AMC Update Friday 11/14/03

All My Children Update Friday 11/14/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Erica is upset to see that Derek and Justin are calling Jack a suspect in the Michael Cambias murder. She tells them to get out of Jack's apartment. She says they have no right to come her and accuse Jack. Jack tells Erica it's all right and to settle down because she's not helping anything. Derek asks Jack his whereabouts the night Cambias was killed. Erica says he was with Greenlee. Jack says that is not true, and he won't use his daughter as an alibi. Erica asks Justin and Derek if she can talk to Jack alone. They go into the hallway and Erica tells Jack he needs Greenlee's alibi. Jack say he doesn't need to lie. He lets Justin and Derek back in and suggests they take him to the police station for questioning if they want to do this right. The three leave together and Erica stays in the apartment. She tells Jack to be careful, then when he is out the door, she says that she loves him. Later, Aidan arrives at Jack's apartment. Aidan tells her that Michael's body was not buried beside Mona. He took the body and filled the coffin with rocks. He took the body and put it "far away from decent people." Erica is grateful and thanks him. 

At the police station, Jack looks over the list of suspects and Derek asks if he wants to call an attorney. Justin says that since Jack hasn't been arrested, he doesn't need an attorney. Justin tells Jack about some heroin missing from the evidence room that was found in Cambias' condo the next day. Jack is asked if he owns a .38-caliber handgun. Jack says he did but it was stolen from his safe. They ask him why he didn't report his gun was stolen. Jack says he was busy investigating Michael's murder. Derek comments that Jack has tried to protect a lot of suspects. Could it be because he knows who the killer is and is trying to protect that person? Derek asks if it's possible he's trying to take the focus off himself because he was there when Cambias died. Justin reveals what he thinks happened. Jack stole the heroin from the evidence room and planted it in Michael's condo, intending that Michael would be sent away for possessing the drug. But then Michael arrived home unexpectedly and Jack, who had a gun, had to make a split-second decision. "I took out my gun, I cocked it and I blew him away," Jack says sarcastically.

Greenlee is looking for her spare car key but can't find it. Mia arrives and Greenlee asks her for her keys She says she needs to find Ryan and stop Kendall from getting her claws into him. Mia says she's not going to help Greenlee get into Ryan's bed. Greenlee says Kendall knows how to work Ryan and get what she wants, and will do it now that her story has been blown wide open. Mia says this is not about business. She accuses Greenlee of being jealous. Greenlee says she just wants to keep Fusion. She gets into Mia's car and leaves.

Mia gets into Greenlee's car and tries to start it when Aidan arrives. He asks her where she's going and she says she's stealing Greenlee's car to go to someplace warm and sexy. Aidan gets in the car with her and asks where she's headed. Mia says to Mexico and takes off.

Kendall is insisting to Ryan that the baby in the sonogram is hers. Bianca is getting upset and tells Kendall to stop it because it's not true. Ryan tells Kendall she's told some staggering lies but she's not going to get away with this one. Kendall says she is 11 weeks along. Bianca runs off. Ryan asks Kendall if she's happy now. Kendall says yes, because in six months she's going to have Alexander Cambias' only grandchild. Ryan asks her why she isn't screaming this from the rooftops. Why is she just revealing it now. Kendall says she was waiting until Bianca left town because she wanted to protect her sister. She only revealed it now because he pushed her. Ryan tells her he swore to Alexander Cambias that he would see the terms of his will are carried out.

Bianca arrives home and grabs a suitcase to pack. She says she needs to get out of here. Maggie tires to calm her down. Bianca tells her that Kendall is getting herself in deeper and she can't let her throw her life away. She says they're going to try to make this baby a Cambias and she needs to protect her baby. She can't let anyone take her. Maggie says no one will take the baby. Bianca says she loves her baby already.

Ryan goes back to his room at the Valley Inn and finds Greenlee there waiting for him. He opens the door and tells her to leave. She tells him if something is bothering him, he can talk to her. Ryan asks her if she's noticed anything different about Kendall, such as her being moody or if she's gained weight. Greenlee says Kendall is always moody and if you turn her sideways she disappears. She asks what's going on? Ryan says Kendall just informed him she's pregnant. Greenlee assumes Ryan is the father and slaps him, calling him bastard. Ryan says he and Kendall are not together. Greenlee tells him she saw them on the roof together. Ryan says Kendall claims the baby is Michael's. He says she knows she's lying because she's desperate and her story is crumbling. Greenlee says if she's lying, whose baby is in the sonogram. Ryan says maybe she stole the sonogram from someone's baby book. Greenlee says they have to stop her. Ryan says he's not getting involved in this with Greenlee. He asks her to get out. Once out his door, Greenlee says to herself that she doesn't need Ryan, she can handle this on her own.

Kendall goes to Bianca's apartment and assures her that she's not pregnant. Bianca tells her she didn't want her to be involved. Kendall says she had to do this. Bianca has a memory flash to a dream in which Kendall and Michael try to take her baby. Bianca tells Kendall that Ryan was right about her. She's nothing but a liar. Bianca tells Kendall about the dream and accuses Kendall of wanting to take her baby to get the Cambias fortune. "You're just using me," Bianca cries. She says Kendall is not going anywhere near this child. Kendall tells Bianca she's right. "I should have known I couldn't fool you. Kendall weaves a story about how she tricked Bianca and only cares about herself. Her voice breaking, she says she doesn't know how to love anyone. She's selfish, cold and heartless. It's in her blood. Now crying, she says there is no way she could care about Bianca's baby. Bianca apologizes. Kendall holds up the sonogram and cries that this was her. She was this baby. She was happy and good and thought she could have anything. Then she found out how she was conceived and it all went away. She says she would not wish that on anyone, and not Bianca's baby. She says she had to stop Ryan from ruining Bianca's baby. She doesn't care if the whole world hates her. She would die for Bianca's baby. Bianca says they will make sure her baby is never hurt the way Kendall was hurt. Kendall tells Bianca she wants her to love her. She'll have nothing left if she doesn't love her. Bianca hugs her and assures her she loves her. Bianca asks what do they do now.

Greenlee goes to Jack's apartment and finds Erica. Greenlee tells Erica that once she tells her what Kendall's done now, Erica will be on her side for once.

Ryan thinks back to Alexander telling him that he wished he had a grandchild to carry on his name and show the world what it means to be a Cambias. Then he could die in peace. He tells Ryan to honor his will. Ryan says to himself "you have my word."

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