AMC Update Tuesday 11/11/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/11/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Jack walks into Aidan’s home and notices the “command post” he has, with a chalk-board covered full of a list of names, theories, and clutter all over everywhere. He inquires why Aidan is still so obsessed over the Cambias murder, when Kendall is no longer a suspect. But he notices his name written on Aidan’s chalkboard of suspects. It says: “Bianca’s uncle”. Jack reminds Aidan that the evidence of the stolen .38 has too many holes in it. Aidan tells Jack that he believes the two of them would make a good team and that if Jack had stolen the gun, he knows he’d have good reason. Jack assures him that he does not want Kendall to go down for the murder, even if she did it. Aidan insists she did not. But Jack reminds him that his opinion might be a little biased. And Jack warns Aidan that he might want to call his travel agent because Kendall’s alibi might not work, since she couldn’t have traded “I do’s” with a corpse. Aidan asks Jack, as the D.A., what he thinks about convicting whoever killed Michael. Jack says he would not want to either try or defend this case, but he believes it’s entirely possible for whoever killed Michael, to walk.

Ryan enters Fusion with flowers. Simone sounds happy and inquires if he is officially, the proud owner of Fusion, and goes to put the flowers in water. But Mia is not happy. She demands to know what he has been doing with Kendall. It sounds like Mia did not notice them sleeping together, but apparently saw them in the office, where Ryan put a coat over Kendall who was scantily dressed. Mia protests that Fusion is a partnership of the four of them. She’s not going to let him take away their company, or sever their friendship. She also inquires what has happened to him, and that he is not the same Ryan.

Greenlee awakens in Jack’s apartment to be greeted first by Reggie, then by Bianca, who comes to talk to Reggie about Jack. As soon as Bianca mentions that she can “nuke” Greenlee’s coffee for her, to warm it up, Reggie brings up how Greenlee “nuked” Jack and Erica’s wedding, and maybe she shouldn’t be part of the family. But Bianca tells him that Greenlee will always be part of the family. She tells him he cannot kick Greenlee out of the family just because she does not agree with him. He asks why Greenlee broke up Jack and Erica’s wedding. She replies that it’s because Erica was keeping her a secret from Jack. Bianca asks Reggie what he expects Greenlee to do. He replies that he wants her to help Jack and Erica get back together. But Greenlee says she is not cupid and has no clue how to accomplish that. And Bianca admits, for the first time, that she believes Greenlee is right. Reggie reveals that he knows Erica has been seeing David Hayward, and believes that it’s David, who is taking advantage of Erica, in her vulnerability, after Jack dumped her. He characterizes David as the male lion, going after the female gazelle. Greenlee corrects him, telling him he doesn’t know anything about the mating of animals, and maybe it’s Erica who’s using David’s vulnerability, after his wife left him, and his baby daughter died. Bianca and Reggie both want Erica and Jack to get back together, but Greenlee still says she wants to stay out of it. When the three of them are in a debate on the subject, Jack walks in. He informs them that the coroners have narrowed down the time of Michael’s death. From that, Greenlee concludes that Michael died before his father, which would mean that Ryan has full control of Fusion. Jack also informs them, that since Lena would have had to have attempted to poison Michael, after he already died, she’s off the hook and will be released from jail. He also inquires, from the three of them, just what type of private conversation they may have been having, before he walked in. Bianca reveals to him that she knows that Reggie had a gun, the night he stayed with her, at Erica’s home. Reggie says he bought the gun in order to protect Bianca. Jack tells Reggie that he needs to see the gun and have it tested. Otherwise, Reggie could be in big trouble. He tells Reggie that the police are not going to believe Reggie’s word alone, that he did not use the gun to kill Michael Cambias. But Bianca speaks up, asking Jack if they will believe her word, if she tells them that Reggie was buy her side, never out of her sight, that night. Jack asks if she really can provide an alibi for Reggie. She says yes. He tells her he knows she’s real slick with the alibis, but wonders if she’s lying for Reggie. She assures him she is not. She tells him she confiscated Reggie’s gun. She didn’t want a gun in the house, Reggie was already on probation, and she didn’t want him to get into any more trouble because of her. At that point, Jack draws both of them toward him, puts his arms around them, and tells them that they are all going to get through this together.

Greenlee rushes into the Fusion office, throws Ryan’s flowers in the trash, and tells Mia and Simone that she wants Kendall thrown out of Fusion. The reason she gives them, is because she knows Kendall slept with Ryan. But with the new information that grants Ryan all of Alexander Cambias’ fortune, she has another reason to completely distrust both of them. She reveals to Simone and Mia that because Michael Cambias died before his father, Ryan inherits everything. And they conclude that that must obviously be the reason why Kendall is sleeping with him. And the three of them are ready to band together to run Kendall out of Fusion.

Erica goes to see Lena in jail. She tells Lena that she wants her to get back with Bianca. But Lena tells Erica she needs to keep Bianca away from her mess. Erica asks if Lena really poisoned Michael. She replies yes. And Erica, surprisingly, talks kindly to Lena, telling her that they are all in this together, and asks her how she can help her. Erica reveals to Lena, about what happened, all those years ago, when she was raped. Her mother, who seemed incapable of such a behavior, went after the rapist with a gun. So she understands very well how a very sane person could kill Michael Cambias. Erica offers to call Lena’s mother for her, and wonders why Lena will not let her help her. She inquires if Lena’s feelings for Bianca have changed. Lena replies no, but that she needs to know that Bianca is choosing of her own free will, to be with her, before they can get back together.

Kendall views a casket at the funeral parlor, where Michael Cambias’ body is inside. A man comes to tell her she cannot be there. But she informs him she’s the widow of the deceased. He apologizes and tells her she’s welcome to stay. She demands that he opens the casket. He tells her he cannot. But she demands that he opens it right now. Kendall seems incapable or unwilling to pull off her “grieving widow” façade, makes a comment about Michael being as ugly, dead, as he was alive, and that she’d like to have a martini to celebrate his death. The man opens Michael’s casket. Kendall looks at him and tells him he’s right where he belongs. She lectures the corpse of Michael Cambias that it was worth it to beat him. She rambles on, lecturing him until something startles her. Ryan appears to interrupt her tirade. He tells her that he dreads to think of what she’d say to his corpse when he dies. She replies that she’s going to tell him she always knew he could never take her company. But he tells her the reason why he’s there is because he wants to offer her some support, and cares about her. She tells him it’s not necessary for him to stay. She will be fine. But he says he will not leave until he knows she’s o.k., and that looks are deceiving. And he reminds her that he knows she is vulnerable. She once fell for Cambias. And she agrees that, had she known what Cambias was all about, she could have spared the entire town of irreparable damage. She reminds Ryan that he might have been using her for sex, when she is vulnerable. And she concludes that she does not trust Ryan with anything in her life. Right then, Aidan appears. She tells him she’s not about to commit to him, nor trust him either.

Erica goes to her mother’s grave. She tells her mother that she wishes she could see Bianca. She’s so proud of how strong Bianca has become, and that Bianca reminds her so much of her mother. At that point, there is a loud bull-dozer. She asks if the guy making the noise can be a little quieter when she is talking to her mother. He says he’s sorry but he’s in a bit if a hurry to dig another grave. Erica inquires for whom. He replies it’s for Michael Cambias. And, hearing that, she replies over her dead body.

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