AMC Update Wednesday 11/05/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/5/03

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee is sleeping in the hospital, believing she’s having a dream that Ryan is lying beside her. But when she awakens, she can tell that it’s no dream. He is really there. She demands to know what he’s doing there, and why he’s in the hospital in the first place. He informs her that Kendall attempted to poison him. She does not believe that. He tells her that he is doing her a big favor. He says that Kendall is leaving the country. But Greenlee believes that even if that’s true, Ryan only wants the money for himself, because if Kendall gets nailed, he will have everything. And Greenlee reveals to Ryan that she does not believe that Kendall poisoned him. She believes that he poisoned himself and set her up for it. He protests to Greenlee that he had his stomach pumped, charcoal shoved down his throat. Why would he do that to himself just to set Kendall up? He says if she doesn’t believe him, he can ask Maria who treated him. And he tells her that if she has this attitude of refusing to believe him, then Juan Pablo did the right thing to dump her. Ryan tells her that the two of them have something in common. They are both insane. They both do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. His trusting Kendall, like her trusting Juan Pablo has had similar results. Then, suddenly JR enters the hospital room.

Juan Pablo is guarding his brother with his life. A strange man appears outside Carlos’ room. Juan Pablo attempts to attack him, until Maria catches him, demands that he must pull himself together, or he will not be any good to Carlos. Mr. Schmidt, the man who hit Carlos and Greenlee appears at the hospital. Juan Pablo wants him to leave. But Maria says that maybe he should be allowed to stay for just a little while, because it might offer him some closure. A guy who claims to be Mr. Schmidt’s grandson tells them he is so grateful that they let his grandfather be there so he can heal. But suddenly, Juan Pablo discovers that these two individuals were people who wanted to deliberately murder Juan Pablo. Maria is shocked that she could not see that.

Erica enters Adam Chandler’s home. Mary guards him by informing Erica that she is there too early in the morning. Erica does not speak directly to Mary. She tells Adam that he has a dog with him who he’s taught some tricks. Mary makes a comment about Erica being cranky since her daughter got arrested for attempted murder. Erica asks Adam to make this woman go away before she opens her eyes and finishes counting to ten, or she will undo all of Mary’s very expensive plastic surgery. Adam remains silent. Mary informs Erica that she is Adam’s trusted associate and Erica cannot talk to Adam without making an appointment, and she will not be disrespected by her. But Adam finds a way to get Mary to leave them alone, by asking her to look into the “cow” project. Erica informs Adam that she is there to discuss with him that the police believe Kendall attempted to poison Ryan Lavery. Adam tells her that it’s a shame that she failed. Erica reminds Adam that she cares about Ryan and he’s done nothing wrong. She’s ready to leave when she sees his heartless attitude. But he tells her he doesn’t want her to leave, but inquires just what she wants to talk to him about. Adam reveals a secret to Erica and assures her that he has not told another living soul. But unbeknownst to them, Babe has overheard everything they’ve said.

Kendall is taken to the station and booked. Lena appears and demands that Derek and Justin allow her to see Kendall. They tell her only Kendall’s attorney can see her. But Lena protests that she has a very important message to give to Kendall. Derek and Justin tell her that they know she’s threatened Ryan numerous times, plus they know that if he dies, she can inherit all his money. She tells them she refuses to talk to them without a lawyer present. They tell her that they will no longer interrogate her. But they talk amongst themselves about how they know that she’s in big trouble. They know she’s very deviant. But Justin tells her that if she cooperates with them, they can make the murder charges go away.

Bianca informs Maggie that Kendall has split. Maggie tells Bianca that maybe now is the time to tell Erica that she’s still pregnant, since she’s told Kendall. But Bianca remains firm that she’s not about to do that. Right then, Lena appears and informs Bianca that Kendall has been arrested for attempting to murder Ryan.

At the station, Kendall tells Derek and Justin that it’s their own stupid faults that they’ve failed to do their jobs in the past. Just then, Jack walks in. Justin protests that he thought this was his case. Jack tells him yes it is, but as Justin’s boss, he has the right to supervise. Jack informs them that Kendall has the right to have a lawyer and cannot be coerced into talking without her lawyer present. Aidan also appears to offer her support. And then, suddenly Bianca appears to protect her sister. She demands that they let Kendall go. But Jack informs Bianca it’s not that simple. Kendall has a lawyer who will be there. Derek tells her that Kendall’s prints were found on a bottle of poison that Ryan swallowed, and almost killed him. But Bianca protests that they do not know Kendall. She would never poison anybody. She would never do anything to hurt Ryan because she loves him. Bianca passionately protests that the cops have failed, by allowing Cambias to get away with raping her. Had he gotten what he’d deserved, he’d be in prison, and nobody would have killed him, Kendall would not be accused of murder, and none of this would have happened. But Justin protests that this has nothing to do with Michael Cambias. He tells her Kendall tried to poison Ryan for reasons that had nothing to do with Michael, and she needs to reap the consequences for that. But Bianca remains very emotional, fiercely defends Kendall, although Kendall asks her not to get involved, and assures her she will be o.k. Bianca says she’s not going anywhere until they absolve Kendall. Lena, who is also there, tells the cop and D.A. that she knows that Kendall could not have poisoned Ryan. They inquire how Lena would know that. She replies that she poisoned Ryan.

Babe tells JR that she wants to make peace with his father. He assures her that he is not following daddy’s plan and is making his own decisions. She reminds him that maybe Adam wants JR to succeed where he failed. When JR leaves, Mary is snooping outside and sees the perfect time to go and have a private conversation with Babe, what she is says is “female bonding”. Mary asks Babe just where she met JR and how they’ve hooked up. Babe does not give her the answer she wants but asks Mary just what her relationship with Adam is. Mary informs Babe that she had a chat with Jamie just the previous day. Babe tells Mary that Jamie and JR are both brothers and best friends, and reveals nothing about her relationship with Jamie. Mary offers to take Babe on a shopping spree. Babe inquires what her plans are with clothes. But Mary changes the subject and mentions how JR and Jamie are both such handsome young men. Babe is getting a little nervous, tells Mary she’s busy and must take a rain-check on the shopping spree. But Mary insists that they go out shopping right away. But when Mary reenters Babe’s room, she discovers Babe has disappeared. When she’s certain Babe is nowhere near by, she goes snooping and discovers the mysterious cow.

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