AMC Update Wednesday 11/26/03

All My Children Update Wednesday 11/26/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Erica insists that Kendall must have pulled some sort of “trick” to prove she is pregnant. She says it cannot be true. Maria tells her that the test results do not lie. David confirms that he was there the whole time, and Aidan confirms that he watched over the whole procedure. At that point, Ryan takes Maria aside and asks her to tell him everything she knows that happened throughout the testing procedure. Erica tells Kendall that she can enjoy her “victory”, but she will never be wanted or cared for in Erica’s family. At that point, Bianca can no longer keep up her “hate act” toward Kendall, and interrupts her mother, demanding that she stop bashing Kendall. Erica protests that Bianca must stop defending Kendall, and must see her for what she really is. Bianca tells Erica she does see Kendall for what she really is, and that Erica needs to stop insulting and threatening her. Kendall suddenly offers to give Enchantment back to Erica. Erica tells Kendall that she believes Kendall is beyond help. Kendall can keep Enchantment for all she cares. She will never take any “generosity” from her. She just wants her out of her life. She also tells Bianca that she believes she’s done everything she can to be a good sister to Kendall, but it’s pointless. David offers to take both of them home, and keeps his “act” up, like he is on their mutual side, against Kendall. But when Lena suddenly appears, Bianca secretly confesses to her that she blames herself, and that Kendall has done nothing wrong. She says it is she who has lied to her mother, her friends and family, and to Lena. She finally “spits out” to Lena that Kendall is not pregnant, she is. Lena wonders how that could be, if Kendall’s blood test came back “positive” for pregnancy. Bianca informs her that she swapped her blood sample with Kendall’s. She tells Lena how upset she is about having to expose Kendall to all this hate, when she knows how Kendall has done everything she’s done, out of love. She tells Lena that she wanted to go up and shake Erica for being so hateful to Kendall, and scream to everybody that Kendall is a good, loving person who deserves better than this.

When Aidan is alone with Kendall, he reveals that he knows that David Hayward falsified her blood samples. She reveals that she did not trust him enough to inform him, beforehand, of her plans. She asks if he’d like to know who’s blood revealed that Kendall was pregnant. He says he doesn’t want to know. She inquires why he doesn’t want to get her in trouble. He tells her he promises not to be spiteful, because of jealousy over her involvement with Ryan, but maybe she shouldn’t trust Ryan. Yet she tells him that she knows Ryan wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. She states that she realizes that she has not given Aidan much reason to believe in her. He says he believes that she’s innocent of murdering Michael, that she has good intentions to help her sister, but he’s tired of being her “side-kick” and being used. She urges him to work something out. He tells her that it’s too late. But she wants to give them another chance. She tells him she loves him. Then she touches him and kisses him. He responds for a moment, but then lets her go. Then she walks out the door. When she walks out, she runs into Mia. Mia asks her what she’s up to. Kendall realizes that Greenlee must have “leaked” to Mia what she’s up to. Mia says it doesn’t matter who the source is, and she is very angry at Kendall. She corners Kendall and tells her that she needs to commit to Aidan and stop stringing him along. Kendall tells Mia that she does love Aidan, but things are very complicated. Mia asks what’s complicated, Kendall either is ready to commit to Aidan, or she’s not. And if she’s not, then Aidan is fair game. Kendall is not able to tell Mia what, specifically, is going on with her. Then they depart, and Mia dashes into Aidan’s home. She brings some cheap food and tells him that if he wants her out, he has to throw her out.

