AMC Update Monday 11/10/03

All My Children Update Monday 11/10/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita


Simone and Tad are lying in bed. Simone dreams that Tad tells her he wants a serious relationship with her. Simone is thrilled. Then she wakes up, and all Tad talks about is getting a pizza. Simone tells him to forget about the pizza for now. There is something she wants to talk to him about. She tells him Justin McCoy asked her for a date to an event at the art gallery tomorrow night. She told him she wasn't sure. Tad asks if she doesn't like art. She tells Tad she likes him and she thinks he likes her. She asks if he minds if she dates other guys. Tad starts laughing, saying he thought she was going to bring up "the talk." He tells her if she were to meet someone she liked, he wouldn't stand in her way. He hands her the phone and suggests she call Justin to accept the date. She turns her back and pretends to call. Tad is impressed that she knows his number by heart. She pretends to talk to Justin.

Bianca tells Lena in jail that people are working hard to get her out of here as soon as possible. Lena says she is where she wants to be, away from Michael Cambias. Bianca can't stand the thought of Lena in jail. Lena tells Bianca to leave. She doesn't need to be in a place like this and she should go back to Maggie. Lena says she's at peace with this. Bianca's love has given her courage and made her feel alive again. Bianca says this isn't right and she's not happy about it. She asks if there's anything she can bring to her. Lena says there is, if she can sneak it past the jail guard. Bianca says she'll use her charms on the guard. She leaves and returns with something hidden in her hood. It is a chocolate bar, and the two of them share it. The guard tells Bianca her time is up and she leaves, but not without giving Lena a longing look.

Jack sees Aidan at the docks, where the search is on for Lena's gun. Jack tells him that his gun is missing and he thinks he knows who stole it.

Ryan and a topless Kendall are kissing on the roof of Fusion. Greenlee opens the door to the roof and sees them then quickly exits. Ryan asks Kendall if she's sure, and she says she is sure. Greenlee goes back into her office and thinks back to her encounters with Ryan. Then she thinks about Juan Pablo dumping her.

Juan Pablo is at Carlos' bedside and tells him they are leaving Pine Valley. Carlos asks about Greenlee and Pablo tells him that Greenlee is safe. He's going to make sure she stays safe by keeping her away. Carlos asks if Greenlee is coming with them, but Juan Pablo says it will be just them.

Jack goes to Fusion and sees Greenlee, who is short with him and obviously upset. She tells her father that Fusion is all she can count on and she can't lose it. Jack tells her she can always count on him. He brings Greenlee to his place, saying he didn't want her to be alone. Greenlee tells him he can't boss her around. Reggie enters the room and he and Greenlee immediately start bickering. Reggie says he and Jack can't kick back with a pizza with "Miss Priss" here. Jack gives him $40 and tells him to go get some pizza. Then he asks Greenlee what's going on. She tells him he can stop being so nice and face the truth about her. She's unlovable. Every man who gets close to her bolts. Juan Pablo did, and now Ryan is gone too. Being Ryan's friend is the last thing on his mind right now, she says. She says she's been horrible. She pushes people away. No wonder Juan Pablo dumped her. Jack tells her he thinks she's afraid of being alone. Greenlee denies it, saying being alone allows her to go after what she wants. And what she wants is Fusion. As long as she has Fusion, she'll be fine. And she'll fight anyone who gets in her way, including Jack. Jack tells her to unclench her tightened fist. She relaxes and he tells her she doesn't have to do battle here.

Ryan and Kendall have just finished making love on the roof and start dressing. They both seem uncomfortable and there is awkward silence between them. He puts his jacket around her shoulders and they walk back into Fusion. He tells her she can keep the jacket until she gets warm, and she thanks him. Ryan asks if she is OK. Kendall asks him if what they've had together is not over. He says it's not. Mia walks in and sees them together, then promptly leaves unseen. Kendall hears something and asks if anyone is there, but Ryan assures her they are alone. Kendall asks him if he offered his plane to get rid of her. He asks if she poisoned his pills to get rid of him, and she chuckles. She tells him he was really protecting her. He says he was because he cares. Kendall says she cares too, but this is so complicated. Ryan asks if she's sure she wasn't trying to prove something to Aidan. Kendall says no, this just happened. Ryan tells her she is not the same woman he left. She cares about more than just herself. Kendall puts her guard up and says she's truly is just out for herself. Ryan says there's more going on. Kendall softens again and says she wishes she could tell him but she can't. Ryan says she can tell him anything.

Justin enters Fusion with Kendall's bra, which he says he found on the street. He tells Kendall he's there to let her know that Michael's body is being released from the police morgue. Kendall asks why she has to deal with that. Justin says usually the grieving widow is relieved to hear such news. Kendall gets on the phone and calls a funeral home, asking that Michael's body be picked up. And she orders "nothing but the best" for him.

Ryan prepares to leave and Kendall returns his jacket. He notices his keys are gone and figures they must still be on the roof. She tells him what happened here doesn't change anything. "Sure it does," Ryan said, admitting that he doesn't know how, but it does change things. Kendall says she's going to fight him like hell, and Ryan says he'll fight her back. Kendall pledges to be ready for him. He tenderly touches her face and and they link hands. He kisses her goodbye, then goes back to the roof.

Aidan goes to his room at the Pine Cone Motel and is studying his blackboard containing the names of the suspects in the Cambias murder. Mia arrives with a pizza, but Aidan tells her he's in the middle of something. She looks around and sees a messy room then sees the blackboard. She asks if there's anyone in Pine Valley who he thinks didn't kill Michael Cambias. Aidan says he's expanding the list of suspects to prove Kendall innocent. Mia asks if Kendall is worth all this. She tells him he's killing himself trying to prove Kendall innocent. Kendall has always been a liar but he believes her so completely he doesn't ever stop to see ... she stops without finishing her sentence. Aidan asks her what she's trying to say. She tells him that Kendall is with Ryan. Aidan says he knows what's going on. Mia tells him that there are many women out there who would love to be with him. But he keeps looking through his papers and ignores her. She walks out, frustrated.

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