AMC Update Friday 11/21/03

All My Children Update Friday 11/21/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Erica goes to Jack's apartment and is thrilled to see he is home and hasn't been arrested. Justin and Lt. Perry arrive at Jack's home. Justin says they're here to help Jack regarding the missing gun. Erica is surprised to hear his gun is missing, and Justin is surprised Erica didn't know. He asks Erica if she stole Jack's gun and murdered her daughter's rapist. Erica calls Justin a piece of slime who she should murder. He asks her if she's threatening him. Erica says she's entitled to her opinion. Jack says someone broke in and stole his gun and he didn't report it because he was more concerned about Bianca. Justin asks if anyone else had the combination to Jack's safe but Jack says he doesn't recall. Erica says Kendall knows the combination. She gave it to her once. Justin and Lt. Perry leave, telling Jack to let them know if he thinks of anyone else who may have the combination. Jack is upset with Erica for pounding another nail in Kendall's coffin. Erica says she'll do whatever it takes to protect Bianca. Jack says he won't be responsible for making the police go after Kendall. Erica says she had no choice. Kendall is sticking to her story to spite her. The only thing they can do is expose her lies. Jack says he wants no part of it. Exposing her as a liar will destroy her alibi. Erica says she'll go to David for help if Jack won't help her.

Bianca notices Ryan is watching her and Kendall, so she pretends to be upset with Kendall. She tells Kendall she wishes she never had to see her again. Ryan emerges from the shadows and tells her he's not buying the performance. Bianca says she can't forgive Kendall for carrying her rapist's baby. Both Kendall and Ryan disgust her, she says. Ryan tells Bianca he can help her, but she insists she is not carrying Michael Cambias' baby. She says she's done with both of them and leaves. Kendall tells Ryan he lost and she won. Ryan tells her she's not getting away with this so easily. He has a dozen hoops she must jump through. Ryan tells her she's going to be tested tomorrow by a doctor he can trust, Maria Grey. If she doesn't show up, he'll assume she is lying. Kendall says she and her baby will be there.

Adam congratulates Jamie, but JR asks Adam what Jamie has to do with his baby. Adam says he's congratulating him for being an uncle. Jamie asks Babe how many months along she is. Babe says she's about two months. Adam says that's hard to believe because she still has her girlish figure. Babe says no one shows this soon. Babe says she thinks it happened when she and JR were in San Diego. Jamie asks her how she knows it was then. Babe, looking a little worried, says a woman knows these things. Adam tells her she looks a little unsettled. Babe suddenly says she has a craving for guacamole and JR plans to take her out to a restaurant to get some. Jamie asks them all if they'll come to his grandparents' house for Thanksgiving. JR says they'd love to come. JR and Babe leave for a restaurant, Adam tells Jamie that he doesn't think Babe's baby is JR's. He has proof. Adam shows Jamie the report from his investigator about the men Babe has been with. Adam says he hopes someone who loves JR will tell him the truth about Babe.

JR and Babe arrive at the restaurant and find Bianca sitting alone. JR introduces Babe to her and Bianca says she's happy for them. Babe is touched that someone is showing genuine happiness for them and asks Bianca if they can be friends. They sit down together and Babe mentions that she's pregnant. Then she describes the elaborate meals at the Chandler mansion and mentions she ate raw shellfish. Bianca tells her that's not good for the baby, then gets up and leaves. Babe asks Jamie if they have a boy will they name him Adam Chandler III. JR says no way will any son of his have to live up to that name. Two men enter the restaurant and sit down. Babe, obviously knowing them, tries to hide herself. She tells JR to take her home now and they walk out unseen by the men. JR and Babe arrive home and they hear Adam and Jamie talking in the next room. Babe pretends to go upstairs while JR goes to talk to them. Instead Babe sneaks out the door. JR asks Jamie what's going on, and Jamie says he needs to talk to Babe.

Kendall goes to see David and tells him Ryan is playing hardball. She tells him about the test she has to take tomorrow and asks him how they're going to weasel their way out of this. David asks Kendall how far she's willing to go. Kendall says she'll go as far as she hasto for Bianca. David asks her if she's doing this to get Bianca's baby and the Cambias fortune. Kendall tells him she would not use Bianca's baby to get money. David tells her she can adopt a baby to get the fortune. Kendall says she would not condemn an innocent baby to the Cambias name. She tearfully relates her own feelings about being a child of rape and says no child deserves that. David realizes that Kendall and he only want to help Bianca. Bianca comes to the door and David lets her in. She apologizes to Kendall about the scene with Ryan. Kendall tells her it's OK. Bianca isn't feeling well and goes into the next room. Kendall tells David that they need a doctor to pull this off and David is their only hope. Erica has just walked in and asks "hope for what?" Bianca is listening from the next room.

Greenlee asks a doctor to take the brace off her arm because it itches. Ryan enters the room and tells the doctor to put a cast over her pie hole. Ryan tells Greenlee he can handle Kendall and she needs to keep her mouth shut. Greenlee says Erica had the right to know about Kendall's claim to be pregnant. She told her so she and Erica could expose Kedall's lie. Ryan tells her to back off and trust him to handle this. Greenlee says she can't trust him after seeing him and Kendall together on the roof of Fusion. Ryan tells her she's jealous. Juan Pablo is in the hallway and hears them arguing. He walks in and tells Ryan to leave Greenlee alone and get out. Ryan is ready to leave but Greenlee tells him he shouldn't leave, Juan Pablo should. She tells Juan Pablo they're having a lover's quarrell. She turns to Ryan and whispers to him to play along. Ryan picks her up and kisses her.

Justin and Lt. Perry are back at the police station and they have Jack's gun in a plastic bag.

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