Jack plans his Thanksgiving dinner at the Valley Inn.. Myrtle enters. Then Boyd. He also runs into an acquaintance who seems to be a uniform cop, out-of-uniform, who has come to warn Jack that he is in a lot of trouble. Derek and Justin are at the station, where the list of suspects in the Cambias murder is in full view. Justin is on the phone telling someone that he does not care if it’s Thanksgiving. He says they must move forward with something. The man who is talking to Jack tells him that Derek and Justin have found Jack’s gun. Jack says he appreciates the man’s concern, but he’s in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner, and encourages the man to go home, be with his family, enjoy Thanksgiving, and not worry about this. But the man tells him that he knows Derek and Justin have asked a judge to interrupt his Thanksgiving dinner to meet with them. But Jack tells him he’s not worried. He reenters the room and finds Reggie there, but finds out that Reggie was unable to get Greenlee to join him. Erica enters to join Jack and Reggie at the Valley Inn. They are happy until they discover she has invited David Hayward. Erica informs everybody at the party that she apologizes for being late, but says she had something to attend to. She says she just discovered that Bianca will be an “aunt” to her rapist’s child. Kendall is pregnant by Michael Cambias. Jack, Boyd, and Myrtle tell her they cannot believe such a thing and it must be a mistake.

Justin contacts a Lieutenant who urges him to “postpone” his plans, until after Thanksgiving dinner, and tells him that now is the time, to catch Jack “off-guard”, that they cannot delay, nor put it off any longer.

Greenlee enters the Fusion office and tells Mia that she cannot understand how Kendall could be pregnant. Mia wonders how Kendall could sleep with a rapist, and becomes just as angry at Kendall as Greenlee is. Greenlee lets Mia know that she is bound and determined to get to the bottom of this whole situation. She gets on the phone and calls Ryan. She tries to “entice” him into spending Thanksgiving with her, and “getting it on” afterwards. But he blows her off and says she needs to be with her family.

At Tad Martin’s house, Jamie is ready to confront Babe. When she enters, he demands to know how pregnant she is. Tad tells JR that he has nothing to worry about. He has a new bride and a quality life, and good reason to be happy. Opal and Palmer enter with their food. Tad tells JR that JR’s mother divorced him, he understands what it’s like to live with in-laws, and he suggests that JR not live with Adam. But JR asserts that he’s not going to run away again. He says he will not be intimidated by his father, living in his home. Jamie tells Babe that if she’s “mistaken” about the date of conception, she can level with him. He asks if she is, in fact, nine weeks along. She asks him that if she tells him, will it be their mutual “secret”? The moment Babe meets up with Adam, he’s needling her again. Jamie is ready to drive her somewhere, but she insists that he goes without her, and that she will drive herself where she needs to go. When he leaves, she gets on the cell phone and tells somebody that she is an anonymous source who has information on the murder of Michael Cambias. Adam tells Mary she is not invited to the Martin’s Thanksgiving dinner. She asks him where she’s supposed to go. He says he doesn’t care, but she’s not going to be at Tad’s house, feeling his son up, under the table. He says she can help herself to leftovers back at his home, but she’d better stay out of his booze. When Tad sees Jamie again, he urges him to “drop” the whole situation with Babe and accept that she’s married to JR. Right when everybody is seated, after Joe Martin says Thanksgiving grace, and they are all ready to eat and give thanks, there is a knock on the door. Joe’s wife rushes to get it, saying she assumes it must be Stuart. But it’s Justin with the Lieutenant. He says he is sorry to interrupt her family’s Thanksgiving dinner. But he needs to talk to one of her guests. Tad asks, can’t this wait until the end of Thanksgiving dinner. But Justin tells him that there is no “holiday” for murder. Babe instantly repeats: “murder?” sounding like she’s questioning it. And Justin names Adam Chandler as the “suspect” he wants to question for the murder of Michael Cambias.

At Fusion, while alone, trying to bury herself in work, Greenlee is unexpectedly visited by her mother. Mary makes an attempt to communicate with her daughter. She tells Greenlee that she knows they are alike, being desperate for love, and they are both alone on Thanksgiving, for the same reason. Greenlee hastily blows her off, assuming she just wants money. But she protests that’s not the reason why she’s there. At that point she tells Greenlee she does not want her working too hard on Thanksgiving, and walks out. Suddenly, Jack and his party are greeted by Bianca and by Greenlee. And, surprisingly, Greenlee is accompanied by Mary.

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