AMC Update Tuesday 12/2/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/2/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Derek and Justin come to arrest Kendall, and interrupt the Thanksgiving dinner. Jack tells them they are way out of line. Reggie protests against their accusations. Ryan tells Kendall he promises to get her out of jail. She tells him he needs to stop acting like he cares. Everybody else stands speechless. Bianca tells Maggie and Lena that she wants to help Kendall. They urge her to not get involved. But she protests that Kendall is getting herself into all this trouble because of her, and she has to do something.

At the Martins, its’ been discovered that Jamie has slept with his brother’s wife. Tad and Brooke are shocked. But Adam is very happy to have what looks to be an opportunity to get Babe out of his family’s life. Suddenly, Babe has a painful attack. Adam believes she’s faking it. But she insists that it’s the baby and she is in pain. Brooke sits her down and talks to her. She cries and tells Brooke that Adam is causing her too much stress. Brooke goes to confront Adam about cornering her son. He says that he does not care about Babe. She tells him this has nothing to do with Babe. She demands that he leaves her son alone and that he stops asking Jamie to do his dirty work for him. Adam says he’s not asking Jamie to do anything, Jamie is too busy banging his son’s wife. Outside, JR and Jamie have a confrontation. JR tells Jamie that he’s not going to take his wife away from him. He says they’ve had a history of competing for the same girl, with Lori, and with others, they argue for a while, but sound like the want to reconcile.

When JR finds Babe again, she urges him to talk to her. For the first time, he pulls away from her. He asks her if Jamie came on to her. He sounds upset and untrusting at first. But she attempts to explain her encounters with Jamie. Then, she urges him to talk to her, and tells him she loves him. At that point, they get it on. After they’ve drifted off in bed, JR hears a knock at the door. It’s Adam, who can clearly tell his son and daughter-in-law have “reconciled”. He says he came to see if JR is alright. He says was very concerned about how upset JR was just a short time ago. JR says his wife is waiting for him, and he apologizes if he did not listen to malicious accusations his father has made about Jamie and about Babe, and the fact that he is not “following daddy’s instructions” by taking Babe to the nearest bus station, and dropping her off there.

Brooke confronts Adam, insisting that he must not judge Babe, just because he did not choose her, out of a line of debutants, for JR. He protests that he loves JR. Brooke tells him that if he loves JR, then he needs to stop pressuring him and interfering in his life.

After Kendall has been arrested, she keeps telling Ryan that he needs to get out of her face. Greenlee holds onto Ryan and tells Kendall she’s being very foolish, and acts like she’s going to hook up with Ryan. Greenlee goes after Ryan. But he walks off and refuses to talk to her. Reggie tells Mary that she needs to confess to murdering Michael Cambias. She says she did not murder anybody and reminds him that “that good looking young D.A.” threatened to take him downtown if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut. Reggie tells her that he forgot that and she needs to confess to murder. She says she believes Reggie needs to confess to murder. Erica tells the cops that it is not necessary to put cuffs on Kendall. Kendall tells Erica she does not buy her “phony concern” and that both Erica and Ryan need to stop acting like they care about her, because she does not buy anything either of them say. At that moment, a man named Allen, who has just suddenly gotten appointed to a high position of authority, appears and tells Jack that he is hereby removed from this case and suspended from his duties as D.A., indefinitely. He tells Jack that in addition to suspension from his position of D.A. and removal from the Cambias case, he is also going to be scheduled for inquisition about his conduct. He tells Jack that the department has noticed many questionable behaviors on Jack’s part, including taking the gun from the evidence area, as well as many other thing. Erica, Reggie and just about everybody else is outraged and wildly defend Jack. Greenlee tells Jack that she knows he loves being a lawyer and is great at it, and she won’t let him give up on his career. At that point, Jack takes Kendall aside and tells her that, now that he is no longer the D.A., he will be able to represent her as her attorney. She tells him she is very grateful, but is also concerned about this terrible injustice that has been done to him. Yet Justin and Allen tell them that they must postpone Jack’s “representation” of Kendall, until after she is booked. A reporter enters and asks Erica how she feels about her daughter being charged with murder. Erica and David push her out the door and demand she leaves them alone. Greenlee asks Erica how she feels about Kendall getting nailed for murder. Greenlee tells Erica although she’s had problems with Kendall , she doesn’t want to see her get arrested for murder, and inquires: doesn’t Erica also care?. Erica tells Greenlee that no matter whose daughter Greenlee is, Erica wants nothing to do with her.

Ryan talks to Bianca. He tells her that it’s entirely possible that Kendall has lost her mind to have married and gotten pregnant by her sister’s rapist. But he believes that an insanity plea will not help Kendall’s defense. And he tells Bianca that the two of them need to have a serious conversation about Kendall’s “alleged” pregnancy. Ryan says he realizes he may have been out of line to assume that Kendall was lying. Bianca says he did not “assume”, he accused. He apologizes for believing that Bianca would have the child of Michael Cambias, after what he did to her. Bianca confirms that she would never do such a thing. He tells Bianca that the point of the conversation is to tell her that, possibly, making Kendall take the DNA test could clear her of murder. He asks Bianca, confidentially, that if he makes Kendall take the DNA test, will it prove she’s really pregnant?. She assures him that everything will work out and it will be proven that Kendall’s telling the truth. When he leaves, Maggie enters. Bianca informs Maggie what Ryan is up to. Maggie is very worried that now that Kendall is in jail, it will be found out that she’s lying about her pregnancy. But Bianca informs Maggie that she could sense that Ryan wants to “help” Kendall pass her DNA test, and is on her side.

While leaving the dinner party, Mary urges Greenlee to let her take her home. Greenlee tells her mother she’s 26 years too late. Mary protests that she knows she’s been a bad mother in the past, but she wants another chance and tells Greenlee she needs her mother, now. Greenlee says what she needs is some more champagne.

When Kendall is at the station, reporters hound her, asking how she can marry her sister’s rapist. Jack stands by her until Justin books her, and assures her that everything will be o.k. Jack accompanies Kendall to her jail cell. She tells him she hopes the ink they used for her fingerprints will not hurt her baby. She tells him she really appreciates all he’s doing for her. He tells her that he knows that everything she’s done has been out of love for Erica and Bianca. She tells him he doesn’t need to hold her hand. But she asks him if he can do her a favor by letting Bianca know that she’s o.k. and letting Boyd, and Erica and others know that they needn’t worry about her.

When Erica returns to her home, with David, they discover the police have invaded her home while she was out. She tells him they cannot do that without her permission. He tells her that they can, if they have a search warrant. The both sound as though they are not worried about the police finding anything there. But Erica confesses that she is worried for Kendall. She admits that although she’s angry at Kendall, she knows she is not a murderer. She also confesses, to David, that she spoke to Adam Chandler and he told her what he saw the night Michael Cambias disappeared.

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