AMC Update Wednesday 11/19/03

All My Children Update Wednesday 11/19/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan holds Kendall in his arms and urges her to open up to him. He tells her she must tell him the truth. Nothing has changed. She need not worry about Alexander Cambias, or his son, or Erica, or anything else. The only thing that has changed is that they found each other, and that they still love each other. And he tells her she must tell him truthfully whether she is pregnant. She tells him that he is only concerned to find that out, because of how it will affect him, in having all the money. He tells her he does not care about that, he cares about her. She tells him, she remembers only a year ago, she cried and allowed herself to be terribly hurt over him. He was never there for her. She does not believe he cares about her, nor does she have any reason to trust him. She tells him that there is 20 million dollars at stake. She is pregnant with the baby that will offer her all the money. She will not share any with him. And he can go down to the local bar and drink his sorrows away. But Ryan tells her he’s wise to her scheme. He knows that it’s Bianca who is pregnant and that Kendall needs to consider her. But Kendall goes on about how she feels no remorse stepping over anybody and everybody necessary to get what she wants. And she tells him all she cares about is herself and the baby she is carrying

Bianca runs into Aidan by the docks over the river. She realizes that Lena dumped her gun in the river, right at this very place. And she asks Aidan whether the police are after Lena. He tells her they are after many people. Bianca is trying urgently to contact Lena. She asks Aidan if she can use his cell phone to call her. She is very worried that the police are ready to nail Lena. She also recalls that Maggie told her that she thought she saw Kendall with someone carrying something out of Michael’s home. She remembers Kendall’s explanation of that, where she said she and Michael were carrying “refuse” out of their mutual home. Bianca becomes afraid there could be incriminating evidence against Kendall. And she almost “slips” and gets caught having Aidan witness her say something about “Kendall’s secret”.

At the end of Kendall’s and Ryan’s discussion, Ryan loses his composure, gets angry, shakes his finger at her, and tells her she will not get one cent of the money that is now rightfully his. At that moment, Aidan walks in to interrupt their discussion. Ryan says that this is just like “déjà vu”. And the only difference between him and Kendall is that he learns from his mistakes. Aidan tells Kendall that he just got back from talking to Bianca. He tells her that Bianca revealed to him that there is some sort of secret Kendall is keeping that she is protecting her with. He asks Kendall just what that is. She suddenly reveals the secret by asking Aidan if he believes that if she is carrying Michael’s Cambias’ baby, that that would help her situation before a judge and jury. When Aidan is ready to leave, Kendall gets on the phone, tells someone that she has an urgent need to meet them, and goes out the door.

Reggie and Jamie are sitting in the bar. Reggie urges Jamie to tell him his secret. Jamie tells him it’s a girl. Jamie confesses that the girl whom he is smitten with is Babe. Reggie doesn’t seem too surprised about that. He tells him as long as long as he doesn’t sleep with her, there’s no problem. But Jamie confesses that he has and that he did not know that she was married to his brother. He says he’s very worried about more people finding out about it, and that Mary Smythe has already discovered Babe’s cow bracelet. Reggie remembers his encounter with Mary Smythe, and does not sound as though he believes she is anything to be intimidated by. Reggie tells him that, in reference to what he knows about Erica’s involvement with David Hayward potentially ruining Jack’s future with her, he suggests that Jamie keeps his involvement with Babe quiet around his brother and all others.

JR and Palmer are having dinner. He is ready to reveal something to Palmer, until he is interrupted by Opal who warns both of them not to mess with Adam Chandler. In the middle of Opal’s and Palmer’s discussion, Bianca walks in and tells Palmer she needs him to help Kendall. She says Kendall is in a really tough spot that she will not be able to get herself out of. Opal inquires why Bianca would want to help that no-good woman. But Palmer agrees to help Kendall, without an argument. Bianca tells him she is eternally grateful and leaves. Opal tells Palmer how surprising and strange it is for Bianca to have such loyalty toward Kendall, and how equally odd it is for him to agree to help her.

