AMC Update Tuesday 12/9/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/9/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee and Juan Pablo return to his hotel room, and run into Ryan. He makes a sarcastic comment about them being together. Greenlee tells him he needs to change his attitude because Carlos passed away. Ryan tells Juan Pablo that he is sorry for his loss, but believes he and his brother knew what they were getting themselves into, and he’s not going to allow anyone else to lose their lives because of them. They both reveal to Greenlee that they had a private conversation involving her, which she knew nothing about. She demands to know what they discussed that they planned to do to protect her. Juan Pablo confesses that he lied to her. She asks what about. After Ryan leaves, Juan Pablo tells her he lied to her about leaving town. She inquires whether he believes he protected her by dumping her. She tells him that he hurt her and there’s no justification for what he did. He tells her that she was lucky, the way Carlos was not. She protests that Carlos’ death was an accident. He confesses to her that the driver who struck them both may have had motives to kill her along with Carlos. She resentfully tells him that they have wasted a lot of time, where she believed all the while that he was out of her life. He tells her, at least, she is safe and protected. She tells him that she never asked him to protect her and doesn’t appreciate his going behind her back. At that moment, they are both attacked by two men who look like room service. One guy holds a gun on Juan Pablo, while the other grabs Greenlee’s arm. They speak in Spanish. Then, suddenly Greenlee pushes the guy away, knocks him over, and he runs after her. Juan Pablo punches the guy holding the gun on him. But they both manage, again, to entrap both Greenlee and Juan Pablo.

Simone is with Tad. She fights her feelings, wishing she had more willpower, but confesses to Tad that she loves him. He tells her he’s about to tell her how he feels. But she covers her ears and sings loudly so that she cannot hear what she’s afraid he’s going to say. She says she does not want to hear a speech where he says she’s a great girl, but this is where it ends. He tells her that he does have feelings for her, she has brought him out of himself, and he has not felt this alive in such a long time. She tells him that she was aware of the reality that he would not commit to her. She says she had no expectations, and she sounds just like she’s summoning all of her strength to resist the feelings she has for him. He tells her that his not being in love with her has nothing to do with her. He kisses her and she responds. She tells him that he does not play fair. He tells her he is not playing. He tells her that she is a fantastic woman. But he says does not think that he can ever fall in love with another woman, ever again for the rest of his life. She tells him that she thought that they connected pretty well physically, so she asks him what’ts up? Is he spiritually gay? He tells her that there’s only one woman he could ever love. She inquires whether that’s Liza. He tells her it’s Dixie. She reminds him that Dixie died a long time ago. He tells her it doesn’t matter. She’s still there for him. Throughout their interaction, they are able to laugh and have fun, but he tells her that he has things to do, remembering the promise he made to help Jamie find out more about Babe. He tells her it will involve some out-of-town sleuthing. At the end, she kisses him and tells him she will be waiting. He sounds sincere that he will miss her and will want to come back to her again.

Kendall is in her office. She is greeted by Adam Chandler who brings her a big case of diapers for the baby Cambias. She tells him that she is busy and needs him to tell her why he’s there and then go. He tells her that he is going to answer all her prayers. She tells him how envious she is of his not having to work. She asks him if he’s been having fun golfing, or entertaining Mary Smythe. She tells him she does not like or trust him, and she knows his feelings about her are mutual. He tells her the reason he is there is because he wants Chandler Enterprises back, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes. She insists that she is pregnant by Michael Cambias and she’s not about to sell her company to him or to Ryan. He asks what she’d do if he earned it. He tells her that he talked to her baby’s daddy the night he disappeared, sounding like he might protect her from a murder charge if she does what he wants. But she inquires whether he is confessing to murder. He tells her that he knows that many people of interest visited Michael that night. Right when he’s attempting to tell her his little “secret”, they are interrupted by Palmer Cortlandt. Kendall invites Palmer in. Adam tells him he needs to leave and Kendall shouldn’t listen to him. But Palmer tells Kendall that he is on her side and ready to help her. He says he saw Adam ready to kill Michael Cambias. They reveal to her their “story” where Palmer accidentally shot Adam. They get into a big argument, each defaming the other’s character, about their bad judgment toward their family, in regard to Adam’s problems with JR and Babe, then about Palmer’s problems with Petie. While the three of them are in a discussion, Adam is interrupted by a phone call about JR, and he departs. When Palmer and Kendall are alone, he tells her about Adam’s ridiculous behavior, interfering in his son’s business. And they leave together to go and have a drink.

When Babe and Jamie find themselves cornered by JR at the motel, and they discover that he’s called them both there, Babe asks what JR’s secret is. She appears as though she’s not afraid nor guarded. She does not realize how angry her husband is, nor that he knows she’s had sex with Jamie, and lied to him about it, until he makes it clear. She tells him that he’s behaving just like his father and inquires how much money he had to fork over in order to spy on her. She tells him she blames his father for this, he has poisoned JR’s mind against her, and she wishes he’d come to his senses and stop behaving like Adam Chandler. She confesses to JR that when she first came into town, she was very uncertain about being accepted by JR’s family’s snotty friends, and wasn’t certain about his history, previous girlfriends, and what-not. He asks her whether that caused her to shack up with his brother. She confesses that she spent time with Jamie because she wasn’t sure whether she was wanted by him or whether she belonged in town.

Ryan is at the bar, inquiring to the bartender how anyone figures women out, why is it that they never appreciate what men do for them, and many other inquiries. The bartender tells him if he can come up with the answer for that, then he can have free drinks on the house. Ryan inquires why he’s down there, while Juan Pablo is upstairs with Greenlee and declares that he’s ready to go up there and give them both hell. But at that moment, he runs into Kendall and Palmer. Palmer can sense the competitive spirit of both Kendall and Ryan, reflecting how he remembers his younger days of being like them. He tells them that he admires both of their spirit and wishes them well, and leaves them alone. Kendall tells Ryan that just because he paid her bail does not mean she’s going to take any insults that he dishes out. He reminds her that he can see that the fact that he cares about her seems to mean nothing to her.

When Tad is alone in his home, he picks up a call from Babe’s mom, who apparently has no clue who she has called. He disguises himself to her, telling her he is the Chandler family butler. He makes certain he keeps her on the line. He tells her that “Mrs. Chandler” is not available when she asks for Babe, and she reveals to him, that she probably has no clue that her daughter has married JR Chandler.

While the two thugs drag Greenlee and Juan Pablo out the door and speak in Spanish, he reveals to her that they are saying that they intend to kill them. But right when they all walk toward the elevator, they run into Ryan.

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