AMC Update Friday 12/5/03

All My Children Update Friday 12/5/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR is in bed kissing Babe when he suddenly sees Jamie in the bed with them. Then he wakes up from his dream and is unsettled. Babe tells him she's in the mood for love but he tells her to forget it. Babe begs him to tell her what is wrong. JR says everything is fine. She asks if it's about Jamie. She repeats that she turned away from Jamie's advances and told him she loves JR. JR loses his anger and warms up to his wife. They kiss and she leaves the room. JR gets on the phone and calls the airline. He asks about a ticket bought by Babe and learns that she flew into town a day earlier than he had thought. His thoughts turn to Jamie.

Adam tells Jamie that Babe and JR are still together. He wants to know what happened. He thought Jamie told JR about Babe's sordid background. Jamie says he couldn't tell JR because he knows how much JR loves Babe. Adam say she won't allow that slut to be in his house at Christmas. That angers Jamie, who grabs Adam by the clothes and tells him to stop badmouthing Babe. Adam breaks free and pushes Jamie onto a chair. He threatens him not to talk to him like that again. Jamie tells him again not to badmouth Babe and that her past is her business. Adam asks him what Babe has on him. Is there something going on between them? Jamie tells him to leave him out of his dirty work and that JR is better off with Babe than with Adam.

Babe goes to see Jamie and tells him they need to talk. She says they had one great night but that's all there was to it. They need to keep it quiet and pretend like nothing happened. Jamie asks her if she wants to keep on lying, noting that she lies all the time. He tells her there is a chance her baby could be his. Babe says there is no chance. They used protection. He says protection is not 100 percent. Babe tells him he's punishing himself. She says she takes responsibility for her marriage and robbing JR of his wife and brother to clear his guilt is not the right thing to do. She asks what she has to do to make things go her way. Jamie asks if she's saying she'll sleep with him again to shut him up. Babe angrily asks him who he thinks she is. He apologizes. She says if he tells JR what happened she'll deny it and JR will believe her. Jamie says he just wants Babe to know if the baby is his he'll take care of it. Babe says Dr. Parker assured her that the baby could not be his because of the timing. Her baby will pop out way to soon to be Jamie's. After Babe leaves, Jamie calls the hospital to ask if Dr. Parker is there.

Jamie goes to the hospital and finds Dr. Parker. He tells him he's Dr. Martin's grandson and a friend of Babe Chandler. Parker says he doesn't know who Babe Chandler is. Jamie tells him he'd need to check his vitals if he doesn't remember Babe. Parker asks if he's referring to the attractive blonde. Jamie comments that it's not every day a doctor sets aside his rules for a patient. Parker says he doesn't do favors very often, but Babe was special. Jamie says Babe wants him to keep her secret about him changing her chart. Parker says how pregnant a girl is is her business.

JR goes to the Pine Cone and finds the owner. He asks for some information, but the owner says he respects the privacy of his guests. That is until JR flashes money in front of his face. JR shows the owner a picture of Babe and asks if she had been there. The owner spills his guts. He says she was here in October. He remembers the cow. JR shows him a picture of Jamie and asks if he was there too. The owner says yes, he was the "lucky bastard."

Babe is gleeful in all the new clothes and shoes she brought home after going on a shopping spree with her credit card. Winefred brings in a large box which Babe requested. Adam comes in and notices her purchases. She shows him what's in the box – the Chandler family christening gown. Adam tells her no child of hers will ever wear that gown. Babe says they will see. She'll ask JR and she's sure he'll want their baby to wear it. Adam tells her she's way to sure of herself. Babe says she has the Chandler family dynasty in her.

Maria is upset and tells Juan Pablo she doesn't know what happed with Carlos. A distraught Juan Pablo sees a guard and shoves him, yelling at him in Spanish. Maria tells him that the guard had nothing to do with it. Carlos wasn't murdered. His heart just stopped beating. Juan Pablo says she has to know what happened. She says maybe he had a history of heart disease. Juan Pablo shouts that she's just guessing. She says they will do their best to find out. Juan Pablo storms off. Maria tries to go after him but Edmund tells her that Juan Pablo needs answers, and she needs to get them for him. Joe tells Maria she did everything that was asked of her. They'll know more after the autopsy.

Greenlee can't understand how Carlos can be dead. Simone says she doesn't know what happened. He just started gasping for air and doctors could not save him. Greenlee thinks of Juan Pablo. She asks Simone but she says she doesn't know about Juan Pablo. He wasn't there when Carlos died. Greenlee gets ready to leave to go see Juan Pablo, but Simone tries to stop her. She asks if seeing Juan Pablo will help. Maybe it would make things worse.

Mia is surprised to see Kendall is out of jail. Kendall, who has walked in on Aidan and Mia at Aidan's room at the Pine Cone, says she got out on bail. She says she sees she interrupted something and starts to leave. Aidan stops her and invites her in. Aidan is sorry for missing the arraignment. Kendall says Jack tried to call her but he didn't answer. He must have been too busy to answer. Mia excuses herself from the room to let Aidan and Kendall talk. Aidan wants to tell her about Mia, but Kendall stops him, saying that it's between him and Mia. But she says this is the last time she'll come running to Aidan for help. Aidan says he's still her friend. Kendall says she wants him to be happy whoever he is with. She tells him not to worry about her – she's fine. She leaves with tears forming in her eyes. Mia returns, commenting that it was an awkward situation. Aidan say he doesn't understand why the phone didn't ring. Mia says maybe it rang when she was getting breakfast. He suggests that maybe she didn't answer it for some reason. Mia asks if it's too soon for him to think about someone other than Kendall.

Later, Mia arrives at Fusion and Kendall asks her what the hell she's doing with Aidan. Mia says they were doing just what Kendall thought they were doing. Kendall says she knows that she doesn't deserve Aidan but he deserves the best. Mia says he just might get it. Not with Mia's track record with men, Kendall says, adding that Mia is all wrong for him. Simone tells the women to shut up. They need to pull together, all four of them. Mia says they haven't been all four together in a long time. Kendall and Mia see Greenlee and realize something is wrong. Greenlee tells them that Carlos died today. The women reminisce about Carlos and Kendall comforts Greenlee, saying she knows how close she was with Carlos. They hug, but Greenlee asks afterward if she is supposed to believe the hug. Kendall asks if she thinks she hugged her as a ploy. Greenlee quietly says she can't do this right now and leaves. Kendall comments that their friendship is beyond repair. Simone says what happened with Carlos should make them all wake up. She comments that he put his life on the line for her. Kendall asks her what she means. Simone corrects herself, saying she didn't mean to say me. She meant for the girl who was raped.

Juan Pablo goes to the art gallery and sees Carlos' name by some of his work. Stuart comes in and tells Juan Pablo that he misses Carlos so much. He hopes he'll keep in touch. He's packed up his things and wants to send them to him. Juan Pablo remains quiet. Stuart shows him an unfinished piece of work called "The Brothers." He says Carlos probably wants to finish it. Stuart notices the look on Juan Pablo's face and asks if everything is OK. Before Juan Pablo can say anything, the phone rings and Stuart leaves the room. Greenlee arrives and with tears in her eyes walks toward Juan Pablo. They embrace.

Joe brings Maria the preliminary autopsy report. She looks at it and exclaims, "oh my God, no."

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