Babe has returned form a shopping spree and runs into Adam. She is looking for JR, but Adam informs her that she needs to discuss business with him. He tells her that they will never see each other again. She inquires whether he is planning on leaving town. He says only to take her to the bus station and see her off. He lays down the law to her that he is going to get her out of Pine Valley for good. She is not at al afraid of his threats and reminds him of the conversation she overheard him having with Erica Kane, which could land him into the slammer. She tells him she’s seen more trash just from living there, than she’s ever seen on television. He tells her she will not intimidate him. He knows all about the party she had with the sailors. She makes light of everything he is saying and tells him all about her plans to have a permanent marriage to JR, attend all of Adam’s parties, model, and do as she wants. She says she is not intimidated by all the rich and influential people Adam invites to his parties. She assures him she knows many rich people and gets along with them. But Adam believes that he will “win the battle” with her, when he reveals to her what he has found out, from Dorian Lord, about Babe’s involvement with Dorian’s nephew, Paul Kramer. She tells him they must play poker some times, because he is “good”, meaning he is a worthy contender to her. But Adam tells Babe that she will lose. There will be a dinner where he will invite Dorian and her nephew, Paul. He tells her she’s either incredibly brave, or cataclysmically dim. Finally, Adam tells Babe that he will seat JR right across the table from Paul, where Paul can tell him all about his involvement with Babe. At that point, she reveals she may be afraid, and tells him that she will get him in trouble for what she knows about him, and will call the cops, right now. He tells her he is not afraid. He hands her the phone. She asks him if he’s ready to see both Erica Kane, and himself going to jail. He tells her it will not be the first time. And he informs Babe, that the worst that will happen, is that the police will come and ask him some questions and leave. She tells him being rich will not get him absolved of murder. He tells her that it is her word against his and Erica Kane’s. He will tell them she was making up a story, only to black-mail him for his money. She asks if all people who do not have money and power can be blown off the face of the earth. He tells her, that only one of them will, right now. She tells him he will not get rid of her. He says when he contacts Paul Kramer, they will see. He informs her that Paul’s brother-in-law, Kevin Buchanan, is the lieutenant governor. She inquires just what he believes JR will do when he finds out what Adam has done to her. Adam replies that Adam will say: “thank you, dad, for getting rid of her for me”. And he tells her that now is her chance to slip out while the getting is good. At last, she appears afraid. She is almost ready to take the money and give up the fight. But she tells him she’s afraid the check will bounce as soon as she cashes it. She asks how far the money will get her. He tells her he does not intend to break her. He wants to be generous. He just wants her to get out of his family’s life. He also suggests that she writes a “good-bye” letter to JR. She is ready to cry when she tells him that she knows that JR loves her and he deserves better than that. At the moment, JR walks in and demands to know what’s going on..

When he walks in, Babe who is panicking and crying, warns her husband that he might not like what she has to say. Adam tells them he will leave and allow them to have a private conversation. But she tells Adam that, since he is JR’s father, he has the right to be there and hear what she has to say. He tells her he loves her and will forgive her for mistakes. Adam tells her that if she confesses now, things will be easier. But she tells him that if she confesses, it will change everything. She tells him that she cannot get it out. Adam tells her she needs to spit it out. But JR yells at his father and tells him to back off. JR urges her to believe that there is nothing she can tell him that would change anything. She is his life. She tells him that she’s not so sure that he will feel that way when he hears what she has to tell him. She finally confesses what the big secret is. She tells JR he is about to be a daddy. Hearing this, Adam chokes on his drink.

Ryan goes to find Edmund and runs into Maria after Edmund has left. She reminds him that although they barely know each other, she feels like she knows him very well after she pumped his stomach. He tells her that he needs their help. She guesses it might have something to do with the Cambias murder. He confirms that’s what it is. And he tells her he’s about to make the most catastrophic mistake of his life.

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