thugs, they seem to follow him everywhere he goes, and anybody who gets mixed up with him is putting themselves in danger. He demands that Juan Pablo stays away from Greenlee. But Juan Pablo does not listen and he kisses Greenlee and tells her that he loves her and she must never forget that.

Babe returns to the Chandler mansion and notices Stuart meditating. He tells her it’s a great way to relax and cure one’s mind of stress. She tells him she’s got a lot on her mind. He encourages her to join him. She is friendly to him, but tells him that this may not be for her. He urges her to give it another try, to give in and breath. She does and it makes her cry. He tells her he’s sorry if he’s made her cry. She says it has nothing to do with him. She realizes she has nobody to blame but herself, she realizes she’s lied to JR. She tells him that she was seriously considering leaving all she has living in the Chandler mansion, but she knew she couldn’t leave JR. Stuart tells her that JR deserves the truth and asks her if she’s telling him the truth. Stuart confides in Babe, about a relationship where a woman lied to him, but he was willing to forgive her for the past. She inquires why he’s forgiven the woman. He replies it’s because he loved her, the same way he knows that JR loves Babe. He encourages Babe to believe that she can still have a happy ending with JR. He tells her that fear will take someone down a long, lonesome road. But there’s something else called love. And he says Babe needs to decide whether she loves JR more than she’s afraid of losing him. Babe confides in Stuart that she wishes she could give a man a girl, that is like a new car with no miles or damage on it, and she wishes she knew how she can do that. At that moment, Adam ruins their amicable conversation, and answers the question by saying that the “odometer” cannot be turned back when it’s got too many miles on it. He tells them both that she is a tramp, overused, and he wants her to leave his house. Stuart inquires why his brother is so mean. Adam says that it’s because he knows that Babe is bad and anybody who believes otherwise is living a lie. Stuart protests to his brother that Babe is not the bad one, and he knows that Adam is making trouble for JR and Babe. He also tells Adam that he will never get to know his grand baby if he keeps this up, and it will serve him right.

Ryan takes Greenlee to his room, after Juan Pablo has left. She says she’s ready to leave and will take a cab. He urges her to realize that whoever was after Juan Pablo and Carlos is still out there and she’s making herself a target. He reminds her that she came on to him, not long ago, in this very room. She reminds him that was when she was drunk and confused. He tells her, now she is sober and even more confused. He urges her to tell him just why she cannot let go of Juan Pablo, why she is putting herself in danger being around him, and why she can’t trust him instead. He illustrates to her, the analogy of what she would do if she saw someone ready to step into a raging volcano, and that that is how he feels when he notices her trusting Juan Pablo.

Jamie returns to his home to find his mother very disappointed that he forgot to show up to join her in a research project. He tells her that something came up that made him forget. She inquires whether what came up, would be something blond and curvy, in the form of Babe Chandler. He tells her that he wants to marry Babe. Brooke asks him whether he plans to do that before or after she’s divorced. She tells him that she thinks she’s taking the news that her son is about to propose to his brother’s wife, pretty well, but she’s not going to stay out of it. She inquires whether he’s proposed to Babe. He says not exactly, but he knows her baby is his. She inquires how he’d know that. He tells her he found out, from the doctor, that the date of conception is probably right about the time he was with her. He tells her that he knows that JR already hates his guts, but he made a baby with Babe and cannot run out on that. She tells him she does not want him to talk any more about marrying Babe, or to do anything, until his father has gotten back. He tells her that she cannot control his life. She says as long as he lives under her roof, she will. He tells her that can be changed right now, and he gets up and walks away, like he’s ready to move out. She says to herself that Jamie is grounded until he’s forty.

Edmund reveals to Juan Pablo that he has discovered a mysterious ring that one of them male nurses was wearing at the hospital, and shows him an enlarged computer photo of the ring. Edmund tells Juan Pablo that he knows that whoever was wearing this ring could be endangering Maria, and somebody needs to put this person out of business.

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