AMC Update Monday 12/1/03

All My Children Update Monday 12/1/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Maria is examining Carlos while Juan Pablo and Simone watch. Maria tells them that Carlos is doing great and will be able to leave the hospital soon. They walk into the hallway and find Edmund has prepared a Thanksgiving meal for them. They drink a toast to Carlos' recovery. Simone later goes into Carlos' room and feeds him a bowl of soup. Carlos tells her he knows she'd rather be with Tad. Simone says they're keeping it casual, at least Tad is. She admits that she's falling for Tad, but tells Carlos that Liza wants him. Carlos tells her she'll take Liza out. Later, a male nurse wearing a ring with an insignia tends to Carlos and is invited to share their Thanksgiving meal.

Justin and a police official are at the Martins' Thanksgiving dinner, asking Adam where he was the night Michael Cambias disappeared. Opal, sitting next to Palmer, blurts out that she knew police would catch up with Palmer. The officials question Opal about her statement, but Tad and Palmer tell them that Opal is the victim of psychotic episodes. Tad says she even thinks she can play the radio through her teeth and change stations by rearranging her necklace. Opal plays along, humming while playing with her necklace.

Adam takes the officials outside to talk to them, and JR follows. Adam tells them the night that Cambias disappeared he was with Stuart in Canada. Stuart appears and tells them that Adam is right. Then Stuart adds, "aren't you going to tell him the rest." Justin asks to hear the rest. Stuart says they weren't together the whole time – Adam left. Adam says he went after a part for an outboard motor. Justin tells him they'll check out his alibi. Adam asks Justin why they raced over there to talk to him. Justin says they got a tip. When Adam questions who tipped them, Justin says they can't reveal that information. Justin and the police officer leave, and Adam tells JR that there is an informant out there. JR says it's not him. If says if he wanted to bring Adam down he wouldn't involve the cops.

Back inside the house, Opal is telling the group about Palmer shooting Adam, digging out the bullet and sewing him up. Later, Opal asks Tad where Simone is, and Tad says he has no idea. She must have had other plans. Opal suggests he call her and invite her over for dessert, but Tad tells her to knock it off. JR proposes a toast to Dixie, then toasts to his wife and child-to-be. Some in the group didn't know Babe is pregnant, and JR happily informs them all that Babe is six weeks pregnant. That bit of news causes Jamie to knock the turkey over on the plate. Tad questions JR, saying he thought Babe was nine weeks pregnant. Babe says JR is just excited. She's 10 weeks pregnant, not six. JR says it doesn't matter. A worried-looking Jamie goes outside and Tad tries to follow. Joe stops Tad and says he'll talk to Jamie. Joe and Jamie talk about lying, and Joe admits that he once lied to Ruth to protect her, but only hurt her. Jamie says he knows what he needs to do and goes back into the house. JR sees Jamie and proposes a toast to him, saying he's sorry he wasn't able to be the best man in his wedding. Jamie says he is not worthy of a toast. "I did wrong by you, JR," he says.

Derek and Pine Valley police are busy searching the homes of the suspects. First at Kendall's condo, Ryan tells them about Kendall's claim to be pregnant with Cambias' baby. Derek appears stunned by the news. Searches continue at the home of Jack, Myrtle, David and Erica. Later, while at the police station, he tells his officers that it's time to do this.

At the Valley Inn, Jack and his family and friends are attempting to have a Thanksgiving dinner. Erica, however, is galled that Kendall has made herself at home at the table. She says she can't stay there and eat with Kendall. Kendall says Erica can leave and she'll eat her meal, since she's eating for two now. Kendall stands up and declares that she is being shunned by her mother, who taught her everything she knows about love and kindness. "I'll show you love and kindness," Erica replies. Erica tells her she needs attention so badly she's willing to destroy all of them to get it. Bianca continues to tell her mother to cut it out. Jack is upset that his nice dinner with family and friends is turning into a disaster. He points out to the crowd that there is a police officer watching them and taking note of everything that's going on. Erica and David leave the table, and Erica is complaining to him about Kendall. David tells her the police are watching them. They re-enter, kissing and acting like they're a couple in love. Jack asks Myrtle to say the blessing, and she asks everyone to hold hands. Erica protests that she doesn't want to hold the hand of Mary, who is sitting next to her. But eventually the two of them take a napkin, and each has a hold of one end of it. Ryan arrives to join the festivities and presents a box to Kendall. He tells her it contains baby booties with the letter "C" engraved in gold. He tells Kendall that the cops were at her home searching for information. Kendall looks worried. Ryan informs Kendall that she'll have to pass a DNA test before she gets her hands on any of the Cambias fortune. David notices that Jack looks distressed, and says he could write him a prescription for a headache. Oh, but Jack already knows how to write a prescription, he says. Jack asks him what that's supposed to mean. David says the police know that Jack planted heroin in Michael's condo to make it look like a drug killing. David asks Jack if he "shot the little bastard" as well. Jack tells David that police are breathing down his neck as well. Bianca leaves the table and Kendall follows her into the bathroom. Bianca tells Kendall that their plan isn't working. She can't watch as Kendall's life goes up in flames. Bianca says she wants to go back out there and tell everyone she is pregnant with Michael's child. Kendall stops her and reminds her that she needs to protect her baby from being labeled a Cambias. Kendall says they need to concentrate on their next challenge – getting DNA to prove she is pregnant with Cambias' baby. Kendall returns to the table and Maggie enters the bathroom, asking Bianca why she told Lena she's pregnant. Maggie says she doesn't trust Lena. Lena walks in and tells Maggie she doesn't have to worry, she won't betray Bianca. Maggie says they'll just have to wait and find out. Back at the table, Erica and David continue to kiss each other and a disgusted Reggie pours gravy into David's lap. Derek and his officers interrupt Jack's dinner and announce that they are there to make an arrest.

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