AMC Update Monday 11/17/03

All My Children Update Monday 11/17/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Derek and Justin ask Jack if he's just confessed to killing Michael Cambias. Jack jumps down their throats, accusing them of being desperate to make an arrest. Jack says he hasn't confessed to anything and he doesn't intend to. He says he took the information they gave him and spun a story, the same way he could do for anyone on the list of suspects. He says he's not a murderer. Derek asks Jack what he was doing the night Cambias disappeared. Jack says he went to the exhibit room to check out evidence used in a heroin case then spent the night home alone. Jack notes that Michael was supposed to be guarded that night but someone relieved the guard of surveillance duties, making him vulnerable. He says if they find out who relieved the guard, they may have found their killer. Derek looks at computer information and says the person who relieved the guard was Justin. Justin says that's impossible. Jack asks Justin what he was doing when Cambias was killed. Jack says he remembers how angry Justin was when Cambias was released, and even said that "SOB deserves the chair." He suggests that if Justin frames him for the murder it would do wonders for his career. Justin tells Jack he's way out of line. Jack asks Derek if he should add Justin's name to the list of suspects on the board or does he want to. Derek tells Jack to give it a rest. Jack angrily tells the two that they don't have a case. They should mark it unsolved and move on. Jack storms out. Derek calls the state bar and ethics committee to report that Jack is a suspect in the murder. Justin realizes this will neutralize Jack and they will be able to make an arrest.

Simone is at Carlos' bedside. She tells him that they are the only ones who knows what happened the night Cambias disappeared and no one else will find out. However, Tad has just entered the room and hears Simone saying this. "Find out what?" he asks Simone. Tad asks Simone why she's there. She says she goes to see Carlos every day to let him know people are pulling for him. Tad asks if Carlos went after Michael. Simone says just because Carlos killed a rapist years ago doesn't mean he killed Cambias. She tells him to drop it. Just as Juan Pablo walks in, Tad asks her point blank if Carlos killed Cambias. Juan Pablo asks Tad what he is doing. Tad says he's trying to correct an oversight ? no one has asked Carlos what he was doing when Michael disappeared. Looking at Simone, he says some people know a lot more than they're saying. Tad says if he doesn't ask, the cops will. Juan Pablo says the cops cannot come near Carlos because his life is in danger. Tad and Simone go into the hallway and he asks her to tell him the truth about Carlos. Simone becomes flirty, and tells him to dig up a can of whip cream and they can forget this happened. Tad tells her she could be an accessory for murder and he doesn't want her to go to prison. "You like me, you really like me," Simone tells him. He says he likes her enough to keep her out of jail. Simone tells him he's not scaring her. He says if she won't tell him anything he can't help her. Simone says whatever happened with Carlos stays between them. She's not going to sell him out. Juan Pablo walks out of Carlos' room in time to see Simone angrily leave Tad and go back to see Carlos. Juan Pablo says Carlos isn't saying anything. Tad says that if Carlos didn't kill Cambias, maybe he's protecting who really did.

Mia and Aidan arrive at the beach. Mia says she realizes it isn't Mexico but it will do. She's flighty and carefree. She pushes Aidan down and spreads a blanket on the ground and plops down. She says she feels like they're the only two people on the planet. He says they're two people with serious car trouble. She playfully fights with him and he grabs her and puts her on the ground, lying almost on top of her. He asks her to tell him what this is all about. She tries a couple times unsuccessfully to kiss him and says she won't go down without fighting for what she wants. She asks him what he wants. He gets up and says he wants to find who killed Cambias. Mia tells him he doesn't care who killed him as long as it's not his precious Kendall. Aidan tells Mia they are just friends. Mia says there's more than that. She felt it and she wants to hear him say he felt it too. He admits he feels it too. They kiss, but he breaks away. He tells her he doesn't want to lead her on. She tells him not to be such a gentleman with her. Aidan apologizes and says he's involved with Kendall. Mia says she can't believe he's turning her down for Kendall. Aidan asks why, because she's with Ryan? He says she has to resolve her past. Mia tells him to open his eyes. Kendall slept with Ryan. Mia tells Aidan she doesn't mean to hurt him, but Kendall is treating him like dirt. Aidan walks away without a word.

Erica tells Greenlee there is nothing she can say that will put them on the same side. Greenlee tells Erica that Kendall is pregnant. Erica doesn't believe Greenlee. Greenlee says Kendall showed Ryan a sonogram of baby Cambias. Erica slams her purse on the table in anger. Greenlee says she believes Kendall is lying. Erica asks why Kendall would like about such a thing. Greenlee says Kendall needs an heir to get the Cambias fortune. Erica says lying about it is hideous enough, but doing it for money is worse. She says this would devastate Bianca. Greenlee suggests they team up to expose Kendall's lie. Erica says she will keep this in mind, thanks Greenlee for telling her and leaves. Later Jack arrives home and finds Greenlee sleeping. He asks what has been happening and she says that she and Erica just bonded after discovering they have something in common.

Kendall tells Bianca she needs to convince Ryan that she's pregnant. Bianca says she has thrown Ryan off already. Kendall says Ryan won't be fooled for long. They just can't let him know Bianca is pregnant. Kendall realizes she's dug herself into a hole by telling Ryan she's pregnant with Michael's child and for the first time in her life she doesn't know how to climb out. Bianca asks what they can do. Kendall says the only thing they can do is go for it. Bianca suggests that if they tell Ryan the truth, maybe he will keep their secret. Kendall says if Ryan knows, her baby will be branded a Cambias for life. Bianca agrees Kendall is right, but she says there is one person who won't deal well with the news of Kendall being pregnant ? Erica. Bianca says she wishes Erica would understand that all Kendall has done is because she loves them. Kendall says she thinks she and Erica weren't meant to do the mother-daughter thing. She says giving her baby a real life is what matters most. Bianca says maybe her mother can handle the truth. Maybe she could learn to love her baby. Kendall says Erica could never love Michael Cambias' child. Bianca realizes Kendall's right and says they need to keep this quiet. Kendall assures Bianca that she didn't sleep with Michael after learning the truth about him. But, Bianca says, Kendall did marry him. Just then Maggie knocks on the door. She enters with David, who wants to know how Bianca is. He tells her if there's anything he can do for her, just call. Bianca says there's nothing he can do for her, but there is something he can do for Kendall. "You can make me pregnant," Kendall tells him. Bianca tells David he can help Kendall fake being pregnant. She explains how Ryan saw her sonogram and Kendall swore it was hers. Kendall asks if he can fake some tests and make people believe she's pregnant. He asks her if she's doing this to help Bianca or to avoid being arrested for Michael's murder. He notes that tests show that Michael was dead before Kendall claimed to marry him. Kendall says Michael's body was frozen for so long there is no way to determine if those tests are accurate. Bianca says Kendall didn't have time to plan this story about her being pregnant. She made it up on the spur of the moment only to protect her. David says that since he's come this far, he'll see them through. "Congratulations, you're pregnant," he tells Kendall. Kendall says now she has to cause a big ruckus about getting the Cambias money. They ask for Maggie's cooperation, and she reluctantly agrees.

Kendall arrives home and finds Erica waiting for her.

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