AMC Update Tuesday 11/18/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/18/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Adam Chandler reveals to his son that he’s about ready to have Mary Smythe removed from his home. JR tells his father that Mary has been a problem for him and Babe. Adam assures his son that he and his bride may now rest easy, that Mary Smythe has been warned under no uncertain terms that she must change her behavior or get out. JR inquires whether his father wants him to join forces with him and carry on the family legacy. Suddenly, Babe enters, carrying a magazine with all the news about Michael Cambias’ funeral and tells them she is amazed at what a “hate fest” his funeral sounds like, based upon what she has read. JR departs and leaves Babe alone with Adam. He asks what her plans are. She tells him she plans to go to the Naval base. He asks if she plans to seduce sailors. She tells him she’s not about to do something like that and he should be nice to her. Adam is still clueless, frustrated, and wants to get her out of his family.

Mary has somehow snuck into Jamie’s home, when his mother is out, gotten into his bedroom, and is trying to seduce him. While he sleeps, she is sitting on the edge of his bed, running her hand over his exposed body, without actually touching him. He suddenly awakens, startled, and makes it clear that he does not welcome her advances. He tells her she should exercise her “kinky” tactics on Adam Chandler because he is not interested in her. But she does not heed what he says.

Tad and Brooke are out “brain-storming”, trying to figure out what secrets their son is keeping from them, with the girl named Kerri who he alleges he is dating, as well as whether he’s seeing Babe on the side, and many other things. Little do they know, that throughout their conversation and speculation of what he’s doing, he is in his bedroom, while Mary is trying to seduce him. Suddenly, before either Mary or Jamie realize it, Tad enters and tells Mary she’d better leave his son alone. She demands that he knocks. He says he had no clue that he’d have to knock on the door when she’s trying to do disgusting things with his son. Tad also tells her he’s glad he hasn’t eaten for the day, or he’d be throwing up at the thought and sight of what she’s trying to do. And Jamie also tells Mary that he does not want her around him ever again, she needs to find somebody her own age, and she’d better get out and leave him alone.

After Tad returns home, and Brooke is alone at the restaurant, Babe comes to join her. Brooke seems friendly. She tells Babe she’s surprised that Babe would call Adam Chandler “pops”. Babe tells Brooke that because she is crazy about Adam’s son, she would like some pointers on how to get on Adam’s good side. Brooke sounds supportive but tells her she really doesn’t know what to tell her about Adam Chandler.

Erica and Kendall are at Kendall’s home. Erica tells her daughter that she knows it’s pretty obvious that Kendall is lying about her pregnancy with Michael Cambias. She reminds her that she knows that after it has been proven that Michael’s time-of-death was before the day she alleged she married him, it’s very obvious that Kendall is desperate for any alibi she can find to absolve herself of a murder charge. Kendall protests that she did, in fact, make a baby with Michael. But Erica tries to appeal to her, telling her she wants her to come clean and tell the truth about that. Erica says she wants to help Kendall and make her part of the family.. Kendall reminds Erica of the attitude she had after hearing that she was going to ask Bianca to sue the Cambias estate for damages. Erica admits she said and did things she did not mean, out of anger, in that conversation. Kendall also reminds her mother of the tantrum she had at the gravesite, where she ripped the beads off of Kendall, for the assumption that Kendall was going to bury Michael Cambias at the same site where Erica’s mother was buried. But Erica pulls out the beads, which she has apparently gotten repaired. And now that she knows that Aidan, Tad and Boyd disposed of Michael’s corpse in a dumpster, she no longer is angry at Kendall for what looked as though she buried him in the graveyard. Still Kendall inquires whether it might occur to Erica that she might actually be pregnant by Michael, and even if she’s telling the truth, it would make her a terrible person. But Erica tells her she does not want to hear that. And she brings up how the lie she knows Kendall is telling, will damage Bianca, who actually was raped and impregnated by that monster, and had to terminate it. But Kendall keeps her attitude up, telling Erica that she resents how she would do anything to protect her precious Bianca.

Ryan enters Bianca’s apartment. She tells him she does not have time to talk and wants him to leave. But he tells her he knows her secret. She keeps evading him, telling him that she does not care if he and Kendall want to start world war three, she just wants to be kept out of it. But he urges her to believe that he wants to save Kendall from ruining her life. Bianca tells Ryan that if he really cared about Kendall, he’d leave her alone. But he tells her that if Kendall is pregnant by Cambias, then he is part of this whether he likes it or not. He tells her he’s a little surprised that she is not very upset that Kendall would marry, and get pregnant by the man who raped her, and it sounds a little odd that Bianca is defending Kendall. And he says he knows that it sounds clear to see that Bianca got pregnant and he needs to know if she terminated it or not. She tells him he must get out and leave her alone, and she is not pregnant with Michael Cambias’ baby. At that moment, Lena enters. She expresses anger toward him for harassing Bianca. He protests that it is Kendall, not himself, who she has to blame, for hurting Bianca and hurting Lena. He says Kendall was ready to let Lena go to jail for murdering Michael. But both Bianca and Lena are getting very annoyed at Ryan and want him to leave them alone. He suddenly does and tells them that he wishes the conversation would have gone better.

Erica urges Kendall to believe that she cares about her, and realize that she’s Erica’s daughter just like Bianca, and informs her that she is ready to take back Enchantment and make Kendall her right-hand person, as well as setting up a trust fund for her, and give her everything she needs, monetarily and otherwise. Right then, Ryan enters. Kendall tells both Erica and Ryan that if they want to gang up on her, they may do that. She could care less. And she urges them both to realize that she is telling the truth about being pregnant by Michael. She could care less what any of them think of her. She will have all the money and power for having his baby. And she reminds them that she will tell them all about the way she “consummated” her marriage with Michael. Although neither of them believe her, she tells them that she can prove that she is pregnant with Michael’s baby. Knowing that they are being “witnessed” by Ryan, Kendall and Erica sound as though they could care less about each other. Kendall collects the beads in the ashtray, puts them in Erica’s hand. Erica tells Kendall that although she has her DNA just like Bianca, she will never be like Bianca, and Erica leaves. However, when Erica gets to her mother’s grave, she franticly tells her mother that Kendall has gone too far, and she does not care who and what she hurts, or who she ruins. She tells her mother that Kendall must be stopped, and she knows she is the only person who can stop her.

At Bianca’s apartment, Lena is a little uncertain that she is welcome, and offers to leave. But Bianca encourages her to stay and visit. Lena asks Bianca if it is true that Kendall is pregnant. Bianca wants to avoid the conversation, but confirms that it is true. Lena says she can appreciate what a shock it must be, for Bianca, to think that the likes of Michael Cambias would impregnate two sisters, one by rape, and the other after marrying her, and the thought of Kendall doing what she did, just for money. But she reveals that there is nothing wrong with someone choosing to have a baby, regardless of the circumstances. Bianca is extremely surprised to learn that it’s possible that Lena would not have had a problem with the “hypothetical” thought of Bianca choosing to carry the baby she had, to term, under the circumstances. Lena tells Bianca that she believes only Bianca can decide what she needs to do, and whatever decision she would have made, Lena would have supported it. And sensing that Bianca is keeping a secret, Lena asks what she can do to help Bianca. Bianca replies that Lena can help by supporting Kendall, because she will have the entire town against her, when they find out she’s pregnant. Lena promises to be supportive to Kendall, along with Bianca and Maggie. And she realizes how upset Erica will be, when she finds out.

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