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All My Children Update Tuesday 11/7/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee is arguing with Juan Pablo at the hospital, telling him that if he wants her he has to tell her now or never. She asks him what is really going on here. Juan Pablo tells her that she sent his brother down stream. Mia approaches and asks Juan Pablo why he's being so hateful. Juan Pablo still accuses Greenlee of going to the tabloid about his brother. Juan Pablo walks away and Maria approaches him, saying he can't keep doing this. Greenlee loves him. She tells him she's going to tell Greenlee that he still loves her. Juan Pablo tells her not to say a word to Greenlee. This way she is kept safe. He says he's doing this because he loves her. He tells Maria that he wants her off Carlos' case. Maria says she'll be damned if he does to her what he did to Greenlee. He says she'll be in danger if she stays on Carlos' case. Maria says Carlos was her first surgical patient in six years and she's going to be here until he walks out of the hospital. She says there is a slew of security to protect her.

Greenlee tells Mia that Juan Pablo is a typical man. Mia brings up Ryan, and Greenlee says they need to play to both Ryan and Kendall. When they're with Kendall, they'll side with her. When they're with Ryan, they'll side with him. Mia realizes they can't lose doing this. Greenlee says if Ryan gets Fusion, he'll be so overwhelmed that he'll hand it back to them. Then they can bring Kendall back into the fold later. A nurse tells Greenlee she's discharged. Greenlee tells Mia that she'll deal with Ryan if she finds Kendall.

Mary is telling JR that Jamie gave Babe the cow bracelet. She suggests that it's a little early in their marriage for keeping secrets. JR says he and Babe don't keep secrets from each other. Mary says there has to be a logical explanation for the bracelet. And she thinks it's sweet that Jamie has a crush on Babe. In the living room, Babe tells Jamie she found the bracelet on her dresser and assumed it was from Stuart. Jamie tells her that he bought the bracelet for her before she knew she was married to his brother. Babe tells Jamie that he has to let go of the night they spent together. JR returns and confronts Jamie about the bracelet. Babe tells him that she just found out Jamie gave her the bracelet. Jamie says he bought it as a joke after he stole the cow. JR is suspicious, saying there is just too many coincidences. Babe asks him what he's implying. JR tells her that maybe she's lying. Maybe it was Jamie and Babe who stole the cow together. Babe says she hooked up with Jamie and stole the cow then lied about it. Is that what he wants to hear? She says either he trusts him or he doesn't. He's letting his father get to him. JR says this has nothing to do with his father.

Adam confronts Mary about JR and Babe and she plants a kiss on him, telling him this will be a down payment. She says she just ended JR's marriage. She says she put the bracelet where Babe would find it then dropped hints for JR. She says at this very moment his marriage is going to blow up before his eyes. They hear glass breaking in the living room and go check it out. They listen to an argument in the living room between JR and Babe. JR is accusing Jamie of sleeping with his wife and Babe is crying, telling him he's acting crazy. JR notices Adam and Mary listening and Adam tells his son he's so sorry it has come down to this. JR says he doesn't need his help. Adam reminds him that a good divorce lawyer isn't cheap. JR then tells his father and Mary that their little plot has failed. Jamie and Babe didn't sleep with each other, he says. "Gotcha," JR says, smiling at Adam. JR tells Mary that Jamie reports she snuck into his room for a liplock and stole the bracelet to frame him. He says the plot to destroy his marriage has tanked. Jamie playfully kisses Mary on the cheek, telling her "I thought you were after my bod." JR also kisses Mary, saying "the things people do to keep a roof over their head." After JR, Babe and Jamie walk away, Mary shrugs her shoulders and tells Adam "if at first you don't succeed." Adam walks away and Mary tells herself she knows there is something going on between those three and she's going to find out.

