AMC Update Thursday 11/20/03

All My Children Update Thursday 11/20/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca and Kendall are at the docks observing a bag floating in the river. Bianca tells Kendall she needs to know what Kendall knows about it, and urges her to talk. She inquires whether that means that Kendall will get charged with murder. Kendall assures her that there is nothing to worry about. Bianca tells Kendall that she’s talked to Palmer Cortlandt who has agreed to help protect Kendall from getting in trouble. Bianca inquires if it might not be such a bad idea for them to come clean to Erica, tell her the truth about Bianca still being pregnant, and stop this lie about Kendall being pregnant. But Kendall tells her they cannot do that. Bianca tells Kendall she knows how much she wants Erica to love her, and she does not feel good about Kendall giving all that up just to protect her real pregnancy a secret. Kendall tells Bianca she has spent her entire life without Erica’s love and can live without for the rest of her life if need-be. She also brings up that she can sense that there is still something going on between Kendall and Ryan. Kendall tells her she could care less about Ryan. But Bianca says she knows that Kendall was once in love with Ryan, and it might not have changed. But Kendall assures her sister that she does not need to be loved by Erica nor by Ryan. All she cares about is her precious little sister and the baby she is about to have. And she hugs Bianca. When they are in the middle of “acting coaching” for how they pull off Kendall’s false pregnant, Bianca discovers her baby kicking. She is very happy. Kendall tells her that this is a very strong Kane woman in there, who Bianca is carrying.

While Ryan is at Maria’s home, waiting for Edmund, she examines him to find out if his heart is o.k. She tells him that it’s a house-call. And she says since she’s been his attending physician, anything he tells her, is protected under doctor-patient privilege. He asks her if the testimony he gives her about a dead man is privileged. She discovers that he is talking about Alexander Cambias. He tells her that although he knew Alexander for only a short time, he saved Alexander’s life, and he believes that, in a sense, Alexander saved his life, by giving him purpose. He tells Maria that Alexander told him that if Michael had a child, then the child would inherit his fortune. Maria tells him that it’s impossible that Michael could have a child. But Ryan tells Maria about the discovery of Bianca’s sonogram, and that although both she and Kendall said that she terminated the pregnancy, Bianca passed out just as if she was pregnant. And Maria reminds him that it’s very strange that Bianca would have the sonogram of a pregnancy that she terminated after a rape. Ryan reveals that Kendall told him the sonogram was hers, instead of Bianca’s. And he tells her that he has an obligation to carry out Alexander Cambias’ wishes by allowing the child of Michael’s, who he strongly believes is Bianca’s, to have the money. Maria says she does not understand why Bianca would not want to give the money to her child. But Ryan tells Maria that, judging by Bianca’s reaction to the situation, it sounded like that is the last thing she would want. She tells him that he should get the truth out of Bianca, and realizes that she is not the problem. They both know that if Kendall really is pregnant, it will be a problem for Ryan, because she wants the money. But Bianca will not prevent Ryan from having the money. He asks Maria if she believes he’s just being greedy. And she says she does not believe that and encourages him to go for the gold. He tells her that all his life he’s wanted to have an opportunity like this. But now he’s worried about Bianca’s baby taking it all from him, and about Kendall using Bianca to take the money from him. And she says she understands that he has good intentions.

At Adam’s house, he urges JR to believe that Babe is lying about her pregnancy, as a convenient alibi to give JR, right after Adam has discovered incriminating information about her. JR fiercely defends her and is ready to hurt his father for speaking badly of her. At that moment, Babe collapses.

At the hospital, Brooke and Tad have a conversation, after having have been informed that Babe is pregnant. And they believe it’s entirely possible that their son, not JR, is the father. She reminds him that even if Jamie only slept with her once, he must know that all it takes is one time. But Tad realizes that because JR has been married to Babe for months, he’s probably the father, and urges Brooke to see that she might be jumping to conclusions, assuming that it’s Jamie. At that moment, suddenly JR rushes in, carrying Babe. Adam tells Tad that that tramp has ruined his son’s reputation. Tad protests that she is pregnant and JR is probably the father. Adam discovers the secret, which Tad and Brooke are speaking of. They make it clear they don’t want him to know about. He corners Brooke for saying that Babe’s baby will not be a Chandler. She and Tad bluff a story about Brooke saying something that was completely wrong because she suffers from some type of mental illness for which she takes medication.

Jamie and his grandfather, (Tad’s father) are moving furniture. Jamie asks about his grandfather’s marriage and the fact that when he first met his grandmother, she was married to somebody else. He tells his grandfather that he is totally supportive of his brother married to Babe and having a child, although he is still not over her. His grandmother returns home with all the fixings for Thanksgiving and announces that she’s ready to invite the whole family, which includes JR and Babe. He acts like he’s o.k. about it, but he becomes lost in a daydream. She can sense there is something not right with him, and he explains it by saying he might be coming down with something, but that he’ll be o.k.

In Babe’s hospital room, JR is with her, assuring her that everything will be o.k. They are kissing and all over each other until they are interrupted by the doctor. He confirms to them that she absolutely is going to have a baby. They resume kissing, and are seen by Adam, watching them at the door, and his expression does not look happy. Outside Babe’s room, Adam urges his son to see that Babe’s child might very well not be his. He tells JR that Babe has messed around with so many guys that it could be anybody’s child. But JR tells his father he demands that he apologizes to Babe for disrespecting her.

In her hospital room, while alone with the doctor, Babe tries to charm him, in asking for a favor. She tells him that she is very positive that JR is her baby’s daddy. But she tells him there was a time she was drinking boiler-makers when he was away, and something happened. And she asks the doctor if he can “fudge” about the date of conception. He tells her there is no way they can falsify the paternity of the baby. But she urges him, through getting very emotional, begging him, hugging him, trying to charm him. And he tells her, at the end, she need not worry because they can work something out.

When JR and Babe appear in the hospital waiting room, JR tells Babe his father has something to say to her. Adam tells her he apologizes, for what JR coaches him say included doubting her, attempting to buy her off, and many other things. And he says he welcomes her into the family. She gives her father in law a hug and smiles. When Tad and Brooke are alone, she tells him he’s got a lot of gall to have told Adam Chandler that she takes medication for some mental illness. But he tells her that that is better than having him believe that their son is the father of his son’s baby. She agrees and thanks him for covering for her.

Back at Adam’s Jamie enters and asks the maid where everybody is. He says he’s looking for JR. She says JR, Babe and Adam are all at the hospital. He says he wonders why, is anybody hurt? At that moment, JR and Babe enter and happily tell them that JR is going to be a father. Jamie acts happy, but it’s clear that he is not.

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