AMC Update Monday 12/8/03

All My Children Update Monday 12/8/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee tries to comfort Juan Pablo, who says he cannot accept the fact that his brother has died. Greenlee says she knows what it's like to lose someone you love. She takes his hand and tells him she's sorry, but she knows that doesn't make it easier. Juan Pablo says he needs to go see his brother's body and say goodbye. Greenlee offers to go along, and he reaches out his hand to her and they leave the art gallery.

Maria learns that a bone fragment lodged in Carlos' brain stem is what caused his death. She cannot believe it and says she can prove that she got every last fragment during surgery. Joe tells her that he knows she didn't close the surgery till she got every fragment. He tells her that her technique was flawless and she did everything humanely possible. Maria says it's inconceivable she could be that careless. She asks a staffer to get her pre-op and post-op reports. Juan Pablo arrives and asks Maria if she found out what happened. Maria tells him about the bone chip, and if it's any consolation Carlos didn't suffer. She tells him how sorry she is. "You killed my brother," Juan Pablo tells her. Edmund steps in, telling Juan Pablo that Maria did not kill his brother. Joe says there were risks before the surgery. Juan Pablo says the only risk was letting Maria do the surgery. He heard her admit that maybe it was too soon for her to go back into surgery. Joe says Maria operated with a clear head and a steady hand. Juan Pablo tells her again that she is responsible for Carlos' death. Maria gets teary-eyed, and says a man is dead because she failed. She should not have gone into the operating room. She is responsible for his death. Edmund tells her she didn't kill Carlos. He says he has a feeling there is more to this than the bone fragment. He hugs his wife and sees the male nurse who was caring for Carlos. The nurse scurries away.

Juan Pablo and Greenlee sit by Carlos' body. Juan Pablo tells his brother he hopes he is in paradise. He prays while Greenlee sits by tearfully.

Babe places a phone call to her mother, who is occupied in bed with a man. "I made it momma," Babe says proudly, explaining that she has made her very own dynasty. She says she got hitched to the greatest guy, and the best news is that she's pregnant. Babe's mother is more interested in the man in her bed, who is all over her. The mother tells Babe she has a pot boiling on the stove and has to hang up. Babe, after her mother hangs up on her, says frustratingly "I love you too, momma." Stuart walks in with a large present. Babe at first thinks Stuart is Adam and speaks sarcastically to him, then realizes it is Stuart. In the box are stuffed animals and clothes for the baby. Babe warmly tells him that she wants to get the right presents for everyone. Stuart tells her she already has given them the best gift – a baby Chandler. Stuart takes Babe to the art gallery and asks her if she sees anything she would like to give Adam. She says she would like to find something to impress them, considering that he's always looked at her like she's a piece of trash. Stuart tells her she sparkles like a diamond and JR is lucky to have her for a wife. Babe talks about how much she loves JR.

JR is talking to Artie, the manager at the Pine Cone, who says he's dead sure that the people in the JR's pictures are the ones who checked into a motel room. He says he thought they were newlyweds, and acted like they were in a hurry to kick the wedding night into full gear. JR picks up a lamp inside a motel room and angrily knocks it to the floor. Artie tells him the lamp is going to cost him. JR throws some money at Artie and asks how long the couple stayed in the room. Artie says they were there all night, and were still going at it when the sun came up. JR remembers Babe telling him how much she loved him. Later, JR goes home and Adam finds him drinking. Adam tells him he'd like to help him, but he knows that JR doesn't trust him so he starts to leave. JR stops him, saying that he's in trouble. Someone has stabbed him in the back. He says someone at Chandler Enterprises got into bed with the competition. Adam tells him to get rid of him. But JR says that this person acts like he's sorry. Adam says he must never forgive or forget. He needs to confront the person and don't let him lie his way out of it.

Jamie tells Tad that Babe is lying. Her baby is his. He says it's OK. He knows what he has to do to make it right. Jamie says he got the doctor to admit that he fudged on the dates regarding Babe's pregnancy. Jamie says the first thing he needs to do is tell JR. "Wrong," Tad says, adding JR would dent in Jamie's face. Jamie says he knows JR would dump Babe. She could move in with them. He would quit school and get a job and live there long enough for he and Babe to get a place of their own. Tad can't believe what he's hearing, and tells Jamie he's lost his mind. Tad says they need to figure this out. He asks Jamie if the doctor said exactly how far along Babe is pregnant. Jamie admits he did not, but the timing has to be on his side. Tad says that the baby could still be JR's, since it's likely he and Babe have slept together frequently. The odds are not in Jamie's favor, Tad says. Jamie wonders, though, why Babe would lie. It must be because the baby is his. Tad tells Jamie he wants the baby to be his, but that would tear JR apart. Jamie says after what JR did to him at Thanksgiving, he doesn't care what this would do to him. Jamie says his night with Babe was more than just a one-night thing – it was beyond amazing. It's like they knew each other and were waiting for each other when they met on the beach. Tad grabs a bottle of pills from the drawer, saying to himself that Jamie's grandfather told him there would be days like this. Jamie suggests that maybe JR pressured Babe into marrying him to rub it into Adam's face. Maybe she realized her mistake and reached out to him to save herself. Jamie says JR has changed and become more like Adam. He treats women the way Adam treated the women in his life. Tad says JR is nothing remotely like Adam. Tad says Jamie knows nothing about Babe. Jamie asks, "who cares?" Tad wants to do a background check on Babe. He'll report back to no one but him. Jamie agrees, and tells his father that Babe is from Santa Maria, California. Tad says he'll fly out there right away. Tad tells Jamie he's proud of him for not running away. Tad goes upstairs to prepare for his trip and Jamie gets a phone call from Artie at the Pine Cone. Artie tells him that he has a message from Babe to meet her in the same room where they "made the magic happen."

Babe arrives at Chandler mansion and gleefully tells JR about her Christmas purchases. JR tells her she'll have to wait to see what he got her. She wants to know right away, but he says a kiss will have to be good enough for now. He kisses his wife. Babe's phone rings. It is Artie, who says that Jamie wants her to meet at the Pine Cone room or the next call he makes is to her husband. Babe says she'll be right there. JR asks who it was, and says it was Lacy's telling her she needs to pick up his Christmas present. She tells JR she loves him and leaves. "Liar," JR says to himself after she leaves.

Tad comes downstairs to tell Jamie he's leaving on the next flight but Jamie isn't there. There is a knock on the door and it is Simone, who realizes that Tad has not heard about Carlos. She tells Tad emotionally what happened with Carlos and suggests that it's her fault because she wore him out while talking to him. Tad tells her she can't talk a person to death. He says she was just what Carlos needed at that time. Simone tells Tad she loves him.

Jamie and Babe meet at the room and quickly discover that neither of them had left messages for the other. Babe tells him they have been set up. Just then JR kicks the door open, saying "welcome back to the scene of the crime."

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