AMC Update Thursday 12/4/03

All My Children Update Thursday 12/4/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee awakens, hung over, and is startled to discover she’s in Ryan’s hotel room. He comes out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel. He shows her the dress she wore the night before and asks her if she remembers what happened the night before. He says something about them being on the same page. But she mumbles something about them not being even in the same library. She sounds like she believes they must have made love. He tells her, indirectly, that it didn’t happen, by saying the telescope didn’t even come out of storage. He informs her that he took her to his room, put her to bed in his bed, took off her dress, gave her a kiss goodnight, and fell asleep on the couch. She wonders why he no longer finds her cute and desirable. He tells her that he’s a fan of consent when he makes love to a woman. And she tells him she wants to oblige him, right now. He remarks that she might just be using him to take back Fusion and stick it to Kendall. She tells him she just wants to seduce him, without a thought about Fusion.

Aiden and Mia awaken in his bed. He seems very receptive to her until he discovers she’s left his phone off the hook. And right away, she discovers he did not want her to do that because he was hoping to hear from Kendall. Mia tells Aiden that she does also care about Kendall and wants to help her get out of jail. Aiden asks if Mia can stick around to take any calls, while he goes to the shower.

David comes by Bianca’s apartment after she’s called him. He brings his doctor kit, ready to take her blood pressure, assuming that’s why she’s called him. She tells him the reason she’s invited him to come over is because she needs him as a friend. She tells him she’s very concerned about Kendall. He tells her that he’s sure Jack can help Kendall. Bianca tells David that it’s very possible that if it can be proven that Kendall is pregnant, then it will help her get acquitted for the charges of killing Michael. She tells him she wants him to run all the necessary tests to help Kendall prove that she is pregnant. And she tells him that she is very concerned about Erica turning against Kendall and that people might not be there for Kendall. David assures her that many people will be there for Kendall’s best interests.

Kendall is surprised to discover that Erica has come to the jail to visit her. She tells Erica she wonders why she’s there. Erica says she brought a change of clothes for Kendall to wear to her arraignment hearing. Kendall inquires why Erica didn’t just send one of the servants to bring her her clothes. Erica says she’s concerned about her daughter and wants to make sure she’s alright before the hearing. Kendall inquires where this sudden act of concern is coming from. Erica says it came when Kendall got falsely accused of killing Michael Cambias. Kendall reminds her mother that she married her sister’s rapist and had his child, and reminds Erica of how angry she was. But Erica tries to assure her daughter that she knows Kendall has done what she’s done to protect her sister. So, Kendall inquires whether that means that she can now call Erica mom. Erica does everything she can to assure her daughter that she really does genuinely care for her. But Kendall still insists that Erica is only there out of guilt. Jack comes by and announces that the judge is ready for Kendall’s arraignment hearing right away. He tells her that he will work very hard to get her bail, but she must know what the odds are. When Jack is alone with Erica, she tells him that she remembers what it’s like to be in this cell, and emotionally urges him not to let Kendall be stuck there any longer. He brings up that she could help by telling him what she and David did the night of Michael’s murder. She tells him that she cannot compromise him like that. He tells her she must know how secrets and lies can hurt everybody. She tells him it does not have to be like that this time. He tells her he’s going to hold her to that, and he leans down and kisses her.

Ryan gets a call and immediately interrupts his encounter with Greenlee to go to Kendall’s arraignment. Greenlee says she gives her condolences for the judge. She becomes very angry at Ryan for ditching her and shows no concern for Kendall. She runs outside his hotel room, and right at that moment runs into Juan Pablo, who can see that she’s not fully clothed and assumes she’s shacked up with Ryan. She implies to him that she has slept with Ryan, and she’s done with him. She also inquires just why it is that wherever she goes, he’s always nearby. Then, she returns to Ryan’s room, to see his reaction to watching her “interest” in Juan Pablo. Greenlee, then, goes to talk to Juan Pablo. She tells him that Kendall informed her that she heard Juan Pablo saying that he loves Greenlee, and she asks him whether it’s really true; does Juan Pablo love her? He awkwardly tries to console her, telling her she is a very beautiful woman, and he did like her. But she demands that he answers. And he tells her no, he does not love her. And she gets very defensive, telling him that everything between them was all a lie.

Jack briefs Kendall before the trial. He warns her that the judge will not react to any histrionics or outbursts. Kendall is surprised to see Bianca and David arrive. She urges Bianca to go home and not stress herself. But Bianca tells Kendall she’s not going anywhere, she’s going to be there for her sister. She thanks Erica for calling her and telling her about Kendall’s arraignment hearing. Erica assures her that she will do anything to help Kendall. They enter the courtroom. The judge speaks and announces that the charge against Kendall is murder one. The judge asks Kendall how she pleads. She replies that she did not kill Michael Cambias, he was her husband. The judge demands that Kendall simply responds by pleading not guilty. And she makes a comment about former DA Jackson Montgomery, who’s just been suspended form his position, now, so conveniently acting as a defense attorney for Kendall Hart Cambias, who has just been charged with murdering her husband. Jack protests that his client is pregnant, and she needs medical care that cannot be given in jail. The prosecutor says she can get the same medical services given to all other prisoners and murders. He also mentions that Kendall was charged with the attempted murder of Ryan Lavery. Jack protests that the charges for that were dropped. Still, the prosecutor argues until Ryan enters and says that he knows that Kendall never intended to kill him. The judge bangs her gavel and shouts order. She asks Ryan to give his name so she knows who she is removing from her courtroom. She asks Jack why she should release a convicted murderer. Jack speaks about Kendall’s family, who are all there, and who can prevent her from leaving Pine Valley, and know she is no threat. The prosecutor says Kendall can be given milk when she’s taken back to jail. Ryan tells the judge that he can assure that “Mrs. Cambias” will not leave Pine Valley. Jack protests to the judge that Kendall is pregnant by her deceased husband. Ryan makes a comment that she only alleges this to be true. And the judge makes a ruling that bail is set at two million dollars. Kendall tells Jack and Ryan that she cannot come up with that kind of money. But Ryan tells her he will cover it. When they leave the courtroom, Kendall sarcastically tells Ryan that he’s being a real hero giving her the money that is rightfully hers. He tells her that he left a hot, steamy seen with Greenlee to be there for her, and if she’d rather go back to her cell, that’s o.k., with him. She leaves. He asks where she’s going. She says she’s going to find somebody she can trust. When Kendall leaves, Bianca approaches Ryan and thanks him for helping her sister. He tells her that Kendall does not make it easy. Bianca remarks that that’s what makes her Kendall, and that’s why they all love her. While Aiden and Mia are in his room, having a good time, they are interrupted by Kendall who enters and puts her arms around Aiden. She is startled to discover he has just slept with Mia.

Juan Pablo is ready to take Carlos out of the hospital. Maria is there to see him off. Simone comes to visit and help. Edmund appears and assures Juan Pablo that he has pulled strings to protect Carlos from the threats. Juan Pablo tells Maria how grateful he is to her to have his brother’s life, and gives her a hug. Simone visits Carlos in his room. They relive all of their old memories of seducing each other. He tells her that if he were to return to Pine Valley, he’d find her with Tad Martin. But she says she wants to see him again. They laugh and smile. But, only seconds later, Carlos slips into a coma. Maria and the medical team all rush to revive him. Greenlee enters the Fusion office, sputtering all of her frustrations to Simone, who is sitting silently, until she notices the shocked expression of Simone. She asks what has happened. Simone informs her that Carlos is dead.

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