AMC Update Tuesday 11/25/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/25/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

JR is carrying Babe down the stairs. She tells him it is not necessary, she is pregnant, not dead. But he says that he wants to be there for her, every step of the way. He finally tells her about his concerns over the conversation he had with Jamie. At that point, Adam comes down the stairs and asks who is the father of her baby, JR or Jamie? This ruins JR’s and Babe’s good mood. Adam tells them that he is setting up a trust fund to make sure the future of Adam Chandler III is secure. JR says he does not want his father interfering in his business with his wife. Adam asks Babe what she wants. She says she wants whatever JR wants. JR demands that his father drops it. Adam leaves and Babe tells her husband that they need to take the flowers to the Martins. When JR departs, Babe tells Adam that she is onto him, he might as well drop the phony act, she knows he’s still out to dig up dirt on her, and she is not fooled. He concludes to his daughter-in-law, that if he really and truly believed that she could make his son happy, he would be the best friend she has, next to him. She tells him that although she knows that Adam came from a very poor background, with a childhood not unlike hers’, she cannot imagine such a thing, knowing him now with all his wealth. She tells him she admires how he’s made so much success for himself, and some day she’d like to understand and develop a relationship with him. JR returns, and Adam tells him that it’s unnecessary for him to come back. He says can take Babe with him to the Martin’s. And she confirms that she is very happy to accompany Adam and hear his next plan to ship her off to Alaska, or whatever he has in store for her.

JR asks Stuart how he has put up with Adam all these years. Stuart says his relationship with Adam is very much like JR’s with Jamie. JR tells Stuart it’s totally different. He’s never wanted to punch Jamie. But Adam makes anybody want to hurt him. He tells Stuart he knows how to live his own life without Adam’s help and could probably live Adam’s life for him, better than Adam could live his own life. He tells Stuart that he really loves Babe but is afraid that his life with her could be totally screwed up. Stuart inquires if JR means it could be screwed up by his dad. He says there’s something else involved. Babe is pregnant. Stuart apparently has not heard yet, and is very surprised and happy when he hears the news. Stuart assures his nephew that all new dads get nervous and have the jitters. JR tells him that he does not have the greatest role model for fatherhood. And he tells him how Adam has ruined everybody’s life. But they both reminisce about how things were great when they had Thanksgiving with Dixie. JR says she was perfect. Stuart reminds him that Dixie was not perfect, she made mistakes. JR tells him that it’s kind of strange that Dixie’s mistakes did not hurt people the way Adam Chandler’s mistakes have. Stuart tells JR that Dixie is not here, but Adam is. And whatever happens, they will always remember Dixie.

The Martins are getting ready for Thanksgiving. Tad’s father and step-mother are meticulously getting all the plans ready, moving furniture, setting everything up. Tad tells them that they are fussing too much and not making a comfortable Thanksgiving atmosphere. Tad and Jamie clearly show that they are ill-at-ease. They look at each other, exchange uneasy glances, while moving a table, and at that point, drop the table. When they are alone, Tad lectures his son, that he knows that he did everything he could to be responsible, the odds are highly unlikely that the baby is his, but Tad remembers too many bad experiences of bad relationship and untimely pregnancies. He tells his son he must either walk away from the fact that Babe married JR and is pregnant, and nobody may ever find out the true paternity of her baby, or confront it. At that point Jamie tells his father that he needs to find out the truth and walks out the door. Brooke appears at the door and inquires just what he needs to find out. Joe’s wife invites Brooke into the kitchen to attend to the pies. When Tad and Jamie are alone, they reveal that they’ve been trying to distract the women so that they can have a private conversation that is not overheard or revealed. Tad asks Jamie just what happened in connection to his one-night-stand with Babe. Jamie tells Tad that he realized it was only a fling until Babe gave him reason to believe otherwise. Unexpectedly, Brooke walks in the room and asks what they are talking about. She accidentally drops and breaks expensive china. She confronts Tad on just who she overheard him saying that Jamie has the hots for. Tad distracts her by telling her how embarrassed she should be to break the china. But Brook is not about to forget the subject at hand. When alone with Jamie, Tad tells him that when JR and family join them for Thanksgiving dinner, he must leave his “obsession” alone.

At Jack’s apartment, Greenlee gets up and rushes to the door, ready for an exciting day. When she sees Jack, she tells him she has no time to talk, she needs to get out the door to expose what a lying, no-good sleaze-ball Kendall is. Jack tells her she’s not going anywhere. He tells her that she has no business interfering in Kendall’s life. She asks just whose side he’s on, anyway. Reggie, who is overhearing, tells Jack he wonders the same thing. Jack tells Greenlee that he does not “favor” Kendall over her, he only cares about her. But she needs to stay out of something that is not her business. He tells her that she also needs to be told by her father when she’s screwed up. She protests that she believes that Erica has the right to know that Kendall has lied to her, and she also cares about how this is hurting. Bianca. Jack tells Greenlee that she has no business getting in the middle of Erica’s relationship with her daughters. Greenlee informs her father that nothing will stop her from doing what she needs to do. She says she knows it is inevitable that their relationship will eventually end, and she does not care if that happens, and reminds him that she was raised by worthless people, who have influenced her to be a bad little girl. He tells her he’s not going to give up on her, nor listen to her attitude, and she needs to stop her tirade and come to her senses. Jack firmly tells his daughter that he will never stop loving her, but he expects all members of his family to stick together and help each other. Reggie overhears, when Jack tells Greenlee that he’s not about to give her a medal for doing the “bad girl” number, nor will he be manipulated by hearing all about her miserable childhood. He tells them both that he expects them to pull themselves together, get ready and meet him at the Valley Inn for Thanksgiving dinner. When Greenlee leaves, Reggie confronts Jack. He asks why Jack never told him about his conversation with Erica where he told her to back off from Kendall. Jack tells his son he didn’t realize he had to answer to him for that. Reggie tells Jack that he does not believe that they will be a family until Jack gets back with Erica. Suddenly the phone rings. Someone calls to confirm reservations. Jack states, to himself, that he might have to go to the Thanksgiving dinner, without anybody in his family. No Greenlee, no Erica, no Reggie. It might be just Myrtle and himself.

At the hospital, David is alone with Bianca, informing her that if she wants to swap blood-samples with Kendall, right in the presence of Maria Grey, an intern, and Ryan, he is the man to help her. She smiles and does not appear to be uptight. Ryan confronts Kendall in the hospital hallway. She tells him that she’s about to prove that she is pregnant whether he believes her or not. At that moment, Erica appears and says not if she has anything to say about it. Maria appears and tells David that it is unnecessary for him to assist Kendall, because she will do it. David tells her that it is his responsibility. But Erica, somehow, believes that it is David, not Maria, who she can trust to find out that Kendall is lying about her pregnancy. Ryan, however, knows that Maria will expose Kendall, while David cannot be trusted to do so. Erica states, in front of everybody, that the whole town knows that Kendall is a liar, and nobody will stand up for her, while Ryan stands by her to confirm what she said. But then, Aidan appears and says that he will stand up for Kendall. Kendall thanks him, but tells him it is not necessary for him to do that. He tells her that if she needs a witness, she can count on him. He insists he’s there because he wants to be, and it’s time to get on with it. Ryan confronts Aidan and tells him he does not trust him and he’d better keep his hands where he can see them. Erica tells David that she is very suspicious of having Maria supervising the procedure, and afraid she may be covering Kendall’s lie with false evidence from a pregnant woman’s blood. But David assures her she has nothing to worry bout. Little does she know that that is exactly what he plans to do. Erica runs into Bianca and tells her that she does not need to be there. Bianca says she wants to be there and puts on her act that she is there to witness what a worthless liar Kendall is. When Ryan gets Bianca alone, he tells her he is truly sorry for everything. Bianca tells him that he needs it to be proven that it’s a lie. They all gather around when Maria takes Kendall into the next room and draws blood from her arm.

While David and the interns are alone in the room getting the test results ready, Kendall and Bianca fake a screaming match for Erica and Ryan to hear. They both seem to buy that Kendall has done something terrible to Bianca, and Bianca will never forgive her. And right at that point, Maria enters and tells them that the test results have come back and Kendall is pregnant.

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