AMC Update Thursday 11/13/03

All My Children Update Thursday 11/13/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Tad Martin finds his son playing pool in a bar. Jamie wonders why his father is watching over him. Tad says that that is what parents do when they are concerned about their children. He also asks Jamie about his involvement with Babe. At that moment, JR walks in. Tad is confused about how both young men know about the cow and don’t seem to have any conflict or competition over Babe. At that moment, a girl comes up and kisses Jamie. JR tells her he knows she’s the one, not Babe, who stole the cow and observing she is not Babe, is brunette, instead of blond, he asks her what happened to her blond hair, did she color it blond or dark. She says she has always been a natural brunette. She confirms the story for Jamie. And when they are alone, he thanks her for covering for him with the cow story, and she tells him he owes her. JR asks Jamie about his relationship with the girl, whose name is Kerry. He tells him they’ve known each other a short time and have a good time together. When Tad is alone with Jamie, he confronts his son about knowing that he has slept with Babe. Jamie says he does not appreciate his father believing Adam Chandler over him, and there is nothing going on between him and Babe.

In Carlos’ hospital room, Juan Pablo stands over his bed. Maria walks in carrying a gun in a box. She tells him that there is no need for worry. She says that she knows that Carlos was only carrying the gun for self defense. But Juan Pablo says that they must wake Carlos because he’s concerned that Carlos might have killed Michael Cambias. Maria tells him she doesn’t understand what his motive would be to kill Michael. Juan Pablo tells her that he knows that right when Michael looked as though he would threaten the Fusion women, after being acquitted for the rape of Bianca, Carlos was ready to kill him and would have if Juan Pablo had not stopped him. JP tells Maria that he believes it’s entirely possible that Carlos killed Michael, which would absolve Kendall of the charges, and he suggests that possibly the law would go easier on a rapist killer, knowing Carlos’ motives. When Carlos awakens, JP confronts his brother telling him that Kendall Hart might be falsely accused of killing Michael, and if Carlos is the one who actually did it, he needs to come clean so an innocent person does not get convicted of murder.

At Jack’s house Greenlee urges Erica to join forces with her to help shut Kendall down. Erica tells Greenlee that although she is furious with Kendall, she is not about to team up with Greenlee to do anything. Jack tells them that maybe someone needs to help Kendall instead of going after her. Reggie also inquires why Erica is turning on her own daughter. Greenlee seems to agree with Erica and keeps trying to persuade her that they must team up to nail Kendall. She tells Erica that without the marriage license to Cambias, Kendall has no more power. When Erica balks at the idea to work with Greenlee, Greenlee tells Erica how selfish she is. Erica tells Greenlee that she saved her life by having the pep talk with her when she was unconscious in the hospital. Jack angrily tells Erica she cannot come into his home and insult his daughter. Greenlee angrily tells Erica that she must have been crazy to think she could ever have a truce with the likes of her, and walks out. Reggie urges Erica to make peace with Greenlee. But she makes it clear that she’s not about to do that. She tells them what a selfish, terrible person Greenlee is. And Jack tells her she is the pot calling the kettle black making that statement about another person. Reggie catches Greenlee when she leaves and tries to convince her to make peace with Erica. But she tells him that Erica is despicable and that she did Jack a huge favor ending his wedding with that woman. While inside, Jack tries to persuade Erica to change her attitude about Greenlee. When they get off the subject of Greenlee, Erica tells Jack that it’s entirely possible that Kendall really did married Michael. But Jack informs her that he hopes she really did. Because if the coroner’s report is correct, which confirms Michael died before his father, then it means Kendall may have lied about the marriage, if he was already dead. Erica is shocked to think that Kendall would lie about such a thing. Jack warns Erica that Kendall, herself and Reggie, are all suspects. And she concludes that she wishes the whole murder investigation would go away. She could care less who killed Michael Cambias, nor sees any reason to punish them for ridding the world of that man. But right then, Derek and Justin appear at Jack’s door. And they ask Jack and Erica if they are planning another wedding or another murder.

Reggie walks Greenlee to her car and wishes her well, after trying unsuccessfully to get her to help get Erica and Jack back together. But instantly, she discovers that he’s taken her keys.

Ryan grabs the picture of Bianca’s ultrasound and seems to know exactly what it is. Kendall grabs for it and demands he gives it back to her. Ryan acts like he means no harm to Bianca, although Kendall demands that he leaves her alone. He tells Bianca that if she is carrying Michael’s child, that child could be the world’s richest baby. Kendall urges him to leave Bianca alone, but he tells them he must make some calls. He keeps asking Bianca to confirm whether she is carrying Michael’s child, but she will not answer affirmatively. After Bianca leaves, Ryan reminds Kendall that Bianca has thanked Michael in front of tons of witnesses, for the gift he gave her. And he can tell what that might be. And Kendall confirms to him, that it is true that when Bianca was raped, she did, in fact, get pregnant. But she knows that the perfect thing to tell Ryan is that Bianca had an abortion. He asks just when it was that she terminated the pregnancy. Kendall says she has no clue and asks him why he’s asking. He also realizes, and tells Kendall that it’s a little strange that Bianca would carry a picture of an ultrasound of the pregnancy from a rape, especially after she’s aborted it. He says he will not believe what Kendall is telling him, until he hears it from Bianca.

When Bianca is alone, she has a vision that Michael Cambias approaches her and tells her he knows the baby is his. He tells her no matter where she goes, whatever happens in her life, in regard to anybody else, the money she’ll get, or anything else, she will always see him. He will always be there, haunting her for the rest of her life. He knows that’s what she wants, because she’s choosing to have his baby. She finds Kendall and hysterically tells her that Michael knows about the baby and the word cannot get out. Kendall assures her that nobody will ever know, and puts her arms around her sister. Obviously, she is very happy to find out that Bianca will probably not want to tell Ryan that she is still pregnant. Ryan urges Bianca to talk to him. He says that he promised Alexander Cambias, on his deathbed, to carry out his will. Kendall explains the ultrasound photo to Ryan, by telling him that it is her baby that she had with Michael Cambias.

Aidan confront David Hayward. He says he talked to Anna and she could care less about him. He says he knows that David uses women, first Anna, now Erica, to absolve himself of murder. He says he knows that David’s prints were on the gun and he believes David is lying and asking others to lie for him. David tells Aidan that unless he can make formal charges against him, he must back off. David asks Aidan what he plans to do. Does he plan to harass Erica and attempt to get her to turn on David? Aidan says he might. David says that, for reasons that have nothing to do with saving his own skin, Aidan needs to let lying dogs sleep.

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