AMC Update Wednesday 12/3/03

All My Children Update Wednesday 12/3/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Mia and Aiden return to his home after being out in the cold. She discovers she may have frostbite. They look at each other with desire. He offers to get her a blanket. Then she makes a comment about knowing what he’s doing, and that she’s not going to let him get away with it. He inquires what she alleges he’s trying to get away with. She says what she means is his walking away from her. Again she tries to seduce him. She tells him she wants him and he wants her, but it’s not going to happen if he’s merely trying to protect her. He denies trying to protect her. She says she knows he’s still hung up on Kendall, but she does not care about that. She just wants to be with him tonight. He tells her that because he cannot promise her a future, he does not want to mess things up. He tells her he has commitments the following morning. But she persists in seducing him. He finally breaks down and they get it on. At that moment, they hear, on the radio, that Kendall has been arrested for the murder of Michael Cambias. They are ready to take a shower together. But Mia knows that he will not give totally of himself, after discovering the news about Kendall. So she leaves and tells him she will come back when he’s done with what he has to do. She tells him that unless he plans to get hitched at the jailhouse, she plans to make love to him all night long, when he gets back. He goes to visit Kendall, telling her he will never give up on her. She sounds grateful. But he leaves and returns home to find Mia waiting. And they jump on the bed and get it on.

Greenlee and her mother are in the bar. Mary is urging Greenlee to forgive her for what she’s done so long ago. Greenlee is clearly drunk. Jack enters the room. She grabs both of their hands and says: “make a wish and pull.” Mary urges her daughter to give her a chance. But she leaves Greenlee alone with Jack. Greenlee tells him all about her miserable life of being betrayed, the problem she’s having with Kendall, and what life was like being raised by Mary and Roger Smythe. Jack urges Greenlee to stop feeling sorry for herself and come home with him. She tells him she realizes that she is no longer the center of her father’s attention. She is all alone. And she suggests that he is now “playing daddy” with Kendall. He urges her to give him her car keys and stop drinking. She does but she insists on staying there after he leaves. She says she’ll stay there overnight, after the place closes, and turn a tablecloth into a tent. She tells Jack that he needs to let Kendall cry on his big daddy’s shoulder about murdering her rapist husband, and having a devil baby.

Bianca confronts Erica and David. She tells them she knows that they were together the night Michael disappeared and she’s not going to let Kendall take the rap for murder. Erica inquires what the question of whether she was with David, has to do with Kendall. Bianca says it’s relevant if they were the ones who killed Michael. David tells her that the reason they were together, that night, is because they are lovers, not murderers. She asks her mother if she confirms the story, and Erica replies yes. Bianca tells them that she is not a child. She’s not naïve. Her childhood ended the night she was raped. They try to sell to her that they are hot and heavy. But she tells them they cannot fool her. She tells them that she knows the way her mother behaves when she’s head over heels, and she can tell that, regardless of Erica’s friendship with David, it’s plain to see Erica’s heels are on the ground and she is not in love with David, nor sleeping with him. David explains to Bianca that he concocted a potion for Michael to take to cause impotency. Erica confirms the story, saying that it was to prevent Michael from ever doing, to another woman, what he did to her. David says that he had the satisfaction of making sure that even if Michael lived, he would never be able to be a man, again, throughout the rest of his unnatural life. She asks if Michael drank the potion. David replies yes. She inquires whether that’s all he did. Erica tells her daughter that she wanted to murder Michael when she and David went to his home. But she knows that he was alive when they left his home. Bianca tells her mother that she can see how angry she is at Kendall and it scares her, and she knows David’s position, and so she needs them both to promise her something. Erica asks what that is. She tells them that whatever their mutual “plan” is, she wants them to promise not to let Kendall take the rap for murder. David asks Bianca if she’s ever thought that maybe Kendall actually did kill Michael. She says that she doubts it and that she believes that her mother might falsely accuse Kendall of murder, out of her anger toward her. But Erica assures Bianca that she would never falsely accuse Kendall of murder, if she knows Kendall did not do it. Regardless of circumstances, Erica confirms that she still considers Kendall her child and would be willing to do anything in her power to help Kendall beat the charges. And David confirms that.

When Bianca leaves, Erica emotionally turns to David and asks him just when this thing happened, just when and how did everything fall apart? Erica confides, to David, that things were great, right before her wedding to Jack. She was so happy to have both of her daughters there, and she remembered wanting to talk to her mother. Yet she fears that she has failed as a mother, to both of her daughters. She cries, remembering how the three of them were a family, the three Kane women. They were unbeatable. They were unstoppable. But as soon as they walked out of her home, ready for the wedding, everything fell apart. She asks David if he believes that they’ve done the right thing with Bianca. He tells her he believes they did what they had to do, but he’s sorry they couldn’t tell her the whole truth about everything that happened that night. Then he leaves, they hug, and it seems clear that the two of them do not have a romantic future together.

Ryan visits Kendall outside her jail cell. She tells him whatever he’s selling to her, she does not want it. He reaches through the bars and kisses her. He tells her he wants to know why she won’t let anybody love her. He tells her he’s here about DNA. She asks if that means he’s there to threaten her, she’s having Michael’s baby, whether he believes her or not, so he must deal with it. But he tells her he has a change of heart. He assures her that the DNA test will prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she’s carrying a little Cambias. She inquires just what he’s trying to do. He tells her that he can assure her that she will pass the DNA test. He informs her that he just got done having a conversation with Bianca. She inquires what this has to do with Bianca, and that he needs to leave Bianca out of this. But he urges her to realize he knows that all of this has to do with Bianca. She is the reason Kendall got herself in jail, in the first place. She tells him he is the greediest, most self-centered, obnoxious bastard she’s ever seen and she does not trust him. But he keeps urging her to believe that he’s willing to make big sacrifices to help her prove that she is pregnant. And he urges her to believe that the two of them are on the same side. But she tells him that she no longer trusts, nor desires him, so he needs to get over himself and stay out of her life. When Ryan leaves, Kendall gets a visit from Aiden.

After Jack leaves, a drunken Greenlee is dancing to music, when Ryan suddenly appears and dances with her. She appears happy to see him. She tells him how tired she is of Kendall getting all the attention, and that the entire family would be o.k., for Thanksgiving, and for all other purposes, if it had not been for Kendall. She tells him that now Jack is too consumed in his pregnant not-yet-step-daughter who married a rapist and killed him. And she believes now she is out in the cold, when she has none of the problems that Kendall has. She tells him that she really tried to be a good daughter, a good sister, and a real sweet person. He asks her why it is necessary to be sweet, she’s not applying for sainthood. She tells him that the “good girl” thing is not working for her. But he reminds her that the “bad girl” thing didn’t work either. She reflects, how, throughout all of the terrible things that Kendall has recently done, Jack has shot her down to care about Kendall. He tells Greenlee that Kendall has gotten what she wants. What he explains that he means by that, is that Kendall has finally gotten on the “inside” and is cared for by Erica’s family. Ryan tells Greenlee that although she is worried that Kendall has stolen her spotlight, he knows that Greenlee shines a light, all her own. They dance together. And finally Greenlee is happy.

When Bianca returns home, she has a “vision” of Michael Cambias sitting on her couch, telling her that although he is dead, she is having his baby. She protests that he is not real, he’s just a dream she’s having. But he tells her he’s going to take away her baby, her sister, and everything and everybody else she loves. She tells her “demon” that he’s wrong. He’s not going to take anything from her. She was once beaten by her fear of him. But she’s stronger now. She’s going to fight him for everything she loves. And this time, she’s going to win.

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