Lena is swearing on her mother's life that she didn't shoot Michael Cambias. She tells Derek and Justin at the police station that she bought the gun for protection from Michael and when she didn't need it any more she threw it into the lake because guns make her nervous. In the police station lobby, Ryan tells Kendall he wants to help her, but she tells him to go to hell. He insists he's not leaving and they don't hate each other. She lets down her guard and hugs him. She tells him she is not the one he should worry about. She says Lena confessed to putting the poison in the pills and they need to find a way to get her out of jail. Bianca approaches and tells Ryan that Lena didn't mean for this to happen. She asks him to help Lena. Inside Derek's office, Justin asks Lena why she tried to kill herself. Was it out of guilt for killing Michael? Ryan enters the room and tells the men to give Lena a break. Lena apologizes to Ryan but he tells her not to because he supports anyone with the guts to try to kill Cambias. Ryan gives a piece of paper to Derek and Justin that he says is new evidence in the Cambias case. The paper is a document about a woman in Milan accepting money to drop a rape charge against Michael. Ryan says Michael had enemies all around the globe. He holds up a Pine Valley phone book and calls it the list of suspects. Derek says that doesn't wipe out the attempted murder charges against Lena. Jack says if Michael died before Lena put the poison in the pills, there is no case against her. Ryan tells police they need to nail down when Michael died. Derek says he'll do just that, then approaches Kendall with a question. Since Lena got the charges dropped against her, is she willing to return the favor? Derek says if Kendall truly married Cambias in Las Vegas, Lena is guilty of attempted murder. If she admits she is lying about marrying Cambias, Lena will go free. Kendall tells Ryan that he set her up. Jack reminds Kendall that if she changes her story now she'll be incriminating herself. Bianca reminds Kendall that she swore to her that she married Cambias. Was she lying? Kendall says she was telling the truth. Walking to Maggie, Kendall says she has a witness. She says Maggie saw her and Michael leave together after the hearing. When Derek questions Maggie, she says only that she saw two figures leave Michael's condo and it was too dark to know who they were. Kendall insists she really did marry Michael. Lena is read her rights and taken to jail. Kendall tells Bianca she's sorry, but they are still sisters. Bianca says she still loves her but sometimes she makes it difficult. It seems like she's taking Michael's side over Lena's. Justin tells Kendall that Lena saved her but she left Lena hanging. Kendall walks out and Ryan follows her.

Bianca tells Maggie that she can't believe Lena loves her enough to try to kill Michael. She says she has to do whatever she can to help her. Jack tells Derek that Lena will be bailed out of jail before the paperwork is completed. There is no physical evidence linking her to Michael's murder, he says. If police are using loving Bianca as a motive for murder, then they can put his name on the list. Jack storms out of Derek's office and Jack's name is promptly added to the list of suspects. Derek says adding Jack's name isn't right, but Justin says Jack was in the evidence room the night of Michael's hearing. They need to find out why. Jack tells Bianca that he'll hurry the arraignment and get Lena out of jail as soon as possible. Bianca tells Jack she has one more favor to ask. Bianca is next seen going to jail to visit Lena.

Kendall goes to the roof of Fusion, where she angrily throws things and cries. Ryan is right behind her trying to help. Kendall tells him he completely screwed things up. She comments about how everyone hates her and she stands on the ledge of the building and resists Ryan's efforts to get her down. She looks down upon the town and says she owns this town. She trips and Ryan catches her and pulls her down from the ledge. Kendall orders Ryan to put her down. Ryan asks her how she can lie about Michael and let Lena go to prison. Who is the bigger fool, he asks, Kendall or himself for coming after her? He kisses her.

Greenlee and Mia arrive back at Fusion. Greenlee tells Mia that she and Ryan have smoothed over their differences and she knows Ryan wants her. She mentions that he snuck into her bed at the hospital, claiming to be sleepwalking. Mia leaves to look for Kendall. Greenlee looks out the window at Fusion and sees things dropping from the roof. One of them is a bra. Up on the roof, a topless Kendall and Ryan are kissing passionately.

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