AMC Update Monday 11/24/03

All My Children Update Monday 11/24/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Mary is admiring the sculpture she made depicting the headless torso of a muscular man. She caresses it as if she were trying to seduce a live man. Tad approaches and threatens her with arm if she goes after his son again. Mary tells him that Jamie tried to seduce her. Adam enters the scene and asks who the model for the sculpture was, surely not Tad. Mary tells Adam to make Tad stop attacking her. Tad tells Adam that Mary is pawing at his son, and if she doesn't stop he'll have Brooke write a "sexcapade" in Tempo Magazine about her. He picks up her sculpture and drops it on the ground, smashing it, much to her horror. He tells Adam he came to see the newlyweds and to see how Babe is doing after getting out of the hospital. He goes inside.

Mary asks Adam why he didn't help her while Tad was ripping into her. She says Tad refuses to believe that Jamie came onto her. She says she can't help it if young men find her irresistible. But she promises to find a PG-13 way to get Jamie to open up to her. She suspects he could be the father of Babe's baby. Adam says Jamie's face was half terror, half horror when he learned about the pregnancy. He says he told Jamie that Babe slept with the entire 9th fleet and suggested to Jamie that he do JR a favor and tell him.

Jamie is prepared to tell JR the truth, and tells him he's not going to like it. Jamie says it's possible Babe's baby is... Tad interrupts before Jamie can spill the beans. Tad tells Jamie not to say anything, but JR demands to know what Jamie was going to say. Jamie tells his father he can handle this. Instead Tad makes up a story about how Jamie is concerned about potentially risky pregnancies, and is worried about Babe. Jamie plays along. Later, when they're alone, Jamie asks his father how he knew he slept with Babe. Tad tells him the signs were obvious. Jamie says he didn't know she was JR's wife. Tad says Babe knew she was JR's wife. Tad says according to the timing, Babe was pregnant before she met Jamie. Jamie says Babe has been with a ton of guys. Tad asks JR if he used protection and Jamie says he did, but he realizes it isn't 100 percent reliable. Tad tells him he needs to walk away from this and move on or the guilt will eat him alive.

Adam apologizes to JR for his behavior toward Babe. JR tells his father that he needs to apologize to Babe, and Adam says he will. Adam says he got love confused with control. Now he wants to set his son free. He knows he wants to leave with Babe, and he promises not to stop him. JR says he doesn't want to leave. He wants a father, not an enemy. He wants a family for his baby. He will give his father one more chance. Adam says that's fair, and they toast to their new understanding.

At David's house, Erica tells Kendall she knows exactly why she's here. She needs to find a doctor who will give her a positive pregnancy test. David, trying to cover for Kendall, tells her she's making a huge mistake running to him for cover. She needs to tell Erica the truth. Kendall, unaware that David is still on her side, asks to talk to him in private. David says this needs to be out in the open, especially for Bianca. He says he helped Bianca through a difficult time and now Kendall makes him sick with her coming to him for help. He kicks her out, but tells her quietly outside to come to the hospital and he'll help her with a fake test. After Kendall's gone, David tells Erica that he's going to supervise a strict medical test to determine if Kendall is pregnant. Bianca, who is listening from another room, accidently leans against the door, causing it to shut. Erica hears the noise and asks what it was. David tries to dismiss it, saying it's the house settling. Erica doesn't believe that, and wants to look in the bedroom. David tells her all that's in there is his bed, and he thinks she wants to go in there because she wants him. Erica tells him that is his dream, not hers. David sees her out, then tells Bianca she can come out now. Bianca asks him if what he said to Kendall was an act, and he assures her it was. David says when Kendall goes in for her pregnancy test, she's going to need help from Bianca. The scene fades away, and when it returns Bianca says she knows her part. David tells her it won't be easy to pull off, but she says she's up to it. David says by this time tomorrow Kendall will have proof she's pregnant with Michael Cambias' baby.

Kendall goes to the hospital, where she finds Juan Pablo. He asks her about Ryan. When she wants to know why, he tells her that Ryan and Greenlee are together. But he doesn't believe he's good for Greenlee. Kendall says Ryan's not good for any woman.

Ryan tells Greenlee he can't believe she lets Juan Pablo jerk her around. Greenlee is angry and tells Ryan that he never loved her like Juan Pablo did, and like she.... she stops. He asks her if she meant to say like she loves him. Ryan tells Greenlee he still cares about her. Greenlee tells him to get out. Ryan says he'll take care of Kendall, but Greenlee says she'll deal with that "lying bitch" herself. Kendall hears Greenlee and goes into her room to confront her. Kendall rails at Greenlee for blabbing to Erica about her pregnancy. She tells her she's trying to use Ryan to get Fusion back. Greenlee tells her she hasn't seen anything yet. Greenlee tells Kendall her lie is going to destroy Bianca. What will she go after when she smashes her family? There's always Ryan. She mentions that she found the two of them on the roof, much to Kendall's surprise. Kendall tells her she's jealous. Juan Pablo dumped her so she's going after Ryan. She should go back to Juan Pablo, because he loves her. She heard him say it when Greenlee was unconscious. Greenlee doesn't believe her since everything she says is a lie. Greenlee tells her she wants her to run back to Juan Pablo and leave Ryan free for her. Greenlee promises to pound her into the ground. Kendall says he and her baby will be set for life. Greenlee tells her there is no baby.

Ryan goes to the section of the hospital under construction and runs into two guards who tackle him. Ryan fights back and manages to take a gun from one of them. He points the gun at them but within seconds Juan Pablo gets off the elevator and points a gun at Ryan, who drops the one he has. Ryan asks what's going on. Why are there men packing heat in the construction area of the hospital? Juan Pablo is quiet, but Ryan figures out that Juan Pablo's brother is here under protection. He concludes that the car accident was not an accident but a hit on Carlos. How deep does this go? Is this organized crime? Greenlee could have died because of Juan Pablo. Juan Pablo says he hates what happened but it won't happen again. Ryan says the only way it won't is if Juan Pablo and Carlos leave town. Juan Pablo says Greenlee needs a man she can trust and that will never be Ryan.

Later, Ryan goes back to Greenlee and says he wants to take her home. They walk out of the hospital room and pass Juan Pablo and Kendall. None of them speak. Kendall asks Juan Pablo if he's ever lost his heart's desire because he stood up for someone else. Juan Pablo says he understands more than she'll possibly know. They embrace.

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