AMC Update Wednesday 11/12/03

All My Children Update Wednesday 11/12/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

JR tears himself away from Babe, ready to go somewhere, wearing a suit. After he’s out the door, Adam tells Babe that he knows about her association with the boys from the San Diego Navy base. He is ready to buy her off, tells her she must accept his monetary offer and get out. Babe appears like she is very comfortable, feeling no panic, nor fear. She lies on the couch and tells her father in law how amused she is the find out what his spies have dug up on her. She laughs throughout the conversation, while Adam gets very frustrated. He tells her he suggests that she listens carefully to what he is telling her. She tells him that she is listening. He tells her he knows about her messing around with a military pilot, and if JR were to find out, there would be trouble for her. Adam tells Babe that if she were to walk out the door, right now, with a good-bye letter to JR, informing him that their marriage was a mistake, then everything can go easy for her. He also tells her she must leave the ring before she goes. But she pays no attention to a word he says and, instead tells him how interesting Michael Cambias must be to Adam. She says she would like to know more about this Michael Cambias character. Adam demands that Babe takes the money and runs and tells her he has not time for games. She says she thought he loved games. She knows about the games that he played with Erica the night Cambias disappeared. She tells him if he spills the beans about her situation, she will tell the cops about everything she overheard Adam and Erica Kane saying, about the night Michael Cambias disappeared.

Greenlee informs Ryan that Kendall needs to be committed. She tells him Kendall has completely lost her mind. Ryan does not buy what Greenlee is trying to tell him. He tells her that he knows not long ago, she and Kendall were the best of friends. He tells her he will not do her dirty-work in helping to get Kendall committed, and if Greenlee is concerned about Kendall’s mental health, she should contact her, herself. Greenlee tells Ryan that she sees right through Kendall, and the fact that she is no good, similarly to the way she can now see through Juan Pablo, and see that he is no good. Ryan tells Greenlee that he knows that it has been proven that Michael Cambias died before his father, he knows that Kendall is in trouble, and he does not want to see her doing 25 years. He concludes the conversation by telling Greenlee that if she is finished picking his brain, there is somewhere he needs to be, and he leaves.

A reporter comes to Bianca’s home to ask questions and tape her statement. Maggie tells him he must leave Bianca alone. But Bianca courageously talks into his tape recorder. She tells him she wonders if he gets his kicks from violating people’s privacy, digging up dirt, and hurting people. And she says that she is ready to make a testimony about what a despicable piece of trash he and his kind are. When they shut the door, Maggie tells Bianca that she is awesome and courageous. And together, they plan what they believe will be the best Thanksgiving they’ve had in a long time. However, Bianca tells Maggie that she is still very worried about all the people she cares about being suspects for Michael Cambias’ murder. First Kendall, then Lena, then Reggie. She wishes it would all go away but it’s far from over. And she tells Maggie that she knows that Reggie did, for a while, own a gun.

At the gravesite, the undertaker tells Kendall of the procedure involved in burying Michael Cambias. But right there, Erica appears and, hysterically confronts her about having that monster buried so close to her mother’s grave. Kendall protests that she had no idea that Mona was buried there. But Erica says she does not believe that Kendall does not know, and this cannot take place. And she grabs the pearls, from Kendall’s neck, that were Mona’s, breaks the necklace and the beads fall on the ground. Erica cries hysterically over the ruined beads. Jack appears. She tells him that Kendall is going to bury that despicable monster near her mother’s grave. Aidan appears, so he can be there for Kendall. She is also crying about the fact that she almost buried Michael near Erica’s mother. She finally tells the undertaker that her husband needs to be buried somewhere that is nowhere near Mona. And Aidan departs.

Aidan meets up with Boyd Larabee and Tad Martin on the other end of the graveyard, near a dumpster, holding a big black trash bag. It looks like they have a plan. Tad opens a 35 year old bottle of scotch and proposes a toast to Michael Cambias spending eternity in hell.

Erica tells Jack that she cannot believe that Kendall would do anything so despicable. But Jack tells Erica that he believes Kendall would never do anything like that intentionally. Erica tells Jack that Kendall is putting on a show for the media, of having Michael Cambias buried, playing the grieving widow, simply so she can get herself absolved of murder, make money and attract attention. And she is defiling Erica’s mother. Jack urges Erica to realize that Kendall needs some support, and to see that she is not intending any harm.

When Kendall is alone, JR appears. She gives him a hug and tells him how good it is to see him after all this time. JR tells Kendall about his new wife Babe and the fact that she reminds him a lot of Kendall, in how she doubts anyone cares about her. And he makes a comment about Michael Cambias’ friends being there. She responds by telling him that Michael did not have any friends. Then, the entire town shows up, surrounds Kendall and stares at her.

Kendall tells the undertaker that he can perform the service now. But he tells her he had no idea that there would be such a large party there. He also tells her he has no clue what kind of service to perform. Myrtle speaks up. She tells Michael that she usually does not disrespect the dead. But he’s gotten what he deserves, for what he’s done to her girls. Opal tells him she thought she met evil when she married one of her sick husbands. But he takes the cake. Palmer Cortlandt tells him what he thinks of him. Lena spits on his gravel. Erica says that she wishes they could all forget him with a few shovels of dirt. But in time they will all forget him. His life was a travesty. And his death will send him to hell. David Hayward tells him he wishes he could have poisoned him, but never had the honor. Ryan says although they’ve never met, he has had the honor of getting to know Michael’s father. Not many parents wish their child had never been born, like his father did. Ryan says he believes that Michael killed the child that his father did love, and ultimately killed his father, and Michael can add his father’s death to his list of sins. Bianca speaks up right before the undertaker is ready to wrap it all up. And she surprises everybody by telling Michael that she thanks him for the gift he’s given her. She says for so long all she could think about is what he took from her, on that horrible night. All she could feel and taste and touch was his rage and her fear and the pain. And she thought that those feelings might be with her forever. But then, something happened, and in one moment, she started to see past the terror and the hurt and what she saw has saved her life. She saw love and all the people in her life offering up their love to her in so many different ways. She looks at them all, standing around her. And she tells him that he helped bring her out of the darkness and away from the pain. Erica stands by her and smiles. Bianca says she never really understood the power love has to heal. But now she knows, and not only that, she is proof if it. Erica puts her arms around her daughter. They all stand around Michael’s casket. And at the end of the ceremony, Myrtle draws them all together and prays to God about how wonderful it is that Bianca has found strength and love, throughout this whole situation.

While Aidan, Boyd and Tad are isolated and ready to take Michael out with the rest of the trash, Tad also talks to him. He tells him that they bury people they care about in hallowed ground. He tells Michael that he will go to hell and meet other rapists he knows who are there, now. He mentions that he and his family got over Ray, the rapist, the way Bianca will get over him. Aidan and Boyd tell him that they will all make sure of it. And the three of them lift the big black trash bag and get ready to dispose of it. But right when they are ready to leave, Aidan notices that they cannot leave a blanket of Michaels’ laying around. It’s evidence. Then, he discovers a mysterious gun

When the funeral party leaves, Kendall is alone with Ryan. They notice that Bianca does not look well. Then, suddenly Bianca passes out. Right then, Ryan discovers the photo of Bianca’s ultrasound and asks Bianca what this is. Both Bianca and Kendall stare and him, not knowing what to say.

Erica and Jack return to Jack’s apartment. Jack seems pretty calm. But Erica is very upset and suspicious of Kendall and insists that she needs to be stopped. Suddenly, Greenlee appears and says she agrees that Kendall needs to be stopped